Surviving Stables Family Archive Material

This section lists the documents that are held by County Archives within Yorkshire that refer to members of the Stables Family and includes the local document reference number at that Archive in square brackets. Those at Doncaster Archives have been transcribed and photographed. Click the item below to go to the transcript.

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Barnburgh Tithe Awards 1839 [n/a]

Tickhill Tithe Awards 1839 [n/a]

Christopher Stables of Thorne
Master of Boat called The Trial
(Tinsley-Thorne) 1795 [AB5/2/144-148]
Microfiche, giving no more information other than owners: John Grayburn & John Chester

Henry Stables of Barnburgh
Constable 1725 [P3/6/A1]

Elizabeth Stables of Hemsworth
Spinster Will of 1798 [Dz Syk 29]

Fanny Stables of Darfield
Single Woman, aged 50 years
Application for Relief. May 1828. [PLD/2/2]

John Stables + family
Darfield 1821 Census [P81/6/5/1]

John Stables
Hearth Tax – Hatfield Woodhouse 1667
Just lists him as having one hearth.

John Stables of Hatfield
Proprietor of Pews 1697 [P28/2/B1]

Jonas Stables of Wombwell
Freeholder (Pudsey) 1734 Poll Book [Dz MD/2]

Mary Stables of Darfield
Indenture [P81/6/2/4 No. 16]

Matthew Stables of Darfield
Indenture [P81/6/2/4 No. 6]

Thomas Stables, Wife & Family
Settlement Certificate (Skellbrook-Doncaster) 1732 [AB 2/1/2]
They don't have the actual certificate, just a list of certificates that were issued. This being one of them.Skellbrook was in the parish of Owston and they were moving to Doncaster.

Tickhill Tithe Awards 1839 [n/a]

William Stables & Family
Darfield 1821 Census [P81/6/5/1]

William Stables
Churchwarden of Cowick 1624
Ditto 1635 [P50/3/B1]

William Stables of Knottingley (formerly of Thorne, Pauper)
Order of Loan for Poor Relief 1838 [PLU/T/1 P50]

Sheffield Archives


Robert Stabill
Party to deed 1474 [CD 425]

William Stable of Pontefract
Deed to lead users of a fine 1694 [BFM 448]

William Stables. Yeoman. Barnburgh.
Lease of Property in Barnburgh 1849 [NP 469]

Zacharye Stables of Pontefract
Party to bargain and sale (Pontefract) 1657 [BFM 400]
Party to bargain and sale (Pontefract) 1673 [BFM 401]

Nicholas Stables of Pontefract
Property occupier 1668 (Pontefract) [BFM 466]
Died siesed of property 1674 [BFM 639]

William Stables
Copy of bond relating to 1666/7 [BFM 524]

William Stables of Tanshelf
Party to surrender (Carleton) 1666 [BFM 617]
Party to surrender (Carlton) 1666 [BFM 618]
Copies of Wills of 1666 [BFM 619]
Inventory of Personal Estate 1667 [BFM 616]

Leonard Stables 1666
Party to surrender (Carleton) 1666 [BFM 618]
Beneficiary of will of his brother 1666 [BFM 619]
Admission 1676 [BFM 634]
Party to surrender 1686 [BFM 633, 675]

Leonard Stables of Pontefract (Alderman)
Copy of bond relating to 1666/7 [BFM 524]

Elizabeth Stables dau of Leonard
Party to surrender and admission 1686 [BFM 633]

John Stables son of Leonard
Party to surrender and admission 1686 [BFM 633] >

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Deed of 1653 by which Robert Stables of West Melton, tailor, and his wife Margaret, sold land in Cliffe Field and West Field at Wath-upon-Dearne, to George Mallinson of Wath, yeoman [45/Z10/5].

