The Definitive History of the Surname STABLES in Yorkshire

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"The Notices of the Stables Family"
Supplementary Material Added by T. B. Dunn


The account of the Dunns in the "Notices of the Stables Family starts with
John Dunn, I, {1707-1799). About 1860 a water color chart of the Dunn and
related families was prepared by George Dunn (1835-1899), of England and
Nottoway, Virginia. This chart showed that the father of John Dunn, I, was
George Dunn, s sailor captain. In 1897 George Dunn (1835-1899) sent his
sister, Mrs. Rebecca foster, of Selby, Yorks., England, a copy of this water
color chart, who showed it to her son(which son I have not yet learned), who
married the line one generation further back, stating that the father of George
Dunn, the sailor captain, was also named George Dunn, and furnished dates
that were lacking for the birth and death of George, the sea captain, the
names of the wives of the sea captain and his father, and the date of birth of
the father. I have not yet learned the source from which Mrs, Foster's son
obtained this information, but it was doubtless from a church register, which
alone could have been likely to furnish the dates. However, there is certainly
an error here, for George Dunn could not have been born 1699 and been the
father of George the sea Captain, who is stated to have been born 1679, which
latter date is probably correct.
In acknowledging receipt for the family chart, Mrs. Foster wrote her
brother as follows:
I was showing my sons your chart, which Mrs. Dunn has lent me, and they
were perfectly charmed with its neatness and skill, only wishing that they had
time to copy it, but their lives are very full, almost too full for health and
their own culture, but until times mend, they must toil on. As Will was looking
to see how far back you had traced us, he noticed a mistake, which I want you to
compare with your chart, as I am anxious to complete family records as far as I
can while my strength gives me the chance, so I have asked you several
questions on a sheet of paper for your inspection. Your question about books
are receiving my consideration etc. etc. etc. ********Sister.
The "sheet of paper" reads as follows:
Have you any information about the tale of Uncle George's, of
Marshland, about our ancestors hailing from Holland? How did you get your
dates? If they were got at the parish register, he was probably mistaken, as
William of Orange came over in 1689, when George Dunn, No. 2 was only 10
years old, so his register and his father's could not have been in this country,
and it is unlikely that he came at that early age, for any army would not want
children with them. Certainly we have not round Dutch faces, only we have
Dutch fingers, short and stumpy, Our Doctor is Scotch and he says that Dunn
is quite a Scotch name. Our high cheek bones and long faces favour the
Scotch more than the Dutch. Give me your views. Indeed, I should be so glad
of any information about our ancestors, and about your making this chart. I
believe you searched some church yards, do you remember which? And did
you search any registers, and which? Do you remember anything you gained at
the Herald's Office, when you were searching for our crest. Did they not say there
were four families of Dunne, and do you remember how you decided to which we
belonged? Did you bring away any particulars about these four families? Do you
think we are related to the Dunns of Howden? Excuse great haste, as I want
you to have Cunard paper by midweek mail.

DUNN FAMILY, continued.

From the foregoing, it appears that it was not Will Foster that
furnished. the additional date, but it was he who discovered an error in the
chart submitted to him by George Dunn (1835-1899).
For sake of preservation I copy the slip of paper as sent by Mrs.
Foster, including the impossible birth date of the first George Dunn:
GORGE DUNN, born 1699 (doubtless an error), married Ann
and had issue: George Dunn, the Sea Captain. It is with him that the writer of
these lines starts, the account of the Dunns, and believes it to be thoroughly

