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This section of the web-site tells the story of the Stables Families within Yorkshire using material that has been gathered from Church Records, County Archives, Census Returns, Wills, Newspaper Cuttings, Biographies, Photographs, Tithes, Settlement Certificates, etc., etc.

It is very difficult to understand how best to present the information in a way that will keep it both interesting and organised, so you may find it a bit of a mish-mash. It has been organised it into sections relating to each of the main towns/villages where our ancestors originated.

Wherever possible, references to the sources have been included, so that you can double-check the theories or just go look at the original source material yourselves (which is thoroughly recommended, if you are even slightly interested in this stuff).

Hopefully, you will be amazed at the amount of information that still survives about our ancestors. This section of the web-site is really about the lives of the people on the Family Tree, rather than the Tree itself. It is based on the references to the Stableses that have been found in surviving documents and from various different sources. These give wonderful clues as to events in the lives of our ancestors and relatives.

If you are a Stables and have origins in the South Yorkshire area it is almost 100% certain that you will be descended from Christopher Stable of Swillington. There are just three branches of the Stables Family from Yorkshire that have descendents still living today: The South Yorkshire Line, Calverley Line and Harewood Line.

This will be a constantly expanding and updating web-site, as we discover more clues and correct the mistakes we make along the way. We are always on the look-out for more information: old letters, newspaper-cuttings, wills, photographs, anything with the name of a Stables in it. So please get in touch if you have anything to share. Many thanks to those of you that have contributed already.

All Yorkshire branches of the Stables Family appear to originated in the Leeds area, so that's where the confirmed story begins and is the best place to start.


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