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"The Notices of the Stables Family"

These were collected from a vast variety of sources, over a long period of time, by William Stables, of Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire. The original manuscript is believed to have been written between 1830 and 1856.

In 1931, the information was copied from the original manuscript by Thomas Branch Dunn of Halifax, Virginia, USA. The original manuscript having been sent to him by Mrs. A. A. Drover of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, the daughter of Jonathon Dunn and his wife, Charlott Stables, daughter of the author of The Notices of the Stables Family.

The transcript presented on this web-site was taken from a copy of The Notices of the Stables Family, together copies of some other related manuscripts referred to within it, that were generously provided for publication by William L. Stables Jnr of Harrisonburg, USA. These papers were delivered to him by his uncle Alfred Gray Stables in April 2004.

The Index to The Notices of the Stables Family

Index to the Notices contained in this volume

John Stable (1627)
Margaret Stable, his widow (1637)
William Stable, their son
Frances Stable, wife of William

James Stable, son of William
Grace Hardistie, wife of James Stables
(Died 1635-1637).
died ante 1637.
died post 1637.

born 1621, died Sept. 13th, 1693
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Page 5

Children of James and Grace Stable:

Frances Stable
Rebekah Stable
Grace Stable
William Stable
James Stable
Sarah Stable
Mary Stable
Hannah Stable
Anne Stable
John Stable
Elizabeth Stable
born 1646
born 1649
born 1652
born 1654
born 1655
born 1657
born 1659
born 1661
born 1662
born 1664, the progenitor of the family
Elizabeth born 1669
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Page 10

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Page 11
Page 11
Page 11
Page 11

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Elizabeth Dade, the wife of John Stable Page 15

Children of John and Elizabeth Stable:

James Stable
John Stable
Henry Stable (son of above John)
Grace Stable
Brian Proctor (son of above Ann)
William Stables
Elizabeth Stables (dau. of above Wm.)
John Stables (son of above Win.)
Hannah Stables, dau. of John S.
born 1696
born 1697
born 1727
born 1701
born 1705
born 1707
born 1752
born 1755
born 1799
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Page 19
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Page 27
Page 28
Page 33
Page 42
Page 44
Page 49
Mary Bentley, wife of William S. born 1707 Page 33
Children of William and Mary Stables:
William Stables
Mary Stables
born 1757
born 1759
Page 57
Page 52
JOHN DUNN (my great-grandfather)
JOHN DUNN (my grandfather)
Ann Pettinger, first wife of John Dunn Jr.
Ann Dunn, dau. of above (my excellent mother)

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Page 79

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Page 91
Matthew Skilbeck
Matthias Skilbeck
Mary Skilbeck (dau. of Matthias)
John Skilbeck (son of Matthias)
Robert Skilbeck (son of Matthias)
Jane Skilbeck (dau. of Matthias)
Richard Skilbeck (son of Matthias)
Sarah Midgley, wife of Richard Skilbeck

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