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"The Notices of the Stables Family"
Supplementary Material Added by T. B. Dunn

(A Copy of a Register, written Parchment, found among the Stables Family Papers,
and now in the possession of Mrs. A. A. Drover, 15 Dellcott Close, Welwyn Garden
City, Herts., England. Possibly this was taken from some church register, now

     James the won of William Stable of Hetherick was baptized the
11th of November 1621. Also buried 7br 10, '93.
     Grace the wife of James Stable was baptized the third day of
October 1627,
     Frances the daughter of James Stable of Hetherick was baptized
11th of September 1646.
     Rebecca the daughter of James Stable was baptized the 3 of
febbruarie 1649,
     Grace the daughter of James Stable of Hetherick was baptized the
first of Jannuarie 1652.
     William the son of James Stable baptized xi December 1654,
     James the son of James Stable was baptized the 22 of Novem? 1655.
Sarah the daughter of James Stable was baptized 1657.
     Maria the daughter of James Stable was baptized 29 of December
1659 commuttulallis? .
     Anna the daughter of James Stable was baptized
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
(A sheet of paper in the handwriting of the author of "Notices of the Stables
Family" has the following)
Mrs. Hankins died January 1795
Children born to W. Stables
Mary, born Sept. 5th, 1790,
Elizabeth Nov. 6th, 1792,
William   Feb. 8. 1794
Ann        Apr. 4th, 1796
John       Apr. 4th, 1798.
Hannah   Nov, 16th, 1799.
(note by T.B.D- This list is
not complete)

Children born to Rich. Cordukes:
Jonathan Cordukes born Apr.26, 1786.
Elizabeth Cordukes   "     Sep.20,1787 
Hannah Cordukes     "     Mar.30,1789
Ann Cordukes          "     Mar.14,1793
Richard Cordukes     "     July 14,1796

Children born to Thomas Cordukes:
Mary Ann Cordukes, born Nov.20,1789
Elizabeth          "         born Jan.11th,92
Thos.               "         born Feb.16,1794
Hampton          "         born Mar.16,1796
John                 "         born Apr, 6,1798
Children born to John Dunn:
Hannah Cordukes Dunn, born
Sept. 7th, 1781.
John Dunn, born Jun. 8th, 1784.
Jonathan Dunn, born Sep. 3rd, 1786.
Mary Dunn, born, Sept. 4th, 1788.

Note by T.B. Dunn--This list is
not complete.

Children born to Wm. Cordukes:
Hannah Cordukes born Feb. 16, 1783,
Rachel Cordukes  born May 38, 1784,
Jonathan     "         born Jun.6, 1786.
Ann            "                 Feb.23, 1788.

Children born to Matthew Cordukes:
Matthew Cordukes b. Aug.3,1794.
Mary Cordukes, born Oct.23,1795.

( Mr. Matthew Cordukes married
 November 1793.
Mr. Preston died January 1795.

(From the York Herald and County Advertizer, Aug. 24, 1811)---
DEATHS: ---On Monday the 19th instant, in this City, after a short illness,
Mr. John Dunn, of Kelfield Lodge, in the 71st year of his age. He has left a
wife and family who will long and deservedly lament his irreparable loss, The
Christian character was exemplified in his uniform and pious life, according to
the pre____ of the Gospel, for a number of years'

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