The Definitive History of the Surname STABLES in Yorkshire

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Stables Families within the East Riding of Yorkshire


The Will of John Stabalar of Swine - Dated 1483

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An 'ulna' or 'ell' is an old unit of length
being equivalent to the length of the forearm
(Read More).

Carsey or Kersey was a hard-wearing, weather-
proof cloth made in Calderdale (Halifax) at this
period (Read More).

In godís name Amen the 29th day of the month of January in the year of our lord 1
483 I John Stabler of Swine of sound mind and perfect me
mory ailments mortally oppressive maketh my will in this manner. First
I give and bequeath my sole unto god almighty blessed marie and all the saints My body to be buried
within the church of blessed Mary of Swine. Item I give and bequeath to pay for my funeral
my better horse. Item I give and bequeath 100/- to be distributed to the poor on the day of my burial
Item I bequeath to the parish church of Swine 10/- Item aforesaid church iijs iiijd for an
anthem Item towards the mending the footpath to the same town 4/- Item for lord's prayers
8d and the destitute inhabitants living in the same 4d Item guild of Blessed Maryís church
aforesaid 7d Item I give towards mending the bridge between Swine and Wawne
3/- 4d Item I give Lord Randolph Abbot of Meaux my best horse and
an unmarried man to be admitted as a monk at the same 2006d Item to go to the monks for a trentall 10/-.
Item I bequeath 1001d to the Order of Friars within Beverley and kingís town upon hull inhabitants
living 10/- That is in total xls namely single lordís trentals for my soulís
celebration. Item I bequeath to the church of hornsea iijs iiijd Item I bequeath to the church of Mappleton
3/- 4d Item I bequeath to the church of South Dalton 20d Item I bequeath to the friars of the church
college of Saint John Beverley 20d Item I bequeath to the guild of Blessed Mary within said
town within the church of the same virgin 4/- Item I bequeath to my priest brother Richard Beverley
monk of Meaux one thirteenth ell of woollen cloth six ells of Kersey my best
small leather bottle and all my pewter pots. I bequeath to Willm fanilo
one of my cows my best gown and two best coats. Itm Isabelle fannile one of my
cows and my entire linen Item to the only one of my eldest sisterís girls that is related by blood
living with me 2 cows and 2 pots ______ It Isabelle Shepherd of Ald
borough my cousin 1 cow. Item Agnes Herring aforesaid Isabelleís sister one of my
cows. Itm to the wife of Richard Alan the eldest of the Kingís Town two ells of Kersey
Itm I bequeath for lighting Saint George of Ganstead xijd Executors before me
ordained and constituted ____ my aforesaid of Meaux Henry Walker and William
Tothe of Swine the younger Henry and William of and bequeath for their labours
two cows or else alternatively each of them 10/- Finally my will is that the rest of my goods
to go equally ____ ____ my oath _____ ____ fidelity studied ___
_____ mark ____ ____ will before agreement upon this day before ___ persuaded
____ ____ attempt __ ___ ___ & _ ____ witness Roger Otringham vicar
of Swine John Alanson & others probate was proved pious in the presence of John
Sharparow brother Archius Estriddinge office ____ commission him in this
probate deed 28th day of the month of March Anno Dm above-mentioned And administration
was granted to the Executors in gone will named, summoned et cetera.

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The Will of Thomas Stabler - Dated 1547

In dei noie amen the xvij daie of February in the yeare of our lorde god al v xlvij I Tho
mas Stabler of hooll mynde maketh my testament in this manner followinge first I be
queathe my soule to god almightie to our ladie sainte marie and to all the saintes in
heven and my bodie to be Buried in the churche at Esingwolde Also I give to Agnes pay
cooke my sister vjs viijd Also I give to Elisabeth Gibson my sister daughter iijs iiijd Also I
give to the churche worke ijs Also I give to margarete Pacoke a quie stirke Also I give to
John my sone a paire of wheles bounde with yron a grae maire that gais of gange
thwaite and a cowe withe a white in the foreheade a gristeld fillie stage a longe stce
with certane ploughe gere and too axill trits Also I give to Alice my doughter my best
jaket and a browne bakte quie Also I give to the highe alter for tithes forgotten xijd
Also I give to Thomas Stabler a black maire Also I give to Katherine Stabler a lambe
Also I maike humfraie Stabler my sone my Executorre and I give hyme a bae stagge of
too yeres olde for his labours The Residue of my goodes I give to James Stabler my
sone and I will that the goodes and he shall remayne at the house withe umfrai and in his fin
dinge and have his findinge of the saide goodes accordinge as he hathe had in my Daies Also
I maike willm Drifeld willm Panarde and Richarde Comdall the Supvisores of this
my will to se it be fulfilled and I give to everie one of them iiijd and for their labores
Thes witnes John plomber vnar willm drifelde william Raynard Richard Camdall
Alexander Archar

