Stables Memorial Inscriptions in the Deanery of Doncaster

Information on this page very kindly supplied by Michael Chance.

Christ Church, Ardsley

In Memory of
Lavinia daughter of
Luke & Mary Stables
who died March 18 1858
aged 17 years
Also Annie daughter of the above
who died July 22nd 1870
aged 18 years
Also the above Luke Stables
who died March 5th 1875
aged 54 years

St Peter, Barnburgh

Alice Ann daughter of Joseph & Alice Stables of Harlington.
Died 1st December 1913 age 20.
Also Esther daughter of above & wife of Fred Wilkinson.
Died 5th April 1921 age 26

In memory of
Mary wife of Isaac Stables
of Barmbro
who died Augt 1st 1835
Aged 62 years

In affectionate remembrance of
Ann Eliza
daughter of
John & Mary Stables
died February 14th 1863 Aged 17 Years
Before this gentle rose bud bloomed
The Saviors call was given
This precious flower so loved on earth
Now brightly blloms in heaven
Also the above named John
who died at Doncaster
October 22nd 1869 Aged 49 Years
William Henry Foster their son
died January 19th 1871 Aged 23 Years
John Kitchingman their son
died October 16th 1881 Aged 30 Years

Barnburgh Roll of Honour 1914-1919
Stables FW
Stables W

In Honoured memory
of the men of this parish
who gave their lives in
the world war 1939-1945
J Hirst D Stables
J A Sewell L Walsh
And in gratitude for the safe return of those whose
lives were spared

memory of
Ann the wife of William Stables
of Barmbro
who departed this life Decr 1st 1833
Aged 65 Years
Afflictions sore long time I bore
Physicians were in vain
Death gave ease when God did please
And freed me from my pain

In affectionate remembrance of
Joseph Stables
who died June 12th 1854 Aged 46 Years
Also Margaret Ann the beloved daughter of the above
who died May 7th 1865 in the 18th year of her age
Her end was peace

St John, Cadeby

loving memory of
George Frederick
8th January 1901
16th December 1968
Also of his wife
8th February 1902
2nd May 1979

All Saints, Darfield

Memory of
The beloved daughter of
Oswald &
Annie M Stables of Snape Hill
Who died August 30th 1892 Aged 8 months
Also Ethel Amanda
Daughter of the above
Who died August 8th 1898
Aged 10 years.

St George, Doncaster

to the memory
of Thomas Stables
who departed this life
January 6 1830
Aged ...
Rest of stone worn & unreadable

All Saints, Frickley

In loving memory of
a dear
wife & mother
Gladys Stables
died Jan 21st 1974
Aged 73 years

St Wilfred, Hickleton

In loving memory
Margaret Ann
wife of James Stables
Born August 23rd 1837
Died November 1st 1889

In loving memory of
Ann Elizabeth
wife of Charles Richard Stables
Born 13th December 1866
Died 24th September 1930
Also in loving memory of
her husband
Charles Richard Stables
Born April 28th 1866
Died June 21st 1943

memory of Robert
son of Daniel and
Hannah Stables of
Hickleton he died
Novr 16th 1828 Aged 25
Remember man thou art but dust
The Scripture teel the plain
For soul and body perish must
Expect thourt born again

In remembrance
of those who enlisted from this place most of whom went
overseas to fight for their King & Country in the Great War 1914-18
George Stables
Make them to be numbered with Thy Saints
in Glory everlasting

All Saints, Hooton Pagnell

In memory of
John Stables
of Moorhouse
who died April 7th 1876
Aged 72 years
Also Eliza
wife of the above
who died February 18th 1878
Aged 67 years

In loving memory of
the beloved son of
Richard Bobbitt and
Ellen Catherine Stables
who died 24 November 1886
Aged 6 months

In loving memory
Mary Hannah Stables
of Hooton Pagnell
who died July 15th 1901
Aged 66 years
Also of James Stables
of the above place
who died March 22nd 1903
Aged 70 years

St Mary, Kirk Bramwith

In loving memory
the beloved husband of
Ellen Stables
died April 13th 1904
Aged 54 Years
Also Victor the son of the above named
killed in action May 18th 1917
Aged 20 Years
Thy will be done

loving memory
George Stables
and his wife

Loving memories
a devoted husband
and father
George Frederick Stables
died 13th Aug. 1975
Aged 58 Years
Rest after weariness

Your prayers are asked on behalf of the
following now serving their King & country
Stables W.   Y & L

St John the Baptist, Mexborough

To the Glory of God & in grateful
remembrance of the following men from this
parish who gave their lives in the
Great War 1914-1918
Stables P.

St Mary, Tickhill

In grateful memory of
The men of this Parish who in
the Great War gave
their lives for King & Country
Pte. M. Stables 9 Mar 1917

In loving memory of
Ida Stables
who died Jan 17th 1919
Aged 43 years
And her husband
Edward Stables
who died Dec 4th 1951
Aged 76 years
In loving memory of
a dearly loved
husband dad
and grandad
John Garner

Treasured memories of
a dear husband & father
Harry Stables
who died Aug 30th 1947
Aged 46 years
Ever in our thoughts
Also his beloved wife
Dorothy May
who died Aug 2nd 1979
Aged 76 years

Christ Church, Brampton Bierlow

In loving memory of
the beloved husband of Mary Stables
who died July 10th 1943
Aged 69 years
A tribute from workmates

In loving
memory of
a dear husband
and father
Donald William Stables
who died 15th April 1966
Aged 40 years

In loving memory of
Sarah Hunter
the beloved daughter of
James & Mary Stables
(late of Newhill)
who died February 3rd 1893
Aged 40 years
Why do we mourn departing friends
Or shake at deaths alarms
Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
To call them to His arms

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