00). GEORGE DUNN, the Sea Captain. The water color charts of the Dunn family in
the possession of the writer (T. B. Dunn, 1931), show no dates of birth nor death
nor marriage of this George Dunn. However, the last date on these water color
charts is about 1860, so it is very likely that about 1897 George Dunn (1835-
18999) started further research and obtained the dates submitted to his
relatives on the water color of 1897. For that reason I believe that the date of
birth and death of the sea captain is correct. According to the slip of paper sent
to George Dunn (1835-1899) by his sister and containing information in his
possession, then, George Dunn, the sea captain was born in 1679 and died in
1747, married Elizabeth Thurgoss, and had issues John and Jonathan Dunn (101
01). JOHN DUNN, of Swinefleet, in Yorkshire, England, a village on the south bank of
the Ouse River, in the region called Marshlands. For an account of him, see
"Notices of the Stalbes Family," Born 1707, died Nov. 2, 1799, aged 92. Married
(wife's name unknown) and had issue: (103) Mary, (104) John, (105) Jonathan,
(106) Catherine, (107) George, and (108) Sarah.
102). Jonathan Dunn, died 1791, a farmer, married (wife's name unknown) and had
issue: Mary Dunn who married a Mr. Hardy, a tradesman, and Ann Dunn,
married Samuel Laverack, son of Theophilus Laverack who married Mary Dun
(No 103), and also brother of Mary Laverack who married Hanks, and had issue
James Hanks, also brother of John laverack who married Margerate Dealtry,
the archdeacon's daughter. All these Laveracks were farmers, including
Theophilus, the father of the others.
103). Mary Dunn, married Theophilus Laverack. For an account of him see "Notices
of the Stables Family". Theophilus and Mary (Dunn) Laverack had issue:
a. Samuel Laverack, an extensive farmer, married his first cousin, Ann
Dunn, daughter of Jonathan Dunn (No. 102), She was his first wife,
and he married, secondly, a Miss Smith. The Dunn chart indicates that
there was issue by both marriages, but no account of the descendants is
b. Mary Laverack, married Hanks, a farmer
c. John Laverack, married Margerate Dealtry, "the archdeacon's
daugher. "
d. Elizabeth Laverack, married Knight.
104). JOHN DUNN, born Sept. 26, 1739 (Old Style-under the Julian Calendar) and
died Aug. 19, 1811 (Certainly New Style-under the Gregorian Calendar, aged 71.
For an account of him, see "Notices of the Stables Family." He married twice,
first on Oct. 8, 1765 to Ann Pettinger,
(born Nov. 23, 1744 New Style, died Jan 29, 1767), of Belton, near
Epworth in Lincolnshire (for an account of her family, see "Notices of the
Stables Family,") John Dunn married, secondly, on Nov. 15, 1780, Ann
Cordukes (born April

DUNN FAMILY, continued.

25, 1758, died March 30, 1829 (converted latter end of year 1744)
(daughter of Jonathan Cordukes, a farmer, died Feb. 28, 1792, and his
wife Elizabeth Black, died Dec. 19, 1789). For an account of the two
wives of John Dunn see "Notices of the Stables Family."
John Dunn and his first wife Ann Pettinger had issue:
105). Ann Dunn, born about 6 A.M. Nov. 2, 1766, baptised Nov. 30. Died
March 7, 1827. Married Aug. 30, 1789 to William Stables (born April
10, 1757, died June 21, 1842), Ann Dunn was the mother of the author
of "Notices of the Stables Family." William and Ann (Dunn) Stables
had issues (106)Mary, (107) Ann, (108) Elizabeth, (109) William,
(110) Ann, the second, (111) John, (112) Hannah, (113) Samuel, (114)
Penelope, (115) Christiana, and (116) Jane. For an account of them see
"Notices of the Stables Family," written by William, number (109).
John Dunn and his second wife, Ann Cordukes had issue:
117). Hannah Cordukes Dunn, born Sept. 7, 1781, Died about 1817 or 1818. Married
about 1808 or 1809 to Spence (born 1800)of Stillingfleet, and had issue,
according to the "Notices", about three children, who died without
issue. For a fuller account, see "Notices of the Stables Family."
118). John Dunn, born June 8th, 1784 at half past nine, P.M., died June 12th, 1859,
Married Mary, daughter of Thomas Coward or Cawood, and had issues
John Rymer Dunn, Born June 19, 1828.
Eliza Jane Dunn, born June 9,
Thomas Coward Dunn, born Apr.
30, 1834, died Jan. 28, 1859.
Mary Ann Dunn, born June 16,
Edward Cordukes Dunn,
Of the above, John Rymer Dunn married Belina Cobb, and had at
least one child, John Edward Dunn, born Sept. 24, 1856. The
writer of these lines (T. B. Dunn, Halifax, Va., 1931) has
no further record or knowledge of any of the descendants of
John Dunn, born 1784. For a fuller account of him, see "Notices of the
Stables Family."
119). JONATHAN DUNN, born Sunday morning, Sept.3, 1786. baptized September
10th, and died March 23, 1854, aged 67j years. Lived at"Kelfield lodge."
Married Nov. 20, 1832 to Hannah Cook, of Lilling, daughter of
George Cook and his wife Sarah Dresser. For an account of their
ancestry, see Dresser and Cook charts. His granddaughter, Mrs. A. A. Drover
writes me of him as follows:
"Before giving a list of my own family, let me say a few words
about my grandfather Dunn. your great-grandfather. He was a fine, tall
man, said to have been head and shoulders above any man at Selby market. No
ordinary chair was big enough for him to sit in comfort, so he had one made for
every room he frequented. They were still in the house when I left
home, but I do not know what has become of them since my brother's effects
were dispersed." For a further account of him "Notices of the Stables Family."
Jonathan and Hannah (Cook) Dunn had issue:(120) Jonathan, (121)
George, (122) Ann Elizabeth, and (123) Rebecca.
124). Mary Dunn, born Sept. 4, 1788, died Feb. 22, 1846.
125). Ann Elizabeth Dunn, born Nov. 6, 1790, died Sept. 28, 1826. Married twice (in
which order I do not know) to two men of the same name, both her first
cousins. Jonathan Cordukes, number 47, son of Richard Cordukes, No. (35) and
his wife _____ Stubbs, and her other husband likewise named Jonathan
Cordukes, No. 38

