The Stables Families of Wakefield

The Will of Randolph Stable of Outwoodside - Dated 1560

In dei noie amen scdo die Junij Anno dni 1560 I Rawffe Stable of the outwoodsade wthin the pishing of waikefeld of pfyt mynde and memorie constitute, ordayne and make thys my last will & testament in forme and manor followinge Fyrst I camytt my sowll to the mercye of allmyghtye god my maker and redemer besecheynge hym to accept yt to hys infynite mercye, beseching our ladye and all the saints in heaven to praye for me And my bodye to be buryed wthin the pishe churche yearde of allhallowes in Waikefelde. Itm I give unto Esabell my wyfe halfe of my lands duringe her naturall lyfe Item I gyve unto John fyrthe to the use and comoditie of Jennet Stable my daughter xviijth and ij Ewes wth too lambes Itm I gyve unto Esabell stable my daughter one ewe with a lambe and a sylver spoyne Itm I give unto John stable my Sonne and Isabell stable my daughter iijli  whiche was geven by ther frends at any tyme after my decesse when ther frends shall demannde the same for ther use and comoditie, Itm I bequeathe to John stable my sonne halfe of my lands, And I will that after my wyffes deceasse the other halfe of my landes shall Returne to the sayd John and hys hayres for ever Itm I will that my goods be equallye devided in thre ptes of which I will one shall be devided equallye amonge my children. The seconde I give to my wyffe, And of the thyrd pte if it shall please god at thys tyme to call me to hys mercye I will be brought forthe with, and that whiche remaynethe & my debts and funerall expenses discharged and payde I gyve unto Esabell my wyffe whome I make my sole Executrix of thys my last will and Testament witnesse hearof John Rimington John wright and Anthony hall

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