The Definitive History of the Surname STABLES in Yorkshire

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The Stables Family of Snaith

In the period from 1550 to around 1700, the greatest concentration of Stables entries in parish registers are to be found in the parish of Snaith. It is possible that our earliest ancestors may have originated in this area, which is just South of Ferrybridge at what is now the junction of the M62 and A1, just North of Doncaster. I have yet to establish a link from the current family tree back to this period in time.

Doncaster archives hold the parish accounts for Snaith and these indicate that a William Stables was a churchwarden of Cowick, a small town in the parish of Snaith, in both 1624 and 1635.

The following is a photograph of the page in the Parish Accounts for St. Lawrence's Church, Snaith, listing the churchwardens for the year 1624, including William Stables of Cowick.

The following is a transcription and photograph of a page from the accounts for 1635 that lists him as a churchwarden and a signatory to a charge for repairs. The document is nearly 400 years old and is both fragile and very difficult to read. There are some words that I just cannot decipher.

1635            Churchwardens



George Damall


Wm Ward


John Headley


Richard Ellis


Richard Gleaden


Thos Hart


Wm Stables


Wm (--?--)


Thomas Middleton


George Jackson


John Peeble


Edward Hessletime


Robert Hough


Richard Taylor


Richard Eliot


Richard Compson


John Carfax




Charles Hoyle




Richard Radnell




Edward Norton




James Elston





                           2. October 1635

Whereas it is appointed that all churches and chappels within the diocise of

Yorke should be kept in good repaire and all of the seates pewes and stales

be made uniforme, we the ministers and churchwardens of and within the parish of

Snaith in the county of Yorke after diverse meetings and consultations with

Able Workmen concerning the defraying of the charge of fair repaires of

the Church and now making and repairing the stales in the forth part

of the middle alley of the said church (being so much as the parish of Snaith

is well able to repaire and make good) have condiscended and

agreed to pay and assess an assessment of fifteen pounds of good and

lawfull money of England to be paid to the curchwardens of the Towne

of Snaith for John Headley and George Damall of Snaith. To be

levied and assessed at the particular towns hereafter to be mentioned

according to the usual and accustomed rate, and at and upon the dayes

hereafter in these (- ? -) to be expressed. That is to say Rorliff Towne

pound Carlton Towne pound Snaith fyve pounds Cowick fyve pounds

Hooke fyve markes Goole fyve markes Airmyn fyve markes Balme forty

shillings (?polling) to  fortene shillings Yorke forty shillings Hensall fortene

shillings Gowdall fortene shillings in all fifteen pounds, to be payed

by three equall portions and at the several dayes following that is

to say sixteen pounds thirteen shillings (- ? -) upon the eighth day of

november next other XVIth (- ? - ? -) upon the second day of februarie

next and other XVIth (- ? - ? -) in full payment of the said sum of

fifteen pounds upon the first day of April (- ? -) next ensuing

the date hereof. In witnesse whereof they have here unto sett there

hands the day and date first written.


Charles Hoyle

J.A.Walk minister

Richard Radnall

            of Snaith

Edward Norton

John Peebles minister

John Pinder

            of Snaith

Richard Eliot

Godfrey (- ? -)

Richard Gleadan

John (- ? -)

Wm Stable


Wm Warde


Richard Ellis


Thomas Hart




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