DUNN FAMILY, continued.
son of William Cordukes, No. (31) and his wife Ann Pinder.
Ann Elizabeth Dunn and her husband Jonathan Cordukes, number (47),
son of Richard Cordukes, no. (35) had issues
a, Samuel Cordukes.
b. Joseph Cordukes, married Anne Stables, Number (24), who was
born Dec. 17, 1830, the daughter of William Stables, Number 109
in this pedigree and husband of No. (19) in the account of
the Skilbeck family. Joseph and Anne (Stables) Cordukes had
issues Lucy, Henry, Ann Elizabeth and Clara Cordukes. For a
more complete account of these, see under Number (24) in the
account of the Skilbeck Family.
c. Ann Elizabeth Cordukes.
126). George Dunn, born Jan. 17, 1794, baptized Jan. 20th, and died Jan. 7th,
1861 in Birmingham, England. Lived for a time at Reedness Pasture,
near Swinefleet, in the Marshlands. For a fuller account of him, see
"Notices of the Stables Family." Beyond the account given below, I
know very little of his children, only that his widow and one daughter
were living at a late date, in Leeds, dependent for a living upon the
children of Jonathan Dunn (No. 119). All trace of their descendants,
if any, has long been lost by the branch of the family to which the
writer belongs.
George Dunn married Margerate Wells, and had issue:
a. Ann Jane Dunn, born 1840, or thereabouts. A letter in my
possession, written by my great-grandfather, Jonathan Dunn
(No. 119) to his wife, recounts the story of her christening
and his visit to his brother on the occasion. George Dunn
was then living near Reedness and Swinefleet.
b. Elizabeth Mary Dunn,
c. Emma Eqebank Dunn.
d. Lucy Grace Dunn.
e. Feorge Wells Dunn.
f. Margerate Louisa Dunn.
127), Catherine Dunn. born Aug. 30, 1799, baptized Sept. 29th, and
died Feb. 16, 1800,
128), Samuel Dunn, born Dec. 22, 1803, died March 11, 1804.

To prevent confusion, it is here repeated, the children of John Dunn
(1739-1811) and his second wife, Ann Cordukes, viz:
118). John Dunn, born June 8, 1784, died June 12, 1859,
119), JONATHAN DUNN, born Sep. 3, 1786, died March 23. 1854.
125). Ann Elizabeth Dunn, born Nov. 6, 1790, died Sept. 28,
1826. 124). Mary Dunn, born Sept. 4, 1788, died Feb. 22, 1846.
126). George Dunn, born Jan 17, 1794, died Jan. 7, 1861.
127). Catherine Dunn, born Aug. 30, 1799, died Feb. 16, 1800.
128). Samuel Dunn, born Dec. 22, 1803, died March 11, 1804

Here ends the list of his children. I new return to an account
of the other brothers and sisters of John Dunn (1739-1811)

DUNN FAMILY, continued.
129), Jonathan Dunn, a farmer, of "Barlby Hall." For an account of him see "Notices
of the Stables Family." Married
130). Catherine Dunn. It develops, since writing the account of Mary Dunn (No, 103),
that the watercolor chart of George Dunn (1835-1899) does not agree with the
account in the "Notices of the Stables family" regarding the daughters of John
Dunn (1707-1799). William Stables in his manuscript makes no mention of Mary
Dunn, and states that Catherine married Theophilus Laverack, George Dunn's
family tree states that Mary married Theophilus Laverack, and Catherine
married a Dr. Kershaw, "maker of the celebrated Kershaw Balsam." Now knowing
which is correct, I incline to believe that my grandfather Dunn's account is
correct, though Mr. Stables was the older of the two that attempted to record
the history of the family.
131), George Dunn, a surgeon of Thorne. The "Notices of the Stables Family makes a
brief mention of him, and there is copied herewith two letters written by him
from Edinburgh, where it is possible that he was at the time (1767) studying
132. Sarah Dunn, of Swinefleet: married to Samuel Middlebrook, who was
"weakheaded and a notable liar," according to the "Notices" Samuel
Middlebrook and Sarah his wife had issue:
a. Mary Middlebrook, married Leetham, captain of a trading
b. Catherine Middlebrook, married Colt,
c. Sarah Middlebrook, married _____ Woodhead.

