William Stable
of Allerton Bywater
(1619/20-1663 Kippax)

William was the eldest son of William Stable & Agnes Rhodes and was born in Kippax in 1620, one of twins.

He married Ann Tomlinson of Brayton around 1640, who was the second daughter of William Tomlinson of Burne and his wife Jennet, the daughter of Thomas Morret of Haddlesey. He married well, as the Tomlinson's were an extremely wealthy family (see pedigree below).

They had seven children, two of which were baptised at Kippax. It is possible that the eldest children were baptised at Brayton but the registers have not survived. As these were the years of the Civil War, they were probably not kept. Their children dispersed throughout the county and went on to found their own branches of the Stables family:

William Stables    Moved to Hemsworth and became incredibly wealthy.
John Stables Moved to Fairburn
Martin Stables Moved to Knottingley and by a quirk of fate, his grandson William came to inherit the wealth of the Hemsworth Stableses in 1751.
Henry Stables Moved to Barnburgh and started the South Yorkshire branch of the family, from which every surviving South Yorkshire Stables is descended.

Unlike his forbears, or descendants, William Stable died at the comparatively young age of 42, making his will on May 8th, 1663 and dying four days later.

He seems to have been a wealthy man, owning his own lands in Allerton Bywater and leaving fairly substantial bequests to each of his children.

The hearth tax records from around 1665 show that his widow, Ann, was probably still living in their marital home shortly after William’s death. This appears to have been a fairly substantial dwelling, with 5 hearths registered, but soon after this she moved to a much smaller property, with just a single hearth.

(Biography courtesy of Michael Chance).

The Will of William Stable of Allerton Bywater (dated 1663).

This is a summary of the Will of William Stable Junior of Allerton Bywater. You can read a full transcript of his Will below.

  • Lands to eldest son William 12 years after the date of this Will (i.e. in 1675).
  • To John 2nd son £70 (to be paid by 1676).
  • To Martyn my son £60 (to be paid by 1678).
  • To Henry my son £60 (to be paid by 1680).
  • To daughter Ann £60 (to be paid by 1682).
  • To Ann his wife his lands for 12 years for the education of their children.
  • To brother Thomas 5/-.
  • To the poor of Allerton Bywater 5/-.
  • To the poor of Kippax 'whoe are ancient inhabitants there' 5/-.
  • To Robert Everingham gent Robert Midleton and Jo: Bywater 3 shillings and four pence each.
  • Goods & Chattels to wife Ann and daughter Jennytt. They to be joint executors.
  • Remainder to Jennytt.
  • William signs his own name.
  • Witnesses: Robert Everingham (signs), Jo: Bywater (signs) & Robert Middleton (his mark).

His Will

In the Name of god Amen. I William Stable of Allerton Bywater within the County of yorke yeaman being sicke of body but pfect of rememberance praysed be Almightie god do make this my last will & testamt in Mannr and Forme as Followeth.
First I doe bequeath my soule to God my Creator and Redeemor hopeing to have life eternall And my body to the ground from whence it was formed to be buryed in the usual place of buryall after A decent Mannr And for my Reall and personall Estate in Mannr And forme following; viz
First of all I doe give and bequeath all my Lands lying and being in Allerton Bywater being now in my owne possession unto Willm Stable my eldest sonn to Enter into and possess the said Lands after the end and expiration of twelve yeares next after the day of the date hereof
Itm I doe give unto John Stable my second sonn threescore and tenn pounds to be paid out of my Land by the Aforesaid William Stable his brothr within one whole year next after his entrance to the said Land and if he the said William Stable shall refuse the aforesd sume of monie to be paid at the time mentioned that then he pay unto John Stable his said brothr Consideration for the aforesd sume of monie after the rate of tenn pounds by the hundred during the tyme of his neglect.
Itm I doe give unto Martyn Stable my sonn the sume of threescore pounds to be paid out of my Lands within the space of three whole years next after the entrance of Willm Stable my eldest sonn into the abovementioned Lands and for neglect thereof to pay unto the said Martyn Stable Consideration for the said monie as above mentioned.
Itm I doe give unto Henry Stable my sonn the sume of threescore pounds to be paid unto him within the space of five whole years next after the entrance of Willm Stable my eldest unto my said Lands afd to be paid unto him by Willm Stable my eldest sonn and for neglect thereof to pay Consideration abovementioned during the time of his neglect;
Itm I doe give my daughter Ann Stable the sume of threescore pounds to be paid out of Lands by Willm Stable her eldest brothr within the space of seven years next after his Entrance into the abovementioned Lands and for neglect of paymt of the said sume to pay unto her the said Ann Stable Consideration as abovementioned soe long as he shall detaine the sume in his hands;
Itm I doe give unto Ann Stable my wife all my lands for and during the space of twelve years next ensueing the date of this my last will & testamt for the education of all my children
Itm I doe give unto Thomas Stable my brother five shillings for a legacie
Itm I doe give unto the poor of Allerton Bywater five shillings
Itm I doe give unto poor of Kippax whoe are ancient inhabitants there five shillings.
Itm I doe give unto Robert Everingham gent Robt Midleton and Jo: Bywater unto evrie one of them three shillings four pence .
Itm I doe give unto Ann Stable my Loveing wife and Jennytt (
the word 'Reser' is inserted above 'Jennytt') Stable my daughter all my goods and chattels moveable and immoveable which I doe make joint executrixes of this my last will and testamt to pay and discharge all my debts and funerall expenses and the remainder I doe give unto Jennytt Stable my sd daughter as her childs pt and portion In Witnes whereof I the said William Stable to this my last will and testament have interchangabely sett and putt my hand and seale this eight day of May in the fifteenth year of his Majesty Reigne And in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixtie and three 1663
                                                                                                                             Will: Stable

