The Stables Branches in Yorkshire

We know that there are three distinct branches of the Stables Family within Yorkshire that have descendents who are still living today. These lines, as far back as records exist, all originate in the Leeds area and it is extremely likely that all of these branches would converge, were records available to trace them further back in time.

There have been many other important and wealthy branches of the Stables Family over the last 500 years that died out through lack of heirs. The most notable of these being the Stableses of Pontefract, who were granted arms.

The South Yorkshire Line

This is the predominant line within Yorkshire today, from which virtually every Stables born South of the M62 motorway is descended. It began with Christopher Stable of Astlay, who would have been born around 1531.

The Harewood Line

This branch is the most far-flung of the Stables lines, due to members of this branch having emigrated to America and Australia in the 19th century. Most living descendents of this line now live abroad. The line has been traced back to William Stables of Hetherick, who was born around 1534.

The Calverley Line

This is the most under-researched of the branches and only a handful of descendents are known to be alive today. The records from this branch extend back to the middle of the 16th century.

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