To prevent confusion, I hereby repeat the list of the children of John
Dunn, (1707-1799). Recurrence of names suggests that John's wife was
named Sarah or Catherine.
(103) Mary Dunn. Not mentioned in the Stables account, but the
Dunn chart shows that she married Theophilus Laverack, and
had issue.
(104) John Dunn (1739-1799) married Ann Pettinger, and 2ndly,
Ann Cordukes, and had issue by both,
(129) Jonathan Dunn, married, wife's name unstated.
(130) Catherine Dunn. See the account of her above.
(131) George Dunn. " " " " " "
(132) Sarah Dunn. " " " " "
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Here follows the list of the children and descendants of Jonathan Dunn, No.
(119) (born Sept. 3, 1786, died March 23, 1854) Married Hannah Cook (born Dec.
26, 1799, died April. 9, 1868, buried at Stillingfleet Church with her husband
and husband's parents). Jonathan Dunn and Hannah Cook were married Nov,
20, 1832 and had issues (120) Jonathan, (121) George, (122) Ann Elizabeth,
and (123) Rebecca.
120). Jonathan Dunn, born Saturday, 7 A.M. Aug. 31, 1833, baptized Sept, 23, and died
April 4, 1891 and buried at Stillingfleet Church. Married June 12th, 1861
Charlotte Stables, (No. 30). See (No. 30) in the account of the Skilbeck Family for an
account of her descendants. Jonathan Dunn lived at Stillingfleet Farm after his
marriage, and shortly before his death had moved back to his father's home and
his own birth-place, "Kelfield Lodge", where his family continued to live until its

DUNN FAMILY, continued.
121. George Dunn, born Nov. 17, 1835, at "Kelfield Lodge" where lived he,
until his brother's marriage, or thereabouts. Later lived at Sand Mills,
until his marriage, after which he lived at the "Red House", Barlby,
Yorks. Married Oct. 4, 1864 to Mayr Jane Franks, (born Aug.30, 1847, still
alive March 15, 1931), who was born at Snaith and at the time of her
marriage was living with her parents at "Bursea Londge", Holme-upon-
Spalding Moor, and was married in the church at that place.
The father of Mary Jane Franks was George Franks, born Oct. 16,
1825, died at East Ardsley (and there buried), near Wakefield Feb. 12,
1902. George Franks married Nov. 24, 1846 Elizabeth Fenton, (born Oct.
15, 1825, died May 24th, 1906). George Franks was the son of John
Franks of Carlton, Yorks, and Mary Pearce, his wife. Elizabeth Fenton
was also born in Carlton, the daughter of William Fenton (died Mar. 12, 1828,
age 33) of Langrick, and his wife Jane Sykes (died Feb. 1, 1863).
George Dunn and Mary Jane Franks were married Oct. 4, 1864 in the
church at Holme-upon-Spalding Moor, Yorks, England, and after living at the
farm at Sand Hill for a while, moved to Barlby, Yorks., where they lived
until Dec. 1872 when they emigrated to Virginia and bought the "Blandon"
plantation at Nottoway, Virginia, where the family lived until dispersed
and the place was sold about 1912.
George and Mary Jane (Franks) Dunn had issue:
124). An infant born and died in 1865.
125). Martha Ann Dunn, born 1866, married
at Nottoway Va to Laban Gregorn Kelly. Lived at Roanoke and
Crewe, Va. and moved to Washington, D. C. about 1908, where they now
live at 431 Rittenhouse St,, N.W. Issues
126). Mabel
Dunn Kelly, born married to George Adlung.
Address 5518 13th St, N.W. Washington D. C. Issue:
a. born, died
127). John
Gregory Kelly, born ,, married 1st
, 2nd
128). Jeanette Kelly, married to Elmer Volland, issue:
129). Elizabeth Kelly. married to Leroy Owen, issue
130). Daniel Dunn, born Dec. 12, 1867, married Dec. 2, 1896 to
Cornelia Campbell Jones, daughter of Thomas Williamson Jones, of
Brunswick County, Va., and his wife Mary Elizabeth Branch, of Dinwiddie. For a
rather complete account of their ancestry, see papers in the possession of the
writer of these lines. Daniel Dunn and his wife Cornelia Campbell Jones had
131). Herbert Foster Dunn, born Nov. 13, 1897, married 1923 to
Adele Dejarnette, daughter of Thomas DeJarnette of Halifax
County, Va. and his wife Jennings.
132). Thomas Branch Dunn, born Feb. 5, 1900. Unmarried. It is he
who writes these lines, and copied the "Notices of the Stables
133). Mary Elizabeth Dunn.

