Joseph Stables of Barnburgh (1808-1854)

Joseph was the son of John Stables (1755-1839) and Margaret Ellis. He married Ann Holmes.

The Will of Joseph Stables - Dated 1854

This will was kindly supplied by Michael Chance.

This is the last Will & Testament of me Joseph Stables of Barnbrough in the County of York Farmer I Give & Bequeath to my Dear Wife such parts of my Furniture & Household Effects as she may select for her own use absolutely I Give Devise & Bequeath all my Real & the residue of my personal Estate & Effects whatsoever & wheresoever unto & to the use of my Brother John Stables of Moorhouse in the said County of York Farmer & John Dawson of Barnbrough aforesaid Gentleman their Heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns Upon the Trusts hereinafter expressed (that is to say) Upon Trust as soon as conveniently can be after my decease to Sell & convert into money All & singular my live & dead Farming Stock & such parts of my Residuary personal Estate as shall not consist of money & to stand possessed of the monies to arise therefrom Upon the Trusts hereinafter mentioned And upon further Trust that they the said John Stables & John Dawson or the Survivor of them his heirs Executors Administrators or assigns shall & do at such time or times as they or he shall deem it expedient sell & absolutely dispose of my said Real Estate by public Auction or private Contract & altogether or in lots & buy in the same or any part thereof at any such Auction & rescind any Contract for Sale & again Sell the same Real Estate or any part thereof in either of the ways aforesaid And by & out of the monies to arise from such Sale & conversion of my said Real & residuary personal Estate & Effects shall & do pay & discharge my just debts funeral & testamentary expences & stand possessed of the residue of the same monies & of all other the monies coming to the hands of them or him my said Trustees or Trustee Upon Trust to invest the same at interest upon Government or Real Securities in England with power to vary such investments at discretion & to pay the interest & annual produce thereof unto my said Wife for & during the term of her natural life provided she my said Wife shall so long continue my Widow & unmarried to be applied by her for the maintenance of herself & the maintenance education & bringing up of my Children for the time being under the age of twenty one years & unmarried And from & immediately after the decease or second marriage of my said Wife whichever event shall first happen then I direct that they or he my said Trustees or Trustee shall stand possessed of all & singular the monies & securities for money forming or constituting my residuary personal Estate Upon Trust to pay distribute & divide the same unto & amongst all & every my children in equal shares & proportions as & when they shall respectively attain the age of twenty one years And in case any of my said Children shall happen to die before such division as aforesaid shall take place leaving lawful Issue him or her surviving then I direct that the Share of him or her so dying shall be paid & divided unto & equally amongst the Issue of him or her so dying as & when such Issue being Sons shall respectively attain the age of twenty one years or being Daughters shall attain that age or marry I Empower my said Trustees or Trustee from & after the decease or second marriage of my said Wife to apply the Income of the presumptive share or shares to which for the time being any child or Issue respectively under the age of twenty one years shall be presumptively entitled in or towards the maintenance & education or otherwise for the benefit of such Child or Issue respectively until such his or her share or shares shall become vested or he she or they shall respectively die I devise all real Estate vested in me as Trustee or Mortgagee unto the said John Stables & John Dawson their heirs & assigns subject to the Trusts & Equities affecting the same respectively I declare that the receipts of the said John Stables & John Dawson & the Survivor of them & the heirs Executors administrators & assigns of such Survivor for the purchase monies of my said Real Estate & for all other the monies payable to them or him under the Trusts of this my Will shall effectually discharge the person or persons paying the same monies from all responsibility on account of the misapplication or nonapplication thereof I absolve the Trustees & Trustee for the time being of this my Will from all liability on account of the acts receipts neglects or defaults of the other of them & also authorize such Trustees & Trustee to retain & allow to each other all Expences incurred by them or him in or about the Execution of the Trusts of this my Will I appoint the said John Stables & John Dawson joint Executors of this my Will & lastly I revoke all former Wills by me made In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this Eleventh day of June One thousand eight hundred & fifty four.

Joseph Stables (signed)

Wits: Thos Reeder Clerk to Messrs Nicholson & Linsaid Solicitors Wath
     Elizabeth Dawson

Proved in the Prerogative Court at York by John Stables & John Dawson on 3rd January 1853 under £800.

Joseph's son, William Henry Stables, also became a farmer at Barnburgh, but in 1878 he filed for bankruptcy. The Sheffield Independent of 28th September of that year reported:

A liquidation petition was filed in the Sheffield Bankruptcy Court, yesterday, by William Henry Stables, of Barnborough, farmer and butcher; liabilities £1200. Mr G W Knox, of Sheffield, accountant, has been appointed receiver and manager. Messrs Burdekin and Co., of Sheffield, are the solicitors in the matter.

Somehow he carried on with his business but twenty years later, he was back in the bankruptcy court. It was the Sheffield Daily Telegraph of 10th June 1898 which reported the case:

William Henry Stables, farmer and potato dealer, of Barmborough, near Doncaster, appeared for his first examination on liabilities, amounting to £949 19s 2d, and assets estimated at £467 6s. Debtor said when he took over the farm over two years ago, he borrowed the money to pay for the valuation. He lost the money; he was deficient on his potato crops. He had to compound with his creditors in 1870, but he could not tell what dividend they got. He had been borrowing money from money lenders for 18 months past, shortly after he took to the farm. The examination was closed.

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