Henry Stables (b. 1660, d.1739)

Henry is now known to have been born around 1660 at Allerton Bywater in the parish of Kippax and is descended from the wealthy Stables dynasty that held lands at Hemsworth, Kippax, Snaith and South Kirkby.

His father, William of Allerton Bywater, left him a legacy of £60, which was to be paid to him five years after his elder brother, William, had taken up his inheritance of the families lands at Allerton Bywater. The money would have been paid to him in 1683, when he was 21 years of age.

Around 1683, Henry married his first wife, Sarah, although we do not know where the marriage took place, and they took up residence at South Elmsall in the parish of South Kirkby.

They had seven children, who were all baptised at All Saints' Church, South Kirkby:

Elizabeth Stables (bapt. Dec 2nd, 1683 and was buried the following day).
Sarah Stables (bapt. July 17th, 1685 and buried at Doncaster on 24th January 1710/11).
Henry Stables (bapt. Christmas Day 1688 and was buried 8 days later).
Henry Stables (bapt. Dec 10th, 1689). He married Ann Spofforth in 1720 and they settled in Doncaster. They appear to have had no children before Ann's death in 1728. Henry died in 1729 and was buried at High Melton.
Margaret Stables (bapt. Nov 22nd, 1694 and was buried 20 days later).
Martin Stables (bapt. Oct 24th, 1695 and buried 6 days later).
Richard Stables (bapt. Jan 8th, 1696 and buried the following day).

Sarah died in 1697 and was buried at All Saints' in South Kirkby on February 2nd of that year.

Within a year, Henry  was re-married to Sarah Hutchinson of Wath-upon-Dearne and their parish register shows him as living in High Melton (the village between Sprotbrough and Barnburgh) at that time.

They had five children. All of whom were baptised in South Kirkby, except for William, who, for some unknown reason, was baptised in Sprotbrough.

Thomas Stables (bapt. Feb 27th, 1698/99, South Kirkby). Married Eliz Thorp at St. George's Church, Doncaster in 1732 and the parish register shows him as being resident in Barnburgh at that time. They remained in Doncaster for the rest of their lives.

John Stables (bapt. Feb 9th, 1700/01, South Kirkby). Married Mary. They were living at Stone in the parish of Maltby at the time of their deaths. John, a farmer, died in 1782 at the age of 78. Mary died in 1797 at the age of 91.

Ann Stables (bapt. July 29th, 1703, South Kirkby). Married Thomas Royston at St.Peter's Church, Barnburgh in 1727 and they spent the rest of their lives in Ardsley. One of their sons, John, became a schoolmaster (like his father) and went back to his mother's parish of Barnburgh. When he died in 1804, the Rector wrote in the parish register:

"John Royston 72 upwards of 40 Years Schoolmaster of this Parish in wh(ich) office he acquitted himself with the highest zeal & integrity; & died sincerely lamented by the whole Parish"

William Stables (bapt. Dec 1705, Sprotbrough). Married Sarah Hobson at St.Peter & St.Paul in Sheffield in 1732. They settled in Barnburgh and today every surviving South Yorkshire Stables is descended from one of their 9 children.

Morrett Stables (bapt. Nov 5th, 1711, South Kirkby). Married Sarah Scales at All Saints' Church, Darfield in 1753 and they, like Ann, also spent the rest of their lives in Ardsley. His Will and Inventory of his possessions still survive.

Henry was a husbandman, which meant that he was a farmer who cultivated the land, as opposed to keeping stock. This is backed up by the probate upon his death, which lists amongst his belongings: "two ploughs & all belonging, a pare of Great Harrows, 2 Horse Harrows, 2 cows and 5 horses".

In 1716, Henry's brother, John Stables of Fairburn, became terminally ill. Henry and their elder brother, William of Allerton Bywater, visited him at Fairburn and both signed his Will as witnesses, although neither of them were beneficiaries.

In 1725 Henry Stables was appointed as the Parish Constable for Barnburgh, a role which was appointed annually to each of the village elders in turn, and each was responsible for keeping detailed accounts of his expenditure during his year as Constable. The accounts provide a fascinating insight into events in a year of his life and the role of a constable within the parish.

Around 1729, Henry appears to have had failing health himself, as he produced a will but he signed it with an 'X', when a few years earlier he had been able to write. His wife, Sarah, could not write at this time, as she also signed his will with an 'X'. His son Thomas was literate, though, and signed his father's will in his own hand.

Henry wasn't wealthy, but he certainly wasn't poor. His personal estate was valued at £38, 18 shillings & 7 pence for probate. From which he left one shilling to each of his children and the residue of his estate, once the debts were cleared, of £11 10/7 was left to his wife.

Henry died in 1739 and was buried at St. Peter's Church, Barnburgh. His wife, Sarah, died in 1760 at the age of 88 and was also buried at St. Peter's.

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