DUNN FAMILY, continued.
122). Ann Elizabeth Dunn, torn July 1, 1837, died unmarried July 29, 1896.
She was the daughter of Jonathan Dunn, {1786-1854)
123). Rebecca Dunn, born Oct. 4, 1839, died Oct. 6, 1898. She was the daughter
of Jonathan Dunn (1786-1854). Married to John Foster, of Selby,
Yorks. England, an enterprising merchant and manufacturer of that town,
said to have been at one time the largest employer of labor there, John
and Rebecca {Dunn) Foster had issues
163). Robert John Foster, present address, The Haven, Albany
Road. St. Leonard's on the Sea, England. Married
and had issues
164). Douglas Foster, wounded and missing at the Gallipoli
Campaign in the world war of 1914-1918.
165). Cecil Foster, served at Gallipoli and in France, where he
was killed, holding rank of Captain.
166), Daisy Foster, living (1931) with parents.
167), Derrick Foster, in 1928 a pilot with the Royal Air Force. 168).
Kenneth Foster
169).William Dunn Foster, married Address, Wood
field, Brighouse, Yorks., England. Issue'
170). Frank Geden Foster, born about 1892, married
Present address (1931), 15 Thornhill Ave., Doneaster
Yorks., England. Issue:
171). John Foster, born
172). Ruth Foster, born
173). Dudley Foster, born
174). Dorothy Foster, married Lawrence J. Lambe,
Address, 46 Holly Hill, Hampstead, London, N.W. Issue
177). Violet Foster, died age 17.
178). Margaret Joyce Foster
179). Lesley Foster, living at Leeds.
180). Malcomb Foster, lives with parents.
181). Jeannete Foster, born married, 1st, Frank Stray, secondly, Mr.
Irwin. Lives near Newcastle on Tyne. Issue by first marriages
183). Arthur Moss Foster, of a roving disposition,. went to the
Klondike, fought in the Mattabele wars, and finally died in
Alaska during the Klondike gold rush. Never married. His
first adventure was to South Africa, on an exploring

DUNN FAMILY, continued.
134). George Franks Dunn, born Jan. 8, 1905, married to Agnes
Teel, and now living at 501 Parke St., Charlottesville, Va.
a, Agnes Teel Dunn, born Oct. 1930
135). Mildred Campbell Dunn, born Oct, 27, 1907.
136). Edwin Burwell Dunn, born April 1918
Daniel Dunn and wife and all unmarried children live at
Halifax, Va. His son Herbert lives at South Boston, Va.
137). Helena Dunn, born Jan. 14, 1869, died unmarried about 1926.
138). Cyrus Dunn, born Feb. 1870, died Married to
Mary Miller
and lived at McKenney, Va. Issue:
139). Carrol Dunn, born about 1899, married twice. No issue.
140). Hazel Dunn, born about 1903-4, married to a Mr. Schmidt. Issue: a.
141). Francis Luis Dunn, born Married to Adelaide
Hardaway, Their address, Nottoway, Va. Issue:
142), Francis Hardaway Dunn, born
143). Virginia May Dunn, born
144). Beatrice Dunn.
145). Randolph Dunn
146). Annie Dunn, born married her half fourth
cousin, Frederick Stables, son of Alfred Stables (No. 27) (See chart of
the Skilbeck family) and his wife Jane Linton. Alfred Stables (No. 27)
was son of William Stables, author of "Notices of the Stables Family,"
and his wife Martha Skilbeck. Frederick Stables and his wife Annie Dunn had
147). Raymond Stables, born married
and had issue:
148). Evelyn Stables, born
149), Ernest Stables, born
150). Kenneth Stables, born married
Martha Hardaway. For a rather complete account of the
ancestry of the father of Martha Hardaway, see papers in the
possession of the writer of these lines. Martha is my fourteenth
cousin through the Branch family, and about double eighth
cousin through the Epes and Campbell families of Nottoway
151). Rachel Dunn, born/ married Robert Creckard, and had
152). Robert Crickard, born
153. Georgiana Dunn, born married Lieut. Cal. George
Alexander Hanvey, of the U. S. Army.
154), Wilford Hall Dunn, born married Emily Breewood, and had
155). Dorothy Dunn, born married March 4, 1931
156). Elsie Dunn, born
157). Frances Dunn, born
158), Frank Dunn, born/ married Rosa Lee Bilson, and had
159). Lucille Dunn, born
160). Robert Dunn
161). Wilbur Dunn
162). Jane Dunn

(The following is copied from an old black-letter Bible, printed in the year 1585. The
writer of these lines has newer seen in, bat had copied this from a copy made by
Mrs. John Foster, nee Rebecca Dunn (1839-1899, who copied the records in his

