The Stables Families of Maltby

The information on this page was very kindly supplied by Barbara Kroll of Australia, the grand-daughter of Blanche Bell (née Stables), and John D. Smith, the grand-son of Minnie Gertrude Smith (née Stables).

Alfred and Phoebe Stables of Maltby

Alfred was born in Street in 1871 and was the illegitimate son of Hannah Stables (b.1850 Wath), who was herself illegitimate. His mother, Hannah, was the daughter of Susannah Stables (née Broom) and John Bisby.

Alfred's grandmother, Susannah, was the widow of Isaac Stables, who was tragically killed in a mining accident in 1845.

Alfred Stables, b. 1871 Street, d. 1935
+ Phoebe Birkinshaw, b. 1877 Hemingfield, m. 1897 Barnsley, d. 1964
├─ Blanche Stables, b. 1897 Barnsley
│  + Arthur Frederick Willie Bell
│  ├─ Roy Frederick Bell
│  └─ Jack (John J.) Bell
├─ Hilda Stables, b. 1899 Barnsley
│  + Johnny Clark
│  ├─ John Clark
│  └─ Stan Clark
├─ Harry Birkinshaw Stables, b. 1900 Rotherham
│  + (Helen?)
│  ├─ Norma Stables
│  └─ Eric Stables
├─ Rhoda Stables, b. 1902 Rotherham
│  + Tom Best
│  ├─ Joyce Best, d. Dec 2004
│  ├─ Thomas Best
│  ├─ Derek Best
│  └─ Rhoda Best
├─ Minnie Gertrude Stables, b. 1903 Rotherham
│  + Leonard Smith
│  └─ Desmond Smith
├─ Eric Stables, b. 1907 Rotherham
│  + Edna
│  └─ Margaret Stables
├─ Alfred Hellewell Stables, b. 1908 Rotherham
└─ Thomas Benson Stables
   + Dora
   ├─ Sheila Stables
   ├─ Ann Stables
   └─ Paul Stables

Alfred & Phoebe Stables
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Minnie Gertrude Stables and Leonard Smith with Blanche Stables (Bell) and young John F. (Jack) Bell about 1926.

The Stables at Wentworth Woodhouse, where Alfred Stables worked as a boy.
(This photo was kindly supplied by Pat Simpkins).

Rhoda Stables’s marriage to Tom Best.
Alfred and Phoebe Stables are standing behind the bride.
The boy to the left is Stan Clark, son of Hilda (Stables) Clark, and the boy to the right is Desmond Smith son of Minnie Gertrude (Stables).

Taken in the 1970s these are the siblings of
Blanche Stables. From left to right:
 Alfred Hellewell, Minnie Gertrude,
Harry Birkinshaw, Eric, Rhoda and
Thomas Benson

Hilda Stables (b. 1899)
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