The Definitive History of the Surname STABLES in Yorkshire

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Memorial Inscriptions from St. Peter’s Churchyard, Barnburgh

The following are transcriptions from the headstones of the graves of the Stableses that still exist in St. Peter’s Churchyard. The most notable one is that of Ann Stables, which indicates that she suffered terribly before she died. Unfortunately, she died just before the introduction of the ‘modern day’ death certificates, so it is impossible for us to determine what she died of.

These headstones are in the main churchyard, enclosing the church itself.


In loving memory of Ann[1]

wife of William Stabel of Barmbro.

Departed Dec 1st 1833. Aged 63 years.


Afflictions sore long time I bore

Physicians were in vain

Death gave ease when God did please

And freed me from my pain.









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In memory of Mary[2]

wife of Isaac Stables of Barmbro

who died Aug 1st 1835.

Aged 62 years.  













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In affectionate rememberence of

Joseph Stables who died June 12 1854. Aged 46 years.


Also Margaret Ann the beloved daughter of the above.

Who died May 7th 1865 in the 18th year of her age.


“Her end was peace”





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Ann Eliza


Daughter of John[3] + Mary Stables

died Feb 14th 1863 aged 17 years.


Before this gentle rose bud bloomed

The Saviour’s call was given

This precious flower so loved on Earth

Now brightly blooms in Heaven.


 Also the above named John

who died at Doncaster Oct 22 1869 aged 49 years.  


 William Henry Foster their son died January 19 1871 aged 23 years.

 John Kitchingham their son died Oct 16 1881. Aged 30 years.


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Memorial Inscriptions from the 2nd Churchyard at St. Peter's Church, Barnburgh

In loving memory of
Alice Ann
the beloved daughter of
Joseph & Alice Stables (of Harlington)
died Dec 1st 1913
aged 20 years.

Peace Perfect Peace.

Also Esther daughter of the above
and wife of Fred Wilkinson
died April 5 1921 aged 26 years.

Earth’s night shall pass
and Heaven’s fair morn shall greet thee.

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In memory of John Stables
who died April 26 1933 aged 40 years.

 Also his wife Frances Naomi
who died Feb 6 1973 aged 82 years.

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To the memory of my dear wife
Edith Annie Stables
who departed this life 11th May 1956
aged 65 years.

“She lived for those she loved
and those she loved remember”

Also her dear husband James Widdison Stables
died 17th Dec 1961 aged 76 years.


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Memorial Inscriptions Inside St. Peter’s Church, Barnburgh

(On a plaque honouring men of this parish who fought in WW1)

1911 Roll of Honours 1919

Stables F.W.

Stables W.


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(On a plaque honouring men of this parish who fought in WW2)

In honoured memory of the men of this parish who gave their lives in the world war 1939 – 1945.

            J.Hirst                                 D.Stables[4]

            J.A.Sewell                         L.Walsh

And in gratitude for the safe return of those whose lives were spared.





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(Scratched on the wall up inside the Bell Tower)

Ringers 1901-1902  

H. Bullock

W. Stables


Ringers 1903






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Barnburgh Parish Magazine

We have discovered two references to Stableses in the Barnburgh Parish Magazine:


The January 1912 Issue lists ‘W. Stables, Churchwarden’ on the Front Cover.


The December 1953 Issue (Vol. 7 No.12) has the following message inside: ‘Birthday Greetings to Michael Stables born January 7th, 1952’.

I presume that the W.Stables mentioned here is the same one who scratched his name on the wall up inside the bell tower of the parish church.

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[1] This is Ann, wife of William (b.1770, d.1855, Barnburgh).

[2] This is Mary Ann Downing wife of Isaac (b.1776, d.1867, Barnburgh).

[3] This is ‘John Stables Junior’ (b.1820, Barnburgh).

[4] This is Darrel Barry Stables DFM, who was a pilot, awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal during WWII, and killed in action.

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