The Stables Families of Craven

The Will of Edmund Stable of Wigglesworth - Dated 1553

Edmund's will is particularly interesting, in that he leaves his jacket and sallet, a helmet with a flared tail, worn by soldiers in the 15th and 16th centuries, to serve the King and the Lord . The jacket would have been a heavily protected or armoured jacket, worn in conjunction with the sallet to protect him from serious injury during battle.

To see a picture of a Sallet (Click here).

In the name of god amen the xxth daye of _____ in the yeare of our
lord god 1553 I Edmund Stable of wiglesworthe ____ ____ wtin the pish
of Longe prestune beinge of pfyt memorie makes this my Testament and last
will in maner and forme followinge first I bequeth my soule to almightie
God to our Ladie sainte marye and to all the hollie copannie of heavin, and
my bodie to be Buried in the pishe churche or churcheyerde of Longe preston
Also my will is that John Kendall and his wief have the occupacon of my
Tenement unto suche tyme as Geo Stable sonne to William Stable my
sonne shall come to lawfull aige by Licence of the lords and the said
Johne Kendall to bringe up uponne the said Tenement the children of Willm
Stable my sonne and when the said Geo Stable shall come to Lawfull
Aige Then the said heire to have the said Tenement by Licence of the lord
Thereof excepte he shall be aswell provided in the meane station so as he
shall be content And then the said Geo being as well provided and
Content to said Tenement to Remane to John Kendall by Licence of the
Lord always foresone that the said John Kendall to be good and friendlie unto
my said sonne Williams child also I bequeathe unto George Stable yf he shall
occupie the said tent one Jackt and one Sallet or else the said Jackit and
Sallet to Remane at the said Temte to serve the kinge and the Lord Also I
Give and bequeathe all my other Goodes my funerall expense discharged unto them
Margaret Anne elsabeth and Jane Stable children to my sonne William stable
Equallie Emonge them And the same goodes or the valor thereof to be kepte
up standinge and delivered to the said children when they shall come to Lawfull
aige And yf any of the children depte then that porcon or porcons to remane
to the other of the same children Also I do order constitute and make John Kendall
my Lawfull Executor to minister for me and to fulfill this my will Thes
Beinge wytnesses Richard Hergrave and Stephan Barton


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