Matthew Henry Stables

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Matthew Henry Stables (b.1860 Hemingbrough) and his wife, Annie Wright.

Matthew Henry Stables and Annie Wright

Matthew Henry Stables was born on 11 July 1860, in Hemingborough, Yorkshire, England and died in 1937 in Bucklow, Cheshire.

He was youngest son of Mark Stables (1823-1867) and Elizabeth Banks (1829-1865) of Kirby Overblow, Yorkshire, England.

Matthew Henry Stables married Annie Wright on 22 Dec 1882 in Goole, Yorkshire, England. He was an Engineer in the Merchant Navy.

Annie Wright was born in Howden, Goole, Yorkshire, England in 1861 to Samuel Wright (1822- ) and Eliza Watson (1820-1888) and died in 1952 in Bucklow, Cheshire.

Matthew and Annie had four children, three girls and one boy.

  • Annie Stables (1884- )
  • Hilda May Stables (1885-1975)
  • Harry Douglas Stables (1886-1939) 
  • Constance Stables (1897-1920)

Harry Douglas Stables (1886-1939)

Harry Douglas Stables (b.1886) and his daughter, Constance Knight Stables.

Constance Knight Stables and Harry Douglas Stables

Harry Douglas Stables married Isabella Margaret Wood at the Beechgrove United Free Church, Aberdeen, Scotland on 22 March 1916.

Isabella Margaret Wood was born on 24 August 1891 in Aberdeen, Scotland to William Wood (1857 – 1928) and Jeannie Knight (1865 – 1949) and she died on 10 January 1962 in Grangemouth, Scotland at the home of her daughter, Constance Knight Stables. She died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Harry Douglas Stables, like his father before him, was an Engineer in the Merchant Navy. At the time of his marriage he was Chief Engineer on the SS Volhynia. Unfortunately he lost his life on 12 Dec 1939 when the ship he was serving on, the SS Marwick Head, was sunk by a mine 0.5 miles south of North Caister Buoy, Great Yarmouth, England.

Harry Douglas Stables and Isabella Margaret Wood had one daughter:

  • Constance Knight Stables (1917-1973)

Constance Knight Stables (1917-1973)

Harry Douglas Stables, his wife, Isabella Margaret Wood, and their daughter, Constance 'Connie' Knight Stables.

Isabella Margaret Wood, Connie Stables and Harry Douglas Stables.

Constance Knight Stables was born on 29 August 1917 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She qualified as a pharmacist at Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen and married a fellow pharmacist James Allan Findlay on 07 August 1948. She died of a cerebral hemorrhage on 18th February 1973 six weeks after the birth of her first grandson, Campbell James McIntyre.

Constance Knight Stables and James Allan Findlay had two children:

  • Carol Ann Findlay b. 1950
  • Allan Douglas Findlay b. 1956


Group of three on the left are Alexander Wood, his wife Tina Stewart and their son Kenneth Wood. Group of three on the right are Harry Douglas Stables, his wife Isabella Margaret Wood and their daughter Constance Knight Stables. The elderly couple in the middle are Isabella Margaret Wood’s parents William Wood and Jeannie Knight. This picture was taken about 1927.

Alexander Wood, his wife Tina Stewart and son Kenneth Wood (on left). Harry Douglas Stables, his wife Isabella Margaret Wood and daughter Constance Knight Stables (on right).

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