Stables Family Trees

This section of the web-site holds the very latest Stables Family Trees for the South Yorkshire branch of the family. They now include well over a thousand people from the early 1500s through to date.

The South Yorkshire Trees are now so comprehensive that anyone with the surname STABLES, who has connections with the South of the county, should be able to find some of their close relations listed on these pages.

The physical size of these trees means that we have had to split them into a number of smaller sub-trees in order to present them on this web-site and also to keep them manageable.

The "Stables of Allerton Bywater" Tree

Read about the fascinating document, entitled the "Stables of Allerton Bywater", which enabled us to make the breakthrough that connected the Barnburgh Stableses to those in Kippax and thus extended the South Yorkshire tree back another 150 years.

The Oldest Generations - Early 1500s

The 'root' tree shows the oldest known generations of the South Yorkshire branch of the family, which covers the periods from the family's origins at Swillington and their subsequent migration, through Kippax and South Kirby, before establishing firm roots at Barnburgh.

The Barnburgh Branches

The Stables Family really took off when William Stables of Barnburgh had 13 children in the late 1700s, most of whom survived to raise large families of their own.

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