The Stables Families of Selby

The Will of William Stable of Selbie - Dated July 1557

In the Name of god Amen xxvijth day of Julie Annis bognox philippi et Marie Regis
et Regine quart et quinto Anno Dm 1557. I willm stables of Selbie seake in bodie hoale
and perfyte in Remembrance maketh and ordeyneth this my last will & testament in maner &
forme folowing. First I bequith my soule unto almightie god and to ower Laydie saint mary
and to all the celestiall copenye of heavon and my bodie to be buried within the church
of Selbie in the xpll which I was wonte to walke in. Itm I gyve to the church work xl.
Itm I gyve to the mending of the Hie waie in ___ ____ iij. Itm I gyve to every one of my s___
iij a pece before their waiges. Itm I gyve unto Thomas Ceysh ij. Itm I gyve and will the
said Thomas have for his rent paying the longe dayle the tythe of itt for my yeares if he
live soe longe. Itm I gyve to Rauffe partrick wiffe one strike of malte. Item I gyve to every
one of my doughters xtie a pece to be taken of the rente of my land in wistow during the space
of xij yeares And if the rent be more the lord paid and all charges borne they to have ytt
devided amongst them all and then to be paid as they marye or come to succor And if any
of them die before they marie I will their porcans be devided amongst the rest of the daughters
provided alwais Thomas Stable Robert Stable Edward Haddlesay Reynald Ward and Willim
Saltmarsh of Selbie shall receyve the rent yearlye of the tenannts of Wistow, and to pay to a
everie one of them as they marie or come to sucam. Itm I gyve unto Georg Staible my sone
one Riall of gold which is in the keping of Thomas staible my brother witnesses Edwarde
Haddlesay and Richard Dabbe Itm I gyve unto Georg stable one sylver spunne which was
my fathers. Itm I gyve to everie one of my god children mj Itm I gyve to my wiff one quartr
of the tythes of Wistow during my yeares if she lyve so longe. And if nott then to
remayne to George Stable my sonne. Itm I gyve to my daughters during the space of x
yeares the other iij quarters of the tythe of wistow to be receyved to their use and profett
the lords rent paid & then to remaine to Georg Stable my sonne for all my yeares after. Itm
I gyve to Annas Stable dwelling att hull xij. I will that everye one of my witnesses have
xvj a pece for their paines and the doers for my children. I doo maike Thomas Staible Robrt
Staible Edward Haddlesay Ronalde Ward & Willm saltmarshe. And if any of the doers
for my children doe die then I will they taike in of the witnesses of my will in their Remaine to
loke for the children. And af also I will they taike a spruce chist of myne & everie one of them
to have a say & putt the rente in for my doughters & to pay them their partes as they marye or
come to secor. The residew of all my goods my detts paid my legacies performed & honestlie
brought furth I gyve wholie unto Agnes my wife Georg Stable Ellene Stable Anna Stable
Elizabeth Stable Alison Stable Julian Stable & to Johanne Stable whom I maike all hollye my exe
cutors of this my last will and Testament Thes being witnesses John Hudys___ John
Buttersfeyld Edward Symson and Willm Hearbred

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