The Stables Families of Hemingbrough

The Will of John Stable of Godbie - dated 1541

Apologies for the missing words in this transcript. The source was a photocopy taken from the microfilm of the original court probate ledger at York and, because of the binding on the right hand edge of this page, the last word of each line is truncated. Where enough initial letters were visible, I have been able to guess at the correct word.

In the name of god amen the xxij day of June in the yere of oure lorde god a ajt vh xlj. I John Stable of godbie in the pish of hemmingburgh makethe my testament in manner and forme followinge First I Bequif and give my soull to the mercie of god by merit of his Blessd passion prayers of his glorious mother and virgine ___ Ladie sainte marie and all the holie company of heaven and my bodie to be buried in the churche of saint John in Skipwithe also I give to the high altare at hemyngburgh for forgotten tithes ijs also I give to Skipwithe churche works to pray for me and my elders vjs vjd and if I be buried ther I give ijs iijd for my Buriall also I give to Duffelde chapell ijs iijd Also I give to hemyngbrurghe church works xs Also I give to margaret hadlesay v marc Also to Agnes Stable iij marc to be levied of my landes when tyme is that they shall inareat and occupie it by the comisar of ther frends and if it please god that margaret lyve not to that day then the saide v marc to be devided Betwixte her broder and her sisters And if the saide Agnes departe or her tyme come then her parte to be divyded to Ann Waide children also I give to margaret Amler if she come to feche it to her mariador xxs Also I give to my sister margaret iijs iiid Also I give to Robert hage that was my servnt to pray for me one quye sticke or els iijs iijd also I give to evrie one of my servnts that is with me this day of my deprture xijd a pece Before ther wadges Also I have provided for a lampe to hynge befor the roide in Skipwith churche ppetually to pray for me my wif and others for evermore xxs Also I give to Mr Esalthorpe my Best hors or mayre to se my will Be fulfilled my detts paide and to ber my wif in right and my executor Also I give Alison hadlesay my doughter one cowe and to Anne Waide my doughter one cowe also I give to John Hadlesay one fird stage to m__ h___ one harfe of To John Stable one masfer and to evri one of my childen Borne one yewe and a lambe and to my v childen v silver spones and the sixt to John Stable of Hatefelde wodhouse. To every god B____ that ___ christinned iijd a pece also I give to James Dabbe wif one yewe and one lambe also to Alison parsons one yewe and one lambe Also I give to evri power man in the towne that hath no ploughe iijd also I give to my curate and giftid fayther to pray for me iijs iijd Also I give to Robert my Basebegotten sonne to start his crope with ij quarters of Rie and whet one quarter Barlie and one quarter Benes Also I give to Isabell morre my servnte one quye or els iijs mjd To margaret Thompson xijd Also I give to Robt my basebegotten sone ij howses and iij Rodes of medowe whiche william woode of Ricall wasit to me for ___ yeres whereof there is ij yeres paide and to pay at the fest of sainte michaell harchangell or within two ___ next after xxvis viid evri yere which that Robert my said basebegotten sone shall eyther have the moiety or the lande Also I give to William Smythe and his wif xijd To John millisone and his wif xijd To alison hage xijd To John Tatlie wif one yewe and a lambe Also to alison hadlesay one troughe To Anne warde my daughter one spuene To James Dabbe wif vs also I will have ___ and mass with the hall quiere at hemyngburghe the vijth day after my buriall and evrie man to ____ his dutie for his labor Also I give to mendinge the hie way at Skarlaber towne ende iijs mjd and saide townshipe well mends is and I will that my too daughters Alison and Anne shall have ____ them and ther children after the deathe of my wif her Beds with all other things that longth to them and her girdle Also I will that men that Bares me to the churche shall have xijd for ther labor. To John heslewod xijd also I will have one trentall of masses done at Skipwith for me and my frends soulls at the discreacione of my executors Also I give to Thomas my sone and his heirs of his bodie lawfully Begotten lawfully Begotten and in difalte of heirs made of his Bodie lawfully begotten to rm to the next of his Blud of the same name called Stable forever viij roodes of freholde lands of the york___ _alor of vs lyeinge within the towne feldes and terartories of Ricall in the countie abovesaide to ___ entent the saide Thomas and his heirs forevermore shall yerlie cause one masse and the divinity to be said at the hie altare within the pishe churche of Skipwithe yerlie of suche day and monthe as it shall fortune me the said John Stable to be buried on and the prase and the thanks to hime xijd and iij sal____ iiijd and vj power people vjd and ij churche wardons of Skipwithe to have ijd to se that this Be trewlie done And masse and one divinte to be saide at northduffelde chapell within the pishe of Skipwithe for his __r Sir William Hussy South and this to contynewe for evermore whiche Sir William Hussy was lorde of the saide towne that tyme that I the said John Stable was his baley and the pvost to have ____ and the ringer ijd and to be delte to power people for my saide __r soull and myne pijd and the churche wardons of the same towne to se that this be done to time ijd and the overplus of the saide vs the ___ dischardged to be delte in almes to power people at the discrescion of the said church wardens of Skipwith and Northduffeld Also I make Thomas Staple my oldest sone and William Stable my seconde sone both ___ my executors and to fulfill my will in evri condicone as farforthe as god will give theme leve and beg__ to ther mother and ther brother and ther sarfwers and helpe theme at the mas well and se theme not f____ wher they may ___de theme and they shall have my daylie blissinge while and dede and the residue of my goodes and landes for ther trewe dedes to helpe them to live in T____ witnes and _____ of R____ wayde James Dabbe John Eals and John Parson Jnor and evrie one of them shall have ther costes born and ___ a pece for ther laber and fr Richarde marsar curate…


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