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Deed of Lease for 1 Year. John Stables of Barnburgh. 1844 [A/94/B] >

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Seven or eight boxes of records relating to the Stables Family of Horsforth and the Meanwood Valley [MS1702]>

The Public Record Office

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TW9 4DU.
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Release by William son of Roger de Stabulo, to the monks of Bruerne, of all the common claimed by him in their wood of Mersden. Witneses:- William de la Mara, Walter Lohout, John Sagar, Richard de Bosco and Geoffrey de la Mara: [Glouc.] 13th Century [E 326/2488]

Release by Hamo de Cotewell, to the abbot and convent of Bruerne, of all pasture in their lands in Meresden. Witnesses:- William de Fifhida, William de la Mara, William de Solers, Walter Loholt, Roger de Stabulo, and Philip de Colesburne: [Glouc.] 13th Century [E 326/2490]

Grant by Roger Ace and Walter de Kendale, to john le Stabler and Basilia his wife, of a tenement in 'le Briggestrate' in Rameseye, near the great bridge: [Hunt.] 1317 [E 326/3025]

Alexander de Bergh, Walter Beauchaump, Stephen le Stabeler, and Agnes his wife, Peter de Hemmyngburgh, Roger Durison, Agnes late the wife of William Dasshe, and Roger Potage, chaplain, to grant messuages and land in Guisbrough to the prior and convent of Guisbrough, the said Alexander retaining the manor of Brough near Saltburn (Bergh). York. Alan Brunbayn and John his son, William de Spaumpton, and Thomas, parson of the church of Lofthouse, to grant land and a messuage in Lofthouse to the same. York. John Gretheved to grant a messuage in Marton to the same. York. Michael de Roseles to grant a meadow in Newton in Langbaurgh to the same. York. 1320 [C 143/228/11]

Petitioners: Henry de Lindeseye (Lindsey), clerk.
Addressees: King and council.
Places mentioned: Parndon, [Essex]; Waltham, [Essex]; Netteswell, [Essex]; Berden, [Essex].
Other people mentioned: Brother Robert de Werdon; Hugh de Rothewell; Bartholomew le Palfrayman; Roger de Thame; Robert de Schelingdon; John Levenoth of Parndon; Robert le Stabler; Walter le Parker; John Vine, larderer; Nicholas Penne, hayward; John Fader of Netteswell; Brother Richard, Abbot of Waltham outside London; Brother William, Prior of Berden; Gilbert de Great Chyshull (Great Chishill).
Nature of request: Lindeseye requests remedy as they are unable to have justice for an assault made upon him, Prior William and Gilbert de Great Chishill at Netteswell by the servants of the abbot of Walthem by his procurement because of his power and maintenance.
Endorsement: He should sue at the common law. 1330 [SC 8/91/4521]

Release by John de Middelton of London to Nicholas Potyn and Henry Derby, of his right to those lands, tenements, rents and services, together with two water-mills called 'Crassh mylles' and a hermitage called 'le Swannesnest' with the meadows, gardens, &c., appertaining to the said mills, in the parish of St. Botolph.... called 'la Whytechapel' without Algate in the suburb of London, in Estmythefeld and upon 'le Tourhulle'; the reversion of all which lands, &c., had been granted by SIr Nicholas Loveyn, knight, to the said John de Middleton, Nicholas Potyn and Henry Derby, the same being then in the possession of Sir John Pekkebrugge, knight, and Margaret his wife, the sister of the said Sir Nicholas Leveyn. Witnesses:- Adam Stable, mayor, John Northamptone and Robert Launde, sheriffs, of London, and others (named): [Middx.] 1362 [E 326/2314]

Grant by William Spencer of London, to Robert de Brysthy, chaplain, Willliam Bedyugton, clerk, John atte Watere and Andrew Poleye, of the reversion of lands, tenements, and rents in the parishes of St. George, St. Botolph, St. Margaret, Bruggestrete, and All Hallows, Berkynge. Witnesses:- John de Bernes, mayor, Adam Stable and Robert Hatfield, sheriffs, of London, and others (named). 1367 [E 326/2076]

Grant by Walter Forester, of London, to Richard de Evesham, John Rothewelle, Roger Farendon, clerks, William de Halden, John Bays and John de Whitewelle, of a tenement in the parish of St. Mary, Wolcherchehawe, which he had of the grant of Walter de Odyham and Richard Savage, clerks; and also of a shop with houses in that parish; of a tenement called 'Brodegate' in the parish of St. Christopher, in the ward of Bradestrete; of a tavern, &c., in the said parish of St. Mary, Wolcherchehawe; of shops in the parish of St. Michael upon Cornhulle; and also of rents issuing out of the said shops. Witnesses:- John de Bernes, mayor, Adam Stable and Robert Hatfeld, sheriffs, of London, and others (named): Middx. 1368 [E 326/2128]

