William Stables (1705-1789, Barnburgh)

William was the third son of Henry Stables by his second wife, his baptism taking place at St. Mary's Church in Sprotborough on December 17th, 1705.

His father, brought the family to Barnburgh some time between 1705 and 1725.

He was a husbandman, which is a farmer who 'cultivated the land', and continued the profession of his father. Like his father, he was unable to read or write.

On May 1st, 1732, he married Sarah Hobson at St.Peter & St.Paul's Church in Sheffield. At the time of his marriage, he was a farmer living in Tickhill. The Marriage Bond and Allegations for their wedding reveals that Sarah was a resident of Sheffield at that time. It also reveals that William was unable to read or write, as he made his mark on the bond, although his fellow bondsman, Richard Owen, a collier of Sheffield, did sign it in his own hand. [Information from their Marriage Bond was kindly provided by Michael Chance].

They settled in his home village of Barnburgh, where they had nine children:

Mary (b.1732)  
Sarah (b.1733 died before 1751
Ann (b.1737)  
William      (b.1739)  
Hannah (b.1743)  
Frances (b.1747)     died a week after she was baptised.
Frances (b. 1749)  
Sarah (b.1751)  
John (b.1755).  

His sons, William and John survived to carry on the family name and all of the South Yorkshire Stableses alive today are descended from one of them.

His wife Sarah died in 1770. He himself lived on for another 20 years and eventually died at the age of 84, which was an exceptionally late age for this period.

Surprisingly, in  his Will he left everything to his youngest son John and we must wonder why his older son, William, who bore his own name, was disinherited? Perhaps there had been a family feud.

He was buried at St.Peter's Church, Barnburgh on December 5th, 1789.

The Will of William Stables

This is a transcript of William's Will from the copy that is held at the Borthwick Institute in York and that was very kindly supplied by Michael Chance for reproduction here. Unfortunately, there was no full inventory of his possessions for probate.

In the Name of God Amen - This is the last Will & Testament of me William Stables of Barnbrough in the County of York Husbandman - I Give Devise & Bequeath Unto my Son John Stables The Tenant Right & Good Will of the Farm which I now hold rent occupy or enjoy And all my Right Title & Interest therein & thereto - Also I Give & Bequeath Unto my said Son John Stables absolutely to & for his own Use & Benefit All my Goods Cattle Chattels & Personal Estate whatsoever & wheresoever of what nature or kind soever Subject Nevertheless & Charged & I hereby expressly Charge the same with the Payment of all my just Debts Funeral Expences & the Costs Charges & Expences of & to be occasioned by the Probate & Execution of this my Will - And I Make & Appoint my said Son John Stables Sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament - And I hereby Revoke & Make Void all former & other Wills & Testaments by me at any Time heretofore made And I Publish & Declare this as & for & to be my last Will & Testament - In Witness whereof I the said William Stables the Testator have hereunto Sett my Hand & Seal the Tenth Day of May in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty.

William Stables his mark.
Wits: Thomas Wordsworth, Joseph Bamforth

Proved at York 11th May 1790 under £40.


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