in the presence of    Jo: Bywater
                                   Robert X Middleton Jnr
                                           his mke

Ainsty Guilialim Stable de Allerton Bywater deft ultra pbate July 1664

The Will is the actual, original, as opposed to a Court Transcript. William Stable signed his name in his own hand.

Extract from Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire - 1660s.

This is an extract from a pedigree in Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire (Page 161) which shows William being married to Ann Thomlinson. This is the only surviving evidence of this marriage, as the parish records for those years no longer survive.

Ann's brother John (III on the pedigree below) was Captain of Horse under the Lord Mansfeild in the service of King Charles I, which would have made them Cavaliers during the English Civil War.

This extract was very kindly supplied by Michael Chance.

II. WILL'M THOMLINSON , of Burne, in co. Ebor., died in
        a° 1652, mar. Jennet , da. of Tho . Monet, of Hadlesey, in com.

1. John (III).
2. Peter Thomlinson, of Burne, in co. Ebor., bp. at Brayton

4 July 1630, d. 1709, mar. Elizabeth, da. of Calis-
       thenes Brooke, of Gateford, in co. Ebor.,
at Brayton
       20 Nov. 1655, d. 1694.

John Thomlinson, bp. 1656, of St. John' s
Coll., Cambridge, mar.. . .

John, bp. at Brayton 5 July 1688.

1. Susannah Elizabeth, bp. at Brayton 21
       Sept. 1684, wife of Humphrey Brooke,
       mar. at St. Maurice's, York, 17 Oct.
2. Millicent, bp. at Brayton 12 Jan. 1686.
3. Joan Mary, bp. at Brayton 5 May 1687.
4. Dorothy, bp. at Brayton 5 May 1690.

1. Hannah.
2. Rebecca, bp. at Brayton 19 May 1663, mar.
        26 Sept. 1686 Edward Buchelles, of York.
    William, bp. 29 Aug. 1665, bur. there 25
        Dec. 1666.
     Peter, bp. at Brayton 26 May 1668.
     Sarah, bp. at Brayton 27 Apr. 1670, bur.
        there 25 Jan. 1671/2.
    Margaret, bp. at Brayton 21 May 1672.

3. Will'm Thomlinson, of Aldwaldley, in co. Ebor., mar.
       Jane, da. of Henry Metcalfe, of Holbeck, in co. Ebor.

1. Kath, wife of Tho. Dalby, of Barleby, in co. Ebor., bp.
       at Brayton 16 July 1620.
2. Anne, wife of Will'm Stables, of Allerton juxta Wate in
        com. Ebor.,
bp. at Brayton 22 May 1625.
3. Jane, wife of Rich. Linley, of Houghton, neer Pontefract.

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