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Volume 2

Skyrack Hearth Tax 1672 (part 1)

John Stables – 1
James Stables – 2
Joseph Stables – 1

Leedes, East parte
Mr Stables – 9

Information concerning the destruction of the King’s timber in his park at Roundhay – February 1503

It’m Richard Stable Sworne deposith & saith yt he haith carried in lyke man[ner] – v lodes
It’m James Stable Sworne deposith & saith yt he haith carried in lyke man[ner] – iiij lodes
It’m the seid James saith that he haith carried fagots to the nombre of – xl lodes

Leeds Borough Subsidy – 39th Elizabeth 1596-7

Leonard Stable            in ter’            ls            xs

Leeds, Mainridinge
Richard Stable               in ter’            xxs            iiijs

Skyrack Subsidy Roll – 1621

Allerton Bywater
Willmus Stable            in ter’            xls            0 2 8

Leeds, Mayne Rydinge
Wills Stable            in ter’            xxs            0 1 4
Sibell Stable            in ter’            xxs            0 1 4

Skyrack Subsidy Roll – 1627

Allerton (p Aquam)
Willmus Stable            in ter’            xxs            iiijs

Leedes Maynridinge
Willmus Stable            in ter’            xxvs            vs

Volume 4

Skyrack Hearth Tax – 1672 (part 2)

Leedes, North parte
John Stables – 1

Musters in Skyrack Wapentake – 1539 (part I)

The Township of Rawdon

Thez be archers, horsed & harnessed, abill persons:
Robert Stabyll

Thes be billmen, havyng no harnesse; abill persons, footmen
Christofer Stabyll

Volume 5

Adel Parish Registers 1606-1812

Dec 14 Thomas ffuller, of the pish of Pomfret, maried Judith Stable, of this pish

Aug 22 John Clough, of Ecupp, & Mary Stables, of Harwood

Aug 4 Thomas Stables of Horsforth & Frances Kirk, of Cookridge. Licence.
Wits: Seth Slater, Margaret Frankland X

1811 (Baptisms)
Sep 15 James s Thomas Stables, Cookridge, Farmer

1802 (Burials)
June 24 Sarah Stables, Horsforth, Inft, dr of Willm

Volume 9

Duchy of Lancaster Depositions

Ledes – Curia cum turno tenta ibidem xxiiijto die Aprielis, anno xviijvo Henrici Septimi, etc.

Inquisitio capta pro domino per sacramentum – Ricardi Stabill, Roberti Killingbecke, Willelmi Prestlay, Jacobi Stabill, Rogeri Waid, Thome Henrison, Johannis Killingbecke, Johannis Fox, cum aliis Qui dicunt super sacramentum suum quod injunctum est ut nullus de cetero piscabit sive capiat aliquas pisses in Shippcarrbecke sub pena cujuslibet, tociens quociens, xijd

Abstract of the Leeds Manor Rolls – 1650-1666

Att a Court held ye 9th Day of August 1652
Wm Stable surrendrs one pcell of land taken of ye Lords Waste in ye Uppr Tentrs conteyning in length 27 yardes & 7 Elles in breadth whereupon standeth one paire of Tentrs in ye occupacon of ye sd Wm: To Thomas ffalconer & his Heires according to Covenant.

Matthew Stable desired he might be admitted to his ffyne wth ye Lords ffor 4 yardes in length & 4 yardes in breadth on Woodhouse More being ye Lordes Wastes & to pay a yearly Rent of ijd p Annu

Musters in Skyrack Wapentake – 1539 (part II)

Tempyll Newson, Halton cum Colton

Bills, abill personez, havyng no harnez:
Rauff Stabill

Poter Newton

Bills, abill personez, havyng noo harnez:
Peter Stabill

Leedes Harthe or Maynryddyn

Archers, abill personez, parcel harnessed:
Thomas Stabill, a horse & salet

Will of George Thursbie of West Cottingwith – proved 13 Aug 1580

Henrie Stable, my man, xijd.
Item to Henrie Stable for his wages ixs vijd.

Lay Subsidy for Skyrack Wapentake – 30 June & 20 October 1545

Alic’ Stable, vid        in bonis            xxs            jd

Ledes Manerydne
Willms Stable            in bonis            iiijli             iiijd

Petrs Stable            in bonis            xxs            jd

Lay Subsidy for Skyrack Wapentake – 12 Feb 1545-6

Ledes Manrydyng
Thomas Stable               in terr’            xxs            ijs
Willms  Stable                in terr’            xxs            ijs