Hollom in Holderness

The Will of Agnes Stabler of Hollome - Dated 1549

In dei noie amen the xviij daie of September and in the yere of owre lorde god ajl v xlix I
Agnes Stabler of hollome in holderness within the countie of yorke widow beinge seke in
bodie but of hooll mynde and pfte memorie maketh and ordeinth this my testament
and last will in man and form followenge First I give and bequeath my soule to the
mercie of almightie god and to the gloriouse company of all the angelles and saints
in heven and my bodie to be burrid within the churche erth of hollome aforesaid Itm F__
I give to the saide church too bushels wheate Item I will that my best cowe shalbe
equally devided emonge the five children of Rauf Kiddes my sone and one browne cow
to be likewise devided emonge the children of Thomas Craynes of withornesee Itm
I bequeathe unto foresaide kid my waine cowpe ploughes harrowes with all ma
ner of wood geare and yron gear belonginge the same with all helme wood and
oder wood aboute or belonginge the housse and yerde and he to have likewise the
twoo meares and the fillie painge therfore xxod as they were prased unto hym
at his first interest unto my goods and tenent Itm I give unto John Stabler my
sone one signet of silver too lynnen shets one fedder bedde and or els one twill
mattres at his owne election Itm I give to Rauf Kidde yonger one whne of a yere
olde and more Itm I give to Katerine Stabler my doughter one paire of hooks
of silver and to Alice Stabler my doughter one girdle with a buckle and permande
of silvr Itm I give to Agnes my doughter vj silver beades and too jewels of silver
my best gowne one white petticorte too Kerchiffes and one lynnen apron Itm F_
I give to Jennett Craine my nexte best gowne too karchiffes and one lynnen apron
Itm I give to Jennett Kidde my reade kirtle and one pewder dribler Also I beqweth
to my god children everie of them ijd a piece and to Thomas Enpladie ijd The
Residue of all my goodes not bequeathed my funrall deducte I give and beqweth
unto John Stabler my sone Rauf Kidde and Thomas Crayne my sones in law
Katerine Stabler and Alice my doughters whom I make my full executores and
Executrices and they to dispose and order the saim goods as they thinke moste con
venient and expedient to the honor of god and the health of my soule witness
herof Thomas Smyth prest curate of hollome aforesaide Steven newton &
Willm willson and John Newton of the same towne cn alijs

The Parish of Aughton

The Will of Richard Stable of Ridding Grange - Dated 1573

In the name of God Amen the laste day of September in the year of owre lord god
one thousande fyve hundrethe seventie thre I Richarde Stable of the Riddinge grange of the pishinge
of Awghton seike in bodie of a whole mynde & pfyte Remembrance maykethe this my laste will and
testamente in manner & forme folowynge Fyrste I bequythe my soule unto allmyghtie god my mayker
& Redemer And I truste by the meritts of Jesus christe to be saved & my bodie to be buried in
the pishe churchyearde of Aughton Fyrste I gyve unto the poor mens boxe xijd I gyve unto
Thomas Stable my sone all my whole draughte that is to say vj oxen one donde mare one graye
scramblinge fillie of foure year olde one wayne one cowpe one ploughe wth all the yockes & teames plowe
geer & wayne geere as ropes teames & all other thinge thereunto belonginge both wthin the
howse & wthoute the howse wth all yren geer four donge forkes four pitche forkes one spade one
shovell xxijie wethers xvi of them I boughte at dunsfelde & vj of the beste of myne owne wethers
one quye wth a starre in the forheade of thre years olde Also I gyve unto the said Thomas Stable
my sone sex quarters of Rye & xxtie quarters of otes Also my will is that Thomas Stable
my sone shall paye oute of the same legacie unto Robte forman children for ther porcons wch
is in my hande vjl iiijs iiijd when the call for the same I gyve unto Agnes Blencherd my
doughter one bay fillie I gyve to Katherin Stable my daughter one black cowe wth a taggit
tayle & two of my beste Ewes & two sheringe thane whyte the other blacke I gyve unto
Henry Stable my brother halfe quarter of Rye one Cowe the wch he haythe in occupacon
a deer skyn dublitte & a pare of my beste hose And I forgyve him all the recknynge that
is betwixt us Also I gyve unto John Esingwolde my beste Jackite & to his two sones that
is to saye willm and Robte Esingwolde either of them a Ewe & a hogge I gyve unto willm
hamley my beste dublite and to his sone Richard halley one Ewe & a hogge Also I gyve to willm
Tasker my man one paire of hose the best save one and one karsey dublitt Also I gyve unto lewes Coate
a pare of hose I gyve unto willm Halley my beste hatte I gyve unto George Stable one quarter of
Rye Also my will ys that yf Thomas Stable my sone dye before he come to laufull aige I gyve
unto Katherine Stable my daughter of his said legacie xxl and to Jane hemesley my daugther vjli and
the rest of the legacie I gyve unto George Stable Also I gyve the bringinge up of Thomas Stable
my sone unto George Stable And the said George Stable to have the governance of the said legacie unto
the said Thomas Stable come to lawfull aige The reste of my goodes unbequeste my dettes paid my
will fulfilled I gyve unto margaret my wyfe Alice Cicill her doughter & Katherine Stable my
dougther whom I mayke my whole executrix of this my laste will and testament witnesses herof
George Stable John Esingewolde willm halley I will that the sayd George Stable John Esingewold
willm halley shalbe the supvisors of this my laste will & testamente as my trust ys in them Itm
the fyrste day of october my will is that Agnes Blencherde my daughter shall remaine at Rid-
dinge wth her goode ther to be succoured unto the annuciacon of the Virgine mary nexte cominge and
further yf yt be possyble


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