Log Book of Barnburgh School 1876-1888



8th December - Alice Stables, being sent for left school at 3 pm. Her attendance was cancelled.
11th December - Another infant (George Stephen Stables has come today.


10th January - J H Stables was called out of school at 3.20 pm to fetch water for his mother.
6th December - John Robert Stables, son of William Harry Stables, farmer of this Parish, attended school this morning. Sickness of an infectious character prevails on the family. The Chairman of the Board was informed of this and after consideration of this it was decided that the boy should be sent home and not allowed to attend school until his parents had received a clean bill of health from some medical officer.


28th February - Mrs Stables, wife of Mr Henry Stables, Butcher of Barnburgh, told Mrs Bagshaw (the sewing mistress) to inform me of her children's illness. They are suffering from a very contagious illness which may keep them from school for a very long time.
10th March - Mr Ainsley, Chemist, Mexborough has informed Mrs Henry Stables, Barnburgh that her children have not been suffering from any infectious disease, such as was supposed some time ago, and he also says they are in a fit state to attend school.


9th March - Annie Stables and other children of the first class have no exercise books in which to write diction in school. These children are therefore not making the progress they ought in writing.
22nd June - This afternoon I have been informed that the children of William Stables and Joseph Smith of Barnburgh are infected with itch.
9th August - This morning a note was received from the Chairman of the Board certifying that [the children of] William Stables were infected with the itch and must not attend school.
6th December - The master with the help of J R Stables and Timothy Bullock nailed two cards over a hole in the large window of the school room to prevent the cold air coming down upon the children.
16th December - Mary and Ellen Stables, the children of a Board School Member are most irregular in their attendance.


9th January - George Stables and Annie Stables (among others) all unable to attend school because of sickness.

These snippets are taken from the Log Book of Barnburgh School and are shown here by kind permission of the Barnburgh and Harlington History Group.

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