Volume 11

Lay Subsidy for Aggbrigg & Morley – 1545

Rand Stable            in bon            xxs            jd

Jacobs stable            in bon            xls            ijd

Survey of the Manor of Leedes & Leedes-Mainriding – 1612

Leonardus Stable ten., &c., g. d. quarto die Octobris ann Jac. sexto unam clausuram super Knowstroppe-tofts voc. Tofts continentem per estimationem quatuor acras terrae.
Et red., &c.            vjs viijd

Thomas Thornton in jure Sibullae uxoris ejus unius filiarum Thomae Stable ten., &c., g. d. xxivo die Aprilis anno xiijo Eliz. unum cottagium cum uno gardino predicto cottagio spectante prout modo edificata existit in una parcella terrae voc. ‘little Garth’, et unam clausarum voc. Hall Croft jacentem in Parva Woodhouse cum pert. In Leedes.
Et red., &c.            iiijs

Leonardus Stable ten., &c., g. d. ivo die Octobris anno vjo Jac. totas illas duas pecias sive parcellas terrae de solo et vasto Dominae Reginae jacentes in lez Overtentures
Et red., &c.            viijd

Leonardus Stable predictus ten. in jure Sibillae uxoris ejus, &c., g. d. octavo die Octobris anno xxvo Eliz. unum molendinum fullonicum edificatum super vastum Dominae Reginae scituatum ex opposite molendini granatici predicate Dominae Reginae in simul cum gurgite aquarum predicto molendino ante hac usitato: ac etiam quandam parcellam terrae cum edificiis desuper inclusis continentem per estimationem viginti virgatas in long. et idem in lat.
Et red., &c.            vs vjd

Thomas Pickarde ten., &c., g. d. xxivo die Aprilis anno xiijo Eliz. in jure Annae uxoris ejus unius filiarum Thomae Stable unum messuagium cum horreo eidem pertinente ac etiam unam clausuram voc. Brackentoft et unam parcellam terrae voc. Little garth jacentem in Parva Woodhouse.
Et red., &c.            xijd

Nicholaus Stable ten., &c., g. d. jo die Maij anno xlo Eliz. unam parcellam terrae super le Woodhouse Moore in long. xxxa virgatas et in lat. versus austrum x virgatas et in lat. versus boream xiijo virgatas.
Et red., &c.            iiijd

Leonardus Stable ten., &c., g. d. ivo die Octobris anno sexton Jac. unum messuagium ac certas terras prati et pasturae eidem adjacentes et spectantes cum pert. In Leedes.
Et red., &c.            xs iijd

Juratores pro Domina Regina:

Leonard Stable – SEAL

Volume 15

Lay Subsidy for Skyrack Wapentake – 1588

Leonard Stable            in ter            ls            xs

Leedes Mairidinge
Richard Stable               in ter            xxs            iiijs

Lay Subsidy for Aggbrigg & Morley Wapentake – 1588

Johes Stable            in bon            iijli             vs

Justice’s Note-Book of Captain John Pickering 1656-60

RECOG’. SESSIONS, GOOD BEHAVIOUR. 13th of September, 1659.
M’d that James Stables of Tong, husbandm’, doth acknowledge himselfe to owe unto the Keepers of the Liberty of England by authority of Parliamt the sume of 40li, Xpofer Nettleton of the same, Tann’, & James Margeryson of the same, Tann’, do each of them acknowledge to owe unto the Keepers of the Liberty of England by authority of p’liamt 20l. The same to be Levyed …… Condicon, That whereas a warrant according to Lawe was issued out by mee against John Nettleton of Tong, requiring the Constable there to Levy upon the goods of the said Jo: Nettleton the sume of 15li forfeited by him, for Killing one Bucke of the ffalow Deere in Howley Parke, Contrary to an Act made to p’vent the Killing of Deere, wch said wart was deliu’ed to th’above bounden James Stables, the p’sent Constable of Tong, & diu’s goods of the said John Nettleton shewed him, Yet he in Contempt of all authority refused to obey & execute the said warrant; If therefore the said James Stables shall psonally appeare at the next generall Quarter Sessions………

Volumes 16-25

Skyrack Wapentake Subsidy Roll – 1610

Leedes Mainridinge
Leonardus Stable   in terris            ls            iijs iiijd

Swillington cu’ Preston
Lancelot’ Grave   in bonis            iijli             iijs
Thomas Stable               in bonis            iijli            iijs

Court Records

BURGUS DE LEEDES. The Court holden by the Com’tee appointed by Decree for the execucon of Charitable vses the twenty first day of March In the twentieth yeare of the Raigne of King Charles the second. [1671]
Att this Court Will’am Stables, gent’, was in due forme of Lawe elected & chozen feoffe of the Lands given to Charitable vses in the place of Michaell Hutchinson, dec’d.  p. Cur’.

