Stephen Stable of Huby (b. before 1513, d. 1592)

Stephen Stable was a wheelwright, living in Huby, in the parish of Harewood, during the latter part of the 16th century. His wife was called Jennet Mynning and was born in 1515, which indicates that Stephen is likely to have been born earlier than this date.

It is possible that Stephen was the father of William Stable of Hederick but there is nothing in his will to provide any evidence of this. He was probably in his 70s or 80s at the time of his death and, though no children are mentioned in his will, it is possible that they may have received their portions earlier in his life.

He wrote his will in 1591, leaving amongst his bequests 'as much wood as will make a paire of Wheles' to his man-servant, Christopher Huddleston.

His wife, Jennet, died in 1616, at the incredible age of 101 leaving all her worldly goods to her nephew and niece, Richard and Dorothy Mynning, the children of her brother.

The Will of Stephenne Stabell of Hewbie - Dated 1591

In the name of God amen the xxv day of
Februarie in the xxxiiijth yeare of the Reign of our sovraigne ladie Elizabeth
in the yeare of our lord god one thousand five hundreth nynetie one I stephenne
Stabell of hewbie wythin the perrysh of harwoodd wheelewright whole in
Mynd and ofe good and perfect remembarannce praise be to god do make and ordein
this my last will and testamt in manner and forme followinge first I commennde
my soule to Almightie god my maker and redemer and my bodie to be buryed
wythin the churchyard of harwoodd Itm I geve to maude Rotherre and Elizabeth
Hendellstonn eyther of them one lambe. Itm I geve to george Lattyson one pny
And I geve to stephen houllinge five shillinge to be paid at saint Lawrence daie
Item I geve to my mann xpofer huddelston as much wood as will make a paire of
Wheles And the rest of my goodes my funrall expence dischardged I geve to Jennett
my wife whome I make my full executor of this my last will and testamt wytnes
Willm Braikes Rose Smyth and Rychard Gardesse

The Will of Jenet Stable of Huby (Stephen's Wife) - Dated 1611

In the name of god Amen the vijth daie of September 1611 I Jenet
Stable of huby wthyn the pish of harwood widdowe beinge of good and pfecte
remembrance thanks be given to Almightie god doe constitute ordaine and make this
my last will and testament in mannr and forme followinge First and most principally
I doe give and bequeath my soule into the handes of Almightie god my maker
and to Jesus Christ my saviour and redemer and my bodie to be buried within
my pishe churchyard of harwood when it shall please god to call me to his mcie
forth of this most troublesome world Item my will and mynd is that I be honestlie
brought forth of my whole goodes and all my funerall expences thereto discharged
Item my will and mynd is that all the rest of my whole goods be equallie devided
betwixt Richard Mynning and doroffie Mynninge my brothers children whome I
doe of me it most frankely and freelie unto And I doe make the said Richard
Mynninge my brothers sonne my sole executor of this my last will and
testament In witnes whereof I the said said Jenet Stable have sette his my last
will and testamnt my unto wh owne hand the daie and yeare above written
In the pnce of those beinge witnesses Ralph Smith Jr John Pudsey

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