John Dunn, his book, 1765.
John Dunn was born in the year 1739 on Sepr. 26th O.S. Ann
Pettinger was born Novr. 23rd, N.S. in the year 1744. John and Ann
were married October 8th, 1765, N.S. Ann Dunn the daughter of
John Dunn and Ann Dunn was born
Novemr. 2nd about 6 in the morning in 1766, N.S. and baptized the
30th of the same month. Died March 7th, 1827.
An Dunn, the elder died Jany 29th, 17670 N.S.
John Dunn and Ann Cordukes was married Novemb. 15th 1780.
Hannah Cordukes Dunn was born September 7th about 2 in the
afternoon in the year 1781 and baptized the same day.
John, the son of John and Ann Dunn was born June 8th, 1784 at
half past 9 (Geo.Dunns copy says seven) in the evening and baptized 28th
(Geo.Dunn's copy says 20th) of the same month.
Jonathan Dunn the son of John and Ann Dunn was born Sept. 3rd 1786
and baptized 10th of same month. Died March 23, 1854 about 5P.M.
Mary the daughter of John and Ann Dunn was born Septr. 4th 1788
and baptized the 21st of the same month. Died Feb. 27, 1846.
Ann Elizabeth the daughter of John and Ann Dunn was born Nov.
6, 1790 and was baptized Movr. 7th in the same month. Died Septr 28th,
George Dunn, the son of John and Ann Dunn was born January
the 19th (George Dunn's copy says 17th) and baptized the 20th of the same
month in the year 1794.
Samuel the son of John and Ann Dunn was born Dec. 22nd 1803 &
baptized the next day. He died March 11th following.
John Dunn the elder died Nov. 2nd, 1799 aged 92 years.
John Dunn the younger died Augt. 19th 1811 aged 71 years.
Catherine the daughter of John and Ann Dunn was born Aug. 30 1799
and baptized 20th (Geo. Dunn's copy says 29th) of Sept following.
Catherine died Feb 16th, 1800 (George Dunn's account says
Sept 16th, 1800).
Ann Elizabeth the daughter of John and Ann Dunn was born Nov. 6th 1790
and baptized Nov. 7th same month, died Sept. 28th, 1826.
Jonathan Dunn and Hannah Cook were married at Sherrif-Hutton
Church by Mr. Lumbley November 20th, 1832.
Jonathan Dunn the son of Jonathan & Hannah Dunn was born about 7
o'clock on Saturday morning August 31st 1833, and was baptized September
23rd, 1833, and registered at Silllingfleet Church.
George Dunn the son of Jonathan and Hannah Dunn was born at 7
o'clock on Tuesday night, November 17th and baptized December 7th
1835, registered at Stillingfleet Church.
Ann Elizabeth the daughter of Jonathan and Hannah Dunn was born
1/2 past 7 o'clock on Saturday night July 1st and baptized July 13th
1837, also at Stillingfleet Church, registered at Ricall at the new
Rebecca the daughter of Jonathan and Hannah Dunn was born on Friday
the 4th of October 1839 twenty minutes before 3 o'clock in the afternoon,
registered at the office at Ricall and baptized on the 10th of October and
registered at the Weslayan Methodist register office in London.
(George Damn's copy reads, "Copied out of the old Family Bible
(ver October 18th, 1850.)

(from an old copy in the possession of F. L. Dunn, Nottoway, Va.)