Court holden the Fifth day of February in the Eighteenth yeare of the Raigne of King Charles the second. [1669]
A fine to be made of forty five pounds for “certaine Landes that are Coppyhold & given to charitable vses” to be paid to the Lord of the Manor by, amongst others, Theophilus Stables.

Lease, dated 1687, of the Tithe of hay in Leeds

John Stable for Hobsons close, Sykes land                    0            2            0
Mr John Stable for his land                                             1            6            0

Rental of Leeds dated 17th February 3 Hen. VI. [1425]

Tenants in Bondage of Knoustrop
William del Stable holds a mess. & a bovate of land, lately in the tenure of John Totty, & renders 4s 9d & for customs & works 3s 8d            8s 5d

Ancient Demesne Lands
William del Stable holds five acres of land in P’stcliff, an acre & three roods in Midelhaghe, for 10s 0½d yearly, & a plot of the waste for 2d yearly at Michaelmas term     10s 2½d

New Demesne Lands
William del Stable holds an acre of land there [pasture called Walkershawe], lately John Diconson’s, & renders yearly            20d
William del Stable (2½ acres), Richard Totty (1½ acres), Richard Hopton (1½ acres) & Thomas Swordsliper (1½ acres) hold seven acres of land, lately John del Hill’s, the acre at 12d, & render yearly             7s
William del Stable holds four acres of land there, lately John Diconson’s of Hill, & renders yearly   4s 4d

Volume 27

Will of Ralph Stable of Outwoodside

In Dei noie Amen: sc’do die Junij Anno D’ni 1560. I Rawffe Stable, of the outwoodsyde wthin the pishing of Waikefelde, of pfyt mynde & memorie, constitute, ordayne, & make thys my last will & testament in forme & maner followinge. Fyrst I comytt my sowll to the mercye of allmyghtye god my maker & redeemer, besecheynge hym to accepte yt to hys infinite mercye, besechyng out ladye & all the sanctes in heauen to praye for me, & my bodye to be buryed wthin the pishe churche yearde of allhallowes in Waikefelde. It’m I giue vnto Esabell my wife halfe of my lands duringe her naturall lyfe. Item I gyue vnto John Fyrthe to the vse & comodite of Jennet Stable my doughter xviijli & ij ewes wth two lambes. It’m I gyue vnto Esabell Stable my doughter one ewe with a lambe, & a syluer spoyne. It’m I giue vnto John Stable my sonne & Isabell Stable my doughter iijli whiche was geuen by ther frends at any tyme after my decesse when ther frends shall demaunde the same for ther vse & comoditie. It’m I bequeathe to John Stable my sonne halfe of my lands. And I will that after my wyffe’s decease the other haife of my landes shall Returne to the sayd John & hys hayres for ever. And I will that my goods be equallie devided in thre ptes of which I will one shalbe devided equallye emong my children. The seconde I giue to my wyffe. And of the thyrde pte, if it shall please god at thys tyme to call me to hys mercye, I will be brought forth with & that whiche remaynethe ( my debts & fun’all expences discharged & payde), I gyue vnto Esabell my wyffe, whome I make my sole Executrix of thys my last will & Testament.
Wytness’ hearof, John Rimington, John Wright, & Anthony Hall.
[Proved 8 July 1560.]

Volume 33

Rental of the Manor of Temple Newsam – 30th June 1507

Tempyll cum Newsome

It For the Cott garth now in the occupacon of Henry Stabyll                xiijs iiijd
It for a meas & xiiij acr land of the demayns now in the occupacon of Henry Stabyll wt ij acr 7 di of medow xvjs vd

Temple Newsam Subsidy Roll – 1523-4

Henry Stabill, for wages 4d

Extracts from the Leeds Intelligencer 1763-1767

And, on Wednesday last, Mr James Stables, a wealthy Cloth maker of Horsforth, having been at Bradford to receive some Money, was in his Way home from thence, stopped in the Hollow a little about Farsley Lane End upon Bradford Moor, between Six & Seven in the Evening, by a single Footpad, who with a Hedge Stake threatened to knock his Brains out if he did not deliver his Money: but not being ready in complying with his Demand, the Villain slipped his Hand in Mr Stables’ Pocket, & took out thence all the Money he found which was Fourteenpence Half-penny; & at the same time letting go the Reins of the Bridle, Mr Stables rode off, & thereby saved the rest of his Money, which luckily was in the contrary Breeches Pocket.

Volume 35

Manor Court Rolls of Methley

Henry VI February

The Jurors say that Robt Stable occupies a messuage by the demise of John Marshall without fine

Methley Hearth Tax 1666

ffran. Stables – 2

Overseers of the Poor 1656

Robt Colling gen.
ffran Stables

Churchwardens 1663

ffra. Stable
Henry Hollings

Volume 41

Hunslet Poll Tax 1379

Agnes del Stabill

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