The Definitive History of the Surname STABLES in Yorkshire

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The Stables Families of Nottinghamshire

The Will of Henry Stables of Farnesfield - Dated 1397

Memorandum that the will of Henry Stable of Farnesfelde was proved before the Vicar General at
Suthwell on the second day of August in the year of our lord abovesaid And administration of all the goods of said Henry was
granted to the wife of the same, Executrix named in the will of the same Henry, in the form of a constituted legacy.
[The date 'abovesaid' in the manuscript was 26th of July 1397]

The Will of John Stables of Farnesfield - Dated 1397

Memorandum that probate of the will of John Stable of Farnesfelde, deceased, was witnessed through pledge in the presence of the vicar general
And administration over all goods of the deceased was granted to John White, executor of the same, named within the constituted legacy
Given at Suthwell on the 28th day of September Lord’s year 1397.

The Will of Robert Stables of Farnesfelde - Dated 1536

In dei noie amen the yeare of our lord god ml vc xxxvjth the xxvth daie of marche I Robt
Stables of Farnesfelde hoole of mynde nevrtheles fealing my self sike in my bodie make
my testamente in forme and maner as foloweth. Fyrste I Bequeathe my soule to almigh
tie god to oure ladie and to all the saintes in heven and my bodie to bee beryd in the
churche yearde of sainte david in Fernefelde. Also I bequeathe that whe pson that comes
to my buryall shall have a halfpenye lofe and ale to drinke w’all. Also I will that Fr
William Barray have xijd to pry for me. Also it is my will that Richard my sone have
xls and xxvijd for hys Bulloke that I owe hym orels hys Bulloke agayne. Also it is my
will that Thomas my sone have those shepe that goeth with Raynaldo poye with
Roger Bawe and John Stanfelte. Also it is my will that Eliz my doughter have iijls
sterlinge. Also it is my will that Jenet my wyfe have the house that I dwell in during
her life. Also it is my will that evry one of my children Being contente and Being good
to my wyfe and to Thomas my sone have vjs viijd. Also it is my will that Jenet my
wyfe and Richard my Broder Bee myn executors aftre my decease to dispose for my soule
as they shall thinke mooste expedient for the helthe thereof. Also I make Thomas Baldwin
and Robert Hitchebone Supervisors of thys my laste will to see that it bee well and
trewlie fulfilled and performed witnes herof William Barray preiste of Kyrtlington. Robt
hitchebone. Thomas halome with oder ____

The Will of Richard Stables of Kirtlington - Dated 1544

In the name of god amen the fiste day of January in the yere of oure Lorde god a il
vc xliiij I Richarde Stable of Kirtlington within the pishe of Southwell holl in mynde
and of pfite remembrance make this my testament and Last will in manner and forme
herafter followinge First I beqwefe my soull to almightie god and to all the company of
heaven and my bodie to be buried in the church of Kirtlington aforsaide I beqwefe the daye
of my buriall to be gyven for my soull halfpenny brede and aill and a trentall of mess
to be done I beqwefe v messes to be done the daye of my buriall I will that a dirige be done
as sone as my soull and my bodie be departed and a nother to be done in the mornyn__ I
bequeath to evry one of my godchildes ijd I bequeath to Richarde Bukshawe of wynkburne
a beste of ij yeres olde and above I bequefe to Richard Pechym a bede that is to say a
pare of shette a covlet a blankett a pillo a bolster a poff and a panne I bequefe to Tho
mas whipe the value of xs I bequeathe to Alice wright the value of vs I bequeath to Robt
wright my best Jackett I bequefe to Joh[ erased] iijs iiijd I bequefe to my wif iiij oxen iiij
kit ij horse one yron bound wayne a ploughe ij harros and the stuf that she brought
withe here that is left I bequeste to Richarde Stable a charissingdishe a platter I bequefe
to Nicholas pkynson a lynninge shett I bequeathe to humfraye warryne of Farneffelde
a shett I bequeath to the saide Nicholas pkynson a vorige coste I bequeath to Richarde
kechyne myne owne yron bounde wayne with the stanke and the well I bequefe to pall
wif a panne of thre gallons I bequeath to my wif iij spones of silver I bequeath to
Nicholas pkynson a spone of silver I bequeath to Robert wright of hokerton a spone of silv
I bequeath to Nicholas pkynson a baye horse, my goodes not bequefe I give theme to Arlis
my wif and Nicholas pkynson whome I make my full executors thes witnesseth John
wright John more oliver Bradley William Turner with other

The Will of Richard Stable of Fernesfeld - Dated 1558

In the name of god Amen In the yeare of our lord god a1558 xxvijtie day of march I Richard stable
of fernesfeld seek in bodie & whole in mynd maketh my will & Testament in this manor folowing
First I bequeath my soule to god almightie to our Ladie saint Marie & to all the blessed co
panie of heaven & my bodie to be buried in the churchyeard of saint david in fernesfeld. It I wl
that my fyve children wch I hadde by both my wiffs have all my goods & corne & I maike
them all my full executors It I will that thomas holdam & Agnes his wiffe have the ovr
sight of my children & their goods unto they come to lawfull aige. It I will that Anne
Baitmn have vli vjs vijd for her childs parte It I bequeath to Thomas my brother my best Jacket
It I bequeath to Nicholas baitmn my grene Jacket a scorre of wolle black & whyte to maik
him a Jakett a paire of hoose & a dublett & to have a shyrt & a cappe. It I will that Thomas
holdam have the pfett of the woole of my shepe and he to take a weather to helpe to gett her nest
when he thinks yt best. It I bequeath to Johan Fretwell a silke hatt a redde Kirtle and iij or
yeards of blacke clothe. It I bequeath to Robert stable my sonne two sylver spunes my best
pck & my best panne. And to John stable my sonne x shepe. Thes be the heirelowmes that be
in the hows all the bedstock a bord in the howse & an other in the chamber a salting trough
& an ambre Thes being witnesses Ric. Barrie w John baitmn & willm Collinson.
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