The Definitive History of the Surname STABLES in Yorkshire

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The Stables Families of Sheriff Hutton

The Will of Robert Stable - Dated 1480

The image below is a transcript of his
will and includes the original latin
shorthand and abbreviations used by
the clerics at York.

Click the image above to see the transcript.

The squiggle in the left margin is a
medieval paragraph mark.

In godís name Amen twentieth day of the month of August year of our Lord 14
80 I Robert Stable of Sherifhoton chaplain in possession of sound mind
and healthy memory make my last will in this manner At first I give and bequeath my soul
unto god almighty blessed virgin mary and all the saints of heaven My body
to be buried in the parish churchyard of Saint Elene of Sherifhoton aforesaid. Itm I give and
bequeath my best nominated head of cattle to pay for my funeral Itm I ordain and constitute the power to ijd Brother
Robert Aukland chaplain & William Stable to dispose of all my goods moveable
and immovable to godís wishes for the salvation of my soul in the presence of the jurisdiction Whom I
appoint, make and constitute my executors these being witnesses brother William Hall
vicar of Whenby and brother John Edwyn vicar of the church of Saint Helen in Stane
crate Probate was proved honest 28th day of the month of May year
of our lord 1482 and administration was granted to the executors
named within said will undertaken in the form of an oath.

The Will of John Stable - Dated 1533

In dei noie amen septimo die monfis Junij Anno dm Millmo quingentosimo xxxiij
Ego Johes Stable de Sherefhoton composmentis et saine memorie videns picln
mortis appropinquare condo ordino et fario testm mendin herin modn. First I giff
and bequeath my soull to god allmyghty to our blissed ladye saint mary and to all
the saints of heven and my body to be buried in sherefhoton churche yard besides
my Father and my mother. Item I gif and bequeath for my mortuary accordyng to
costome and man Itm I will that all suche bids by wrytyng that my Unkill Sir
Bartilmewe Stable was bound in concernyng my mariage goodes be wool and
stand in no strengthe after this day. Item I gif and bequeath to Elyn Roose my
Hant a litle pote and a ketle Itm I gif and bequeath iijs iijd to the upholdyng of the pishe
Churche of donyngton Item I gif and bequeath xijd to the holy rode gilde of Sherifhoton
Chapell Item the rest of my goodes I gif to Willm Stable my brother and to Margret my
Wif my will fulfillid my dettes paid and all funall expensis deducte that thei maye
Dispose the said goodes for the helthe of my saull at there pleasor In wittenes herof I
Willm Marton chaplen xpofer Fisher and John Wright with other ____

The Will of William Stable - Dated 1534

Click the image above to see the transcript.

In Godís name amen the 30th day of the month of May in the year of our Lord 15
34 I William Stabler husbandman of Sheriffhutton of sound mind and
healthy memory make my will in this manner First I give and bequeath my sole to God
almighty and blessed Mary the virgin and all the saints this body of mine to be buried in the
cemetery of saint Helen of Sheriffhutton Item I give and bequeath to the priory of Marton for tithes
owed 12d. Item for the construction of the church of Sheriffhutton 4d. Item to the guild of the same 4d.
Item the vicar of the same 4d. The rest of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Joanne my wife and
Elizabeth my daughter whom I make my executors namely to dispose of the same for the good of my sole
namely to improve the providence of the same. These being witness John Person Robert Richardson
date day and year abovesaid.
And 29th day of the month of June in the year of our Lord 1534 said will was proved.
Administration was granted over the goods of the same to Joanne widow of said deceased
executrix named with the will unlawfully: Refined probate Administration was granted to
Elisabeth daughter of the said deceased co-executor who was named in said will in minority
age constituted with due reverence in the form of a petition by the claimant.

The Will of William Stable - Dated 1538

In the name of god amen the xxj dai of marche in the yere of oure lorde
god al _____ xxxviij I william Stable of sherefhooton husbandman of hool minde and good
memorie ordainethe and makethe this my testament and last will in manner and forme folo
wynge First I bequeathe my soulle to god allmyghtie and to his mother our blessede
Mary the vurgyn and mother of mercie and to all the celestiall company of heven
and my bodie to be buried in the churche yerde of sherofhooton Also I bequeathe for
my mortuarye Acordinge to the tenore of the Kings statute Also I ordayne and make
mine executors Jenet my wif and my children that is to say william bartholomew
and Richarde my sons and Margaret Maude aprall margerie and Isabell my daugh
ters whome I give and bequeathe all my goods to dispose at ther pleasur my detts
paide my will fulfilled and funerall expense deduct In witness herof I william
sit chapelayn Robert Richardson and John Wright withe other

The Will of Bartholomew Stable - Dated 1567

In dei noie Amen the xiij day of aprill in the yeare of or lord god, 1567, I bartilmew
Stabill of Sherofhoton husbandman Beinge seike of Bodie but holle of mynd and in good
and pfcte memorie prased be god, dothe maike and ordayne this my last will and testament
in this maner and forme followinge Fyrst and principallie I gyve and bequith my
Bodie to be buried within my pishe churche earthe of Sherifhoton also I give to Pr____
Stable my wyf and to Thomas Stable and John Stable my sonnes all my farmes and
Goods joyntlie to gether whom I make my holle Executors wittns Robt Byer his ___
john cootte nicholes paynter willm whitacer
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