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me, John Dunn, of Kelfield
Lodge in the County of York, Gentleman, made the twenty third day of
June in the year of our Lard One Thousand Eight hundred and ten in
manner following, that is to say, I give and devise all my messuages,
closes, lands, tenements, and hereditaments situate at Swinefleet in
the said County of York, and all other my real estate whatsoever and
wheresoever unto and I give and bequeath unto my dear wife Ann Dunn
and her assigns during her life an annuity or learly sum of forty five
pounds free from taxes and clear of all other deductions whatsoever to
be paid to her by four quarterly payments in the year the first payment
thereof to begin and be made at the end of three calendar months next
after my decease. I give and bequeath to my sons Jonathan and George
the sum of four hundred and eighty pounds apiece and to my daughters
Hannah Cordukes, Mary and Ann Elizabeth the sum of two hundred and
eighty pounds apiece and I direct that the legacies hereby given to
my said son Jonathan and my said daughters Hannah Cordukes and Mary
Dunn shall be paid to them respectively at the end of twelve months next
after my decease but without any interest in the mean time for the same and
the legacies hereby given to my said son George and my said daughter
Ann Elizabeth shall be paid to them respectively on their attaining the age of
twenty one years with lawful interest from my decease in the mean time for the
same and in case either or both of them my said son George and my daughter
Ann Elizabeth shall die under the age of twenty one years without having
left any child or children him or her surviving, then and in that
case and from thenceforth the legacy of such of them so dying shall
go to and be equally divided between and amongst such of my children
as shall be then living, except my daughter Ann, the wife of William
Stables, of Linnington, farmer, and I direct that the interest and annual
proceeds of the said legacies hereinbefore given to my son George and
my said daughter Ann Elizabeth shall during their minorities be paid to my
wife to be by her applied for and towards their maintenance, education,
and benefit until they shall respectively attain the age of twenty one
years, I give and bequeath to my said daughter Ann Stables the sum of
fifty pounds to be paid her at the end of six months next after my decease but
without any interest in the mean time for the same, I give and bequeath
to my said wife two beds bedding and all such other articles of househould
and kitchen furniture as are necessary to furnish a house for her
residence. I give and bequeath all my ready money, securities for
money, goods chattles, personal estate and effects whatsoever and
wheresoever not hereinbefore specifically disposed of (subjects
nevertheless to the payment of my funeral and testamentary expences
all the just debts which I shall owe at the time of my decease and the
annuity and several legacies hereinbefore given unto my said son John Dunn for
his absolute use and benefit. And I appoint him my said son John Dunn sole
executor of this my will hereby revoking all former wills. In witness whereof I,
the said John Dunn, the testator have hereunto set my hand and sealed the
day and year first herein written.
Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the said testator John
Dunn as and for his last will and Testament in the presence of us who
at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have
hereunto subscribed our names as witnessed to the same.

"A copy of two letters written by George Dunn, the Doctor, my grand-
father's Brother, in 1767. This copy written hums, George, Dunn, age 19,
of Kelfield Lodge, January 25th, 1855." (Recopied March 13, 1931 by T.
Branch Dunn, grandson of George Dunn, of "Kelfield Lodge.") It-
is possible that George Dunn was in 1767 studying medicine at Edinburgh, a
noted center of medical education)

Edin'r, Deer. 2nd, 1767.
Dear Brother,
If it is of God's goodness to us that he gives us to see our
own weakness, and inability to help ourselves, that we may thereby be more
diligent in applying to the throne of Grace to make our calling and
election sure; as I find by daily experience, and I am persuaded that the
falling away of our bretheren will be a means, if rightly improv'd of
bringing us nearer to our blessed Saviour, who is our strength and only
helper in the time of need, for this has generally been the case in all the
ages of Christianity. Besides the precious promises which are everywhere
interspers'd thro the whole Book of God, for the comfort of those who
rightly believe in the Son of God and which one wou'd think would constrain
every such persons to abide in the Faith wherein they were call'd, there
are also such dreadful denunciations against those who do forsake the Lord
their Redeemer (which for brevity sake I have only given reference to at
the bottom of the page) as one would imagine it were impossible for anyone
who knows and seriously considers what God has done for them, and the
severe threatenings denounc'd against such persons, then deliberately to
turn aside from the Lord who bought them with his precious blood. May God
enable you and me and all who truly believe in him to stand fast in the
liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, that we may not be entangled
again in the yoke of bondage, but being strengthen'd by his grace neither
tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, or sword,
neither life, death, angels, principalities, powers, things present, or
things to come, height, depth, nor any other creature, may separate us from
the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord, which is the desire and
fervent prayer of your loving brother,
George Dunn.
To John Dunn, Jr.

I spoke to above half a dozen booksellers in town some time since, that
if they got such a sort of Canir's Bible as you wanted to acquaint me
with it, but they have not as yet got one, and there is no other sort at
present than that which I mentioned to you in one of my former letters,
they are very scarce, and they scarcely know what price to ask for them,
these are the common size, small print and 6s. price. If you chuse to have
one of them may acquaint me in your next, and I will send it by the first

St. Luke's Gospel 8th ch. 8th and 9th vs. St. Mark's Gospel 8th ch.,
38vs, The Epistle to the Hebrews, 6th eh from 4th to 8th vs. and 10 ch
from the 26th vs. The 2nd Epistle of Peter 2nd ch. and from 20th v,
These I have chosen from amongst many others, which are contained both
in the Old and New Testament, but these and these alone I think
(The above copied from my grandfather's copy now in possession of my
Uncle, F. Louis Dunn, Nottoway, Va., March 13, 1931.)

("Acopy of two letters written by George Dunn, the Doctor, my grand-
father's Brother, in 1767. This copy written by me, George Dunn, age
19 of Kelfield Lodge, January 25th, 1855." Recopied by George Dunn's
grandson, T. B. Dunn, Halifax, Va., March 13, 1931.)

Edin'r, Decr. 2nd, 1767.