Appointment by Roger de Northbrek, chaplain, William de Caton of Lancaster, and Edmund de Haconsogh, of Nicholas del Stable as their attorney to receive seisin of land at Dillicar {Dillaker): (Westmor). 1370 [DL 25/1052]

Robert Stabler and Richard Clement, chaplains, Thomas Ewell, Thomas Empol, Henry Petirbourch, and Geoffrey Trympe, to quit-claim rent in the manor of Huntingfield Hall in East Bradenham, acquired from Roger de Boys, knight, Robert de Aisshefeld, Roger deWolferston, Henry Sergeant, and Thomas de Wroxham, to the abbot and convent of St. Edmund's, who have previously acquired the manor. Norfolk. 1391 [C 143/410/7]

Robert Stabler, William Say, and John Redgrave, chaplains, Thomas Ewelle, Henry Petirburgh, and Thomas Fornham to grant messuages, a shop, and land in Bury St. Edmunds and Westley to the abbot and convent of Bury St. Edmunds, retaining land in Bury St. Edmunds. Suffolk.1393 [C 143/420/2]

Robert Stabler, Henry Scryven, Thomas Swyft, Ralph de Stradesete, John Hethe of Saxham, William Charman, Thomas Lakforthe, John Warde, chaplain, and Geoffrey Trympe to grant land, messuages, and shops in Bury St. Edmunds and Mildenhall to the abbot and convent of Bury St. Edmunds, retaining land held of the said abbot. Suffolk. 1393 [C 143/422/5]

Thomas de Ruston v. Thomas and Ellen Wilton, John and Margaret Ellard, and Thomas and Alice Stabeler.: Messuages and lands in Ruston, Kilham (Kyllom), Mowthorpe, Lowthorpe, Harpham (Happam), and Nafferton.: York. 1386-1486 [C 1/5/164]

William Lynacre v. The mayor and bailiffs of Oxford and John Stabeler.: Action of debt brought by the said Stabeler, on an agreement, afterwards abrogated by consent, for Lynacre to purchase certain land. Petition for writs of `corpus cum causâ' and `subpoena.': Oxford. 1386-1486 [C 1/44/180]

John Stabyller v. The mayor and bailiffs of Oxford. John Davyson.: Arrest at the suit of John Davyson, of Oxford, in a matter previously determined in Chancery, whither it had been removed from London on a corpus cum causa. Corpus cum causa and subpoena.: Oxford. 1386-1486 [C 1/47/73]

Petition of Richard Stabyll of Cambridge, scholar, to the archbishop of Canterbury. 1456-1509 [E 135/25/24 ]

Symon Stable, clerk, and John Anyell, of Eye, executors of Thomas Marbyll, late vicar of Eye. v. Robert Camund, of Aylsham, and Nicholas Maryot, of Aylsham.: Proceeds of the sale of lands and tenements in Eye.: Suffolk. 1486-1529 [C 1/160/24]

Robert More and Peter Flecchier, clerks, executors of Margaret Lityll, widow. v. Thomas Bird, feoffee to uses.: Land in Ipswich, late of the said Margaret and previously of Robert Stabiller, clerk.: Suffolk. 1486-1529 [C 1/215/50]

Christopher Rauson v. William Stable and John Bakehous.: Fraudulent lease of a messuage in Ripon.: York. 1500-1515 [C 1/270/17]

Henry Johnson and Alice, his wife, Elizabeth Goodryk, and Agnes Stable. v. Richard Heryngton: Detention of deeds relating to land in Pickering, late of John Pykeryng, father of the said Alice, Elizabeth, and Agnes.: York. 1500-1515 [C 1/327/29]

William Stable, chantry priest of St. Nicholas in the church of Sheriff Hutton. v. John, prior of Marton: Detention of deeds relating to the manor of Wrelton.: York. 1500-1515 [C 1/357/78]

PLAINTIFF: Robert Smyth DEFENDANT: Ralph Bradshaw, William Groyne, Thomas Stabulles, John Thacker, and others PLACE OR SUBJECT: Meadow in the parish of Osmaston COUNTY: Derby 1509-1547 [STAC 2/19/212]

PLAINTIFF: John Stabill DEFENDANT: George Husye PLACE OR SUBJECT: Seizure of cattle at North Duffield COUNTY: York 1509-1547 [STAC 2/28/36]

