The Stables Families of Hemsworth

The Stableses of Hemsworth were exceptionally wealthy Gentlemen, having lands, property and connections throughout the county of Yorkshire.

William Stables (b. before 1655, d. 1720 Hemsworth)

William was the eldest son of William Stable (Junior) of Allerton Bywater and seems to have moved to Hemsworth around the time of his marriage to Sara Ostliffe of that parish, in 1685. He did not leave will but there is a surviving deed, dated 1713, showing his sale of significant holding of land and property at that time.

William Stables (d. 1751)

We know from the Will of William Stables of Hemsworth, who died in 1751, that the Barnburgh Stableses were close relatives of the Hemsworth Stableses. Henry Stables was his uncle and he left £30 to each of Henry's children Thomas, John, William and Morrett.

At the time of his death, he had cousins living in Barnburgh, Knottingley and Fairburn and he owned lands and property in the parishes of Kippax, Snaith, Hemsworth and South Kirby.

William Stables (1758 - 1813)

In the Will of William Stables of Hemsworth (1758-1813) he left a mansion house and several thousand pounds in cash. At the time of his death, he owned lands and property at South Kirkby, Empsall, Hensall in the parish of Snaith, Armin, Hooke, Birrall and Allerton Bywater in the parish of Kippax

Mary Theresa Stables, his daughter, became a very wealthy young lady at the age of 16. She was born in Hemsworth in 1797 and married Ashton Nicholas Every Mosley in Kippax in 1820, at the age of 23.

Ashton was born in Egglington in Derbyshire and was from a very wealthy and powerful family, his ancestors having been Lord Mayor of Manchester and several wards of London. They had royal connections.

They had a son, also named Ashton Nicholas Every Mosley in 1821, who at the time of the 1881 census (at the age of 60) was listed as living with three servants at Burnaston House, Etwall, Derbyshire. At this time he was a County Magistrate and Colonel of the 1st Derby Militia.

Brian Wallace has been in contact with us after discovering a sterling silver bread basket which, after some excellent detective work, he believes to have been commissioned for the wedding of Mary Theresa Stables to Ashton Nicholas Every Mosley. He has very kindly written an illustrated piece about his find which can be viewed here.

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