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John Stables of Stank (1664 to 1747)

John was the son of James and Grace Hardistie of Stank in the parish of Harewood. For a full biography and details about John see his chapter in The Notices of the Stables Family.

On this page you will find some of the fascinating documents that relate to John, and that are referred to in The Notices.

The Marriage Portion for his Daughter Grace - 1727

This is the promissory note for 400 that John Stable of Stank issued to Samuel Oddie of Horsforth in order to seduce him to marry his daughter, Grace in 1727.

This was an quite extraordinary sum of money at that time and would have made Samuel Oddy an extremely wealthy man. It is clear from the 'receipts', both written at the foot of the document and issued separately (below), that John did not actually have the money to pay such a massive dowry and was forced to pay the sum in instalments throughout the course of their marriage, the final balance not having been cleared until 1733.

This document was very kindly provided by William L. Stables Jnr of Harrisonburg, USA.

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I John Stables of Stank in ye pish of Harwood & County
Of Yorke Doe Promise to pay unto Samuell Oddie the
Younger of Horsforth & sd County; Yeo: The sume of
four hundred pounds of lawfull Brittish Money upon
ye sd Sam Oddie ye younger his Marriage with Grace
ye daughter of, ye sd John Stables upon demand as
a Marriage portion with ye sd Grace his daughter
Witnesse my hand ye first day of February
In ye year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred
Twenty and seven.
Witnesse present
                                                            John Stable
Michael Pollard
John Pollard

June the
[smudged]th 1733 then Rcvd of Mr
John Stable the elder one hundred and
fivety pounds the Remaining part of the principal
above mentioned Sum Recd
[illegible] from such.
                                               Samuel Oddy Grace


Receipts to John Stable from Samuel Oddy - 1728 and 1729

These are receipts that Samuel Oddy gave to John Stable of Stank in acknowledgement of receiving instalments of the marriage portion that he was promised upon his marriage to John's daughter Grace Stable.

This document was very kindly provided by William L. Stables Jnr of Harrisonburg, USA.

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November 22d 1728 Recd Then of Mr John
Stable of the within mentiond the sum of
One Hundred and thirty Pounds principall
Sum within Mentiond I say Recd & m
                                            Samll Oddy Junr
November the 26th 1729 Then Recd his Mk X
Stable of the within Mentioned the sum of
Fiftie Pounds Principle Sum of the within mentiond
and the Intrest Due upon the same; I say Recd by
Mr Samll Oddy
[crease obscuring a word]

           [two seals]                     [illegible signature]

[illegible signature]                  [illegible signature]

Gravestone of James Stable and his son John.

This is the headstone of James Stable of Stank and his son John. They were buried in the Harewood Parish churchyard.

This photograph was very kindly supplied by Marian Crew of Gingin, Australia.

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Here lies interred the body
of James Stable of Stank,
who departed this Life the
13th day of September In the
year of our Lord 1693.

Also the Body of John
Stable, son of ye said James
Stable, who deparated this
Life ye 28th day of November
In ye year of our Lord 1747.
Aged 83 years.


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