Stables History in the Leeds Area

There are many parallel branches of the Stables Family that appear to have originated in the Leeds area. In particular, within the parishes of Swillington, Rothwell, Harewood and Leeds.

The South Yorkshire Stableses appear to have originated in Swillington, before moving to Kippax and from there spreading throughout South Yorkshire.

Early Surname Derivations

One of the interesting facts that has come to light from our research into the very early Stables lines is that the family name was originally 'Stable', without the final 's', in the 16th century. It is only later, around the time of the English Civil War, that the spelling begins to change to 'Stables'.

Early Leeds Poll Tax records show the surname 'de Stabil' being used in 1379. Agnes de Stabil of Hunslet paying 4d in Tax at this time.


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