The Definitive History of the Surname STABLES in Yorkshire

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"The Notices of the Stables Family"
Supplementary Material Added by T. B. Dunn

(Copy of letter from Mrs. A. A. Drover, of 15 Dellcott Close, Welwyn
Garden City, Herts., England, granddaughter of William Stables, the
author of "Notices of the Stables Family."

15 Dellcott Close,
Welwyn Garden City,

Dear Branch:
     The old history arrived safely three or four days ago. Thank you very
much for returning it so promptly, and also for mending its poor broken back
so neatly. I was very glad to see it again. I don't think the customs had
opened it. I found the enclosed notice of my grand-father's death in an old
scrapbook and have copied it for you. I think it is on a marble slab in the
little Wesleyan chapel at Kirkby-Overblow. He is buried in the small
burial ground adjoining, but I will find out definitely for you shortly,
from a cousin whom I expect to see - the one who sent me the newspaper -
Sarah Assin, daughter of Sara (I think) Stables, eldest daughter of Wm.
Stables, who married Mr. Snow, and whose brother Frank Snow emigrated to
Australia. Did you notice the family tree in the old history? Some of your
questions were answered - for instance all grandfather's children and
their marriages are entered.
I will try and get a fuller list from Sara when she comes. Grandfather's
brother Samuel died in Leeds, and my father helped to support his widow for
some years, but I never heard of any descendants, and have no idea if there
were any, nor what became of them. Matthew Stables was burnt to death in
1862 through the overturning of a lamp. He had two daughters, Sara and
Lily; both died leaving no children. His widow married again to a Mr.
Fearnley (Harnley?), and they had three children, three girls and a boy,
all living at Ackwork, near Pontefract. I am in communication with them and
have visited them several times.
     Before grandfather's death some of the farms had been distributed
among the sons, and Kirkby Overblow came to Mark. When Mark died, the farm
came as his share of the estate to the eldest son, William, who was a
medical student. My father was in trust for the children until the
youngest was of age, and the trusteeship could be wound up. William was
extravagant, and the farm had to be sold to pay his debts. This was the
end of the estate our great-grandparent had, with much care, got together.
     I am sending the photographs of grandfather Stables and his wife,
taken by my father. Will you let me have them when you have finished with
them? Sara Aslin (before referred to) is giving my grandfather's chair,
for which she has not room, so I shall have his carved oak bible-box, the
table on which he wrote the old history, and the chair he used-all in a
corner together. It is a black oak wooden chair.
     I think your typeing is excellent, and I congratulate you on your
success. I hope your fruit trees will recover from the drought, and you
will have a good crop from them this year. You must have had a terrible
     My brother Edward's oldest boy came over on Sunday. He has been
in the air force in Egypt for four years. Percy, my brother Harold's
son, also came over a week or two ago. He has been away three years, and
wants to get back as soon as he can to the tropics, as he dislikes our climate.
He told me that you had kindly written to him. He had not replied, as he
had not
been in your part of the world, and able to get in touch with you.
He is a strange, shy boy, though very intelligent,
     I will write again, as soon as I have seen Sara, Please excuse the
handwriting. I am just recovering from bronchitis and tonsilitis, and still
feel very shaken.
                                With kindest regards.
                                           Yours sincerely,
                                                     A. Maude Drover.


William Stables
Field House, Kirkby-0verblow Born 10 February 1794,
Died 7 October 1862
Calm and collected in judgement,
Established and unswerving in principle
Orderly in everything.
Devotedly affectionate in the relations
of life, modest, earnest, and faithful
in the duties of piety.
The respect of the public,
And the confidence of his church
With a vigourous and richly stored
intellect and full with the blessings of
the Lord, and the fruits of Grace,
He suffered awhile,
And was perfected.

Halifax, Va., April 27, 1931.

Mr. Linton Stables,
     3101 Hull St., Richmond, Va.
Mr. Rocliffe Stables,
     Victoria, Va.,
Mr. William Stables,
     Victoria, Va.,
Mr. Frederick Stables,
     Nottoway, Va,

Dear Sirs:,
     Your cousin. Mrs. A. A. Drover, of 15 Dellcott Close,
Welwyn Garden City, has lent me two small photographs of
your grandparents, William Stables, and his wife Martha Skilbeck.
Possibly you would like to have these copied. I have recently
had some copied by the Eastman Kodak Co. They charged me $1.50
each for the copy negatives, and 5c each for prints, or 75c for
5 by 7 enlargements. If as many as three of you would be interested
in obtaining copies, the cost would thus be $1.00 each for the
"overhead" and 5c each for the small prints of 75c for the
enlargements, as many of them as you wish.
     Possibly some one of you already has these two pictures, in
which case there is no immediate need or reason for having the
work done' but if there is no picture of your grandparents among
the Virginia descendants, this is probably your only and last
chance to obtain the photographs. I must return them and Mrs. Drover
is quite advanced in age and in a few more years the photographs I
have may be lost.

                              With best wishes. I am
                                                             Yours truly,
                                                                     T. B. Dunn.

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