John Hasylwood, yeoman. v. William Rychbell and Johanne, his wife, executors of John Atstaple of Bennington, Surrey.: Price of land in Wymbylton, bought of the said John Atstaple, of which complainant has not obtained possession, Robert Stabyll claiming to be reversioner.: Kent. 1515-1518 [C 1/415/12]

Richard Carbot, bailiff of Thomas Dalby, archdeacon of Richmond in half the manor of Askham Bryan. v. The mayor and sheriffs of York.: Action of trespass by Brian Stabilton of Carlton, knight, occupier of the other half of the said manor. Certiorari.: York. 1518-1529 [C 1/480/25]

Richard Humffrey, gentleman. v. Dr. Stables, Robert Gylbert, clerks, Richard Heythfeld, John Salte, and Peter Holden, yeomen [Witnesses].: Petition for examination of witnesses as to complainant's false imprisonment at Keynsham by Edward, late Duke of Buckingham, from 10 August, 22 Henry VII., to 12 June, 3 Henry VIII. (Memorandum of examination endorsed.): Somerset. 1512 [C 1/527/14]

William Forman, alderman of London, Brian Calley and James Stabbley, merchants of London, and others, owners of the ship New Anne. v. The abbots of Bindon and Abbotsbury, Harry Michell, mayor of Weymouth, Richard Param of Dorchester, Robert Keylwaye of Salisbury, and others.: Oil and wine laden on the said ship, which was wrecked in the Race of Portland.: Dorset. 1532-1538 [C 1/787/30-36]

Robert STONSBY, gentleman, son of John Stonsby and Joan Stabeler, both deceased, v. John ESSAY, William EDRYNGTON, William GRYMSTON, and Bartholomew TWYNG.: Messuages and land in Hayton, Middleton, Mowthorpe (in Kirby Grindalyth), Wadeforth (cf. Wad Dalein Weaverthorpe ?), Great Driffield, and Kilham, sold by the said John Stonsby when he had only a life interest therein.: YORK. 1538-1544 [C 1/1068/52-55]

Robert Stables: particular of account (1m). 1543-1544 [E 136/172/10]

Robert, great grandson and heir of Robert STABULL, v. Humphrey QUERNEBY, mayor of Nottingham.: Land in the woman's market at the east end of the flesh-shambles, Nottingham, claimed by defendant in right of the town.: NOTTS. 1553-1555 [C 1/1380/57-58]

Robert STONYSBYE, gentleman, and Bartholomew HYLTON, grandson and heir of Bryan Stabeler, v. William GRYMSTON and others.: Annuity due from the said Grymston's lands in Mouthorpe in Grendall Lyght (i.e. Mowthorpe in Kirby Grindalythe).: YORK. 1553-1555 [C 1/1385/69]

Robert, great-grandson and heir of Robert STABULL, v. William ATKYNSON, mayor of Nottingham.: Land (described) in the women's market at the end of the flesh-shambles of Nottingham, claimed on behalf of the mayor and commonalty.: NOTTS. 1556-1558 [C 1/1468/50]

Robert STONESBY, gentleman, and Bartholomew HYLTON, grandsons and heirs of Bryan Stabler, v. William GRYMSTON and others.: Rent charged on a messuage and land of the said Grymston at Mowthorpe in [Kirkby] Grindalythe.: YORK. 1556-1558 [C 1/1468/68-70]

Thomas Baker alias Stables v John and William Sadler. Personal matters. Replication Short title: Baker alia Stables v Sadler. 1588-1603 [C 2/Eliz/B30/1]

Stables v. Milner: Stafford. 1558-1579 [C 3/157/81]

Silvester v. Stables: Somerset. 1558-1579 [C 3/171/81]

Watkinson v. Stable: York. 1558-1579 [C 3/187/48]

Barton v. Stable: Westmoreland. 1558-1579 [C 3/204/29]

Egerton v Stables, Goodwyn. 1577 [STAC 5/E14/34]>

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Wakefield

Court in Session, Quarter Sessions Rolls, Doncaster and Wakefield sessions, Petitions and certificates
Repository Wakefield Headquarters (GB 201)
Petition of William Stable of Swillington for relief, his grandson and guardian neglecting to pay his maintenance. Dated Jan 1670
Description: By an order of Easter 1669, William Stable the grandson and William Heaton his guardian had been required to pay £3 a year to Stable and his wife, but they had only received one quarter's payment
With note order that £4 a year, with arrears, be paid.

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