Dear Sister,
I receiv'd yours with pleasure, and return you thanks for
obliging me with it, but doubly so for the advice and instruction which
is contained therein, and being convinc'd of the propriety and
necessity of it, by the help of God, I do purpose to follow it thro'
the whole course of my life. My dear Sister, I would not have you to
think that the followers of Jesus can any where be well spoken of by the
world, their lives and conversation being so much different, are, as it
were, a tacit reproaching the bulk of mankind for their
mispent lives, which they not being able to bear, endeavor by
speaking all manner of evil against us, to make others believe that we
are as bad as themselves. I can't see from what other cause this is
produced, seeing it is so generally follow's in all parts. Our Blessed
Saviour knew that this wou'd happen, and therefore warns his followers
again and again of it, telling them that if they had persecuted him
and call'd the Master of the House Beelzebub, how much
more should they persecute and call them of the household. To the same
purpose speaks St. Paul, when he says all that will live godly
in Christ Jesus must suffer persecution. Our Saviour also comforts his
diciples that they may be able to bear up under it, and bids them
to fear not them that kill the Body, and are not able to kill the soul,
but rather to fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and
body in hell, nay he bids them rejoice and be exceedingly glad when they are
reviled for his sake, for great will be their reward in Heaven. We,
knowing of these things, let us take to ourselves the whole armour of
God, that we may be able to stand in the evil day, continue on our guard,
firm, ready, and all compleat, and endure unto the end, that we may at
the last meet Death with our lamps trimmed, and our lights burning,
rejoice at the Bridegroom's appearance, welcome his approach, and stand
with joy before the face of the Son of Man, for over and ever, Amen.
Pray give my love to all your Family, and am, dr. Sister, your
loving Brother,
George Dunn.

To sister Mary.

(A letter written by Ann Elizabeth Dunn (Born Nov. 6, 1790), when
she was but 20 years of age, to her sister Mary Dunn (1788-1848).

May 5th, 1810,
I know not what the Lord is about to do with me or what he has for me
to do, but this I know, that in some measure I love God and praise his
name and desires are strong heavenward, although my clay tenement is
weak and often tottering (like an old prop'd house it will some day or
other fall), yet rejoice with me that I have particularly been led
lately to offer up my prayers to this effect, "0 God, make me holy, make
me pure, make me perfect, use what means thou seest, but only give me
strength to bear it, make my heart a devoted temple, and take up
therein thy constant abide and I will praise thee while I live and to
all eternity. Oh Mary, I too often feel my heart is like a den of
thieves, the smiles and frowns of the world without, the beguileing of
my soul's adversary and above all my own evil heart within all combin'd
would fain steal from me my joy, my peace, my happiness, my heaven, my
God. Thanks be to him that yet has the victory. Oh may
he ever reign, and soon, very soon, without a rival. Forgive me dwelling so much
on this subject but if I did not write something of what so much
engages my thoughts, I should droll out a letter which would be painful
beoth to write and read (but I know you will forgive me). My health is not
yet very perfect (perhaps will not in this world), There is some talk of
me going to Scarbro soon, should like to know if your father or any of you
are going. It has long been my prayer that God would prepare me for life or
death and if I live it might be to his Glory. I'm not anxious about either
life or death for he is too wise to err, and too good to be unkind. I
ought to be particularly thankfull for afflictions, for under these
dispensations the lord has taught me some precious lessons, and when I
think upon it, it has been the greatest means of bringing me nearer to my
God, Glory be unto him, he does not willingly afflict the children of men.
Oh, that he may work in me all his right-
eous will. For four days past I've enjoyed much of the sweets of religion. The
Tempter would fain have me think after so bright a sunshine there will be
a cloud. How we ought to watch when our enemys are so very subtle. May God
give you the spirit of watchfullness and arm you with his whole panoply.
Accept my love. Adieu
A. E. Dunn.
I should like you to see a little book if you have not seen it called
"The Divine Breathings of a Pious Soul". There are some excellent pieces in it,
at lease they have been useful to me.

Do you get more humility, do you get more Lave, do you get more
willingness to be anything or nothing, to be a doorkeeper in His house?
Are you willing on all occasions to be counted a fool for Christ's sake?
Can you bear to be spoken all manner of evil of falsely for Christ's
sake? Have you all the Grace that you need in a dying hour? Oh, my friend,
these are heart-searching questions, they are questions that I often ask
myself, and as often feel I must come poor and needy, weak and
helpless, to the friend of sinners, the all atoning Lamb, (with the Poet I may say)
and bless the sound of Jesus' name. I admire St. Paul when he says in the last
chapter to the Phillippians, " I can do all things through Christ which
strengtheneth me." In another place he says, "I count all things but loss for the
excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered
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