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"The Notices of the Stables Family"
Supplementary Material Added by T. B. Dunn

(The following typewritten matter is found among the Stables papers sent
the writer by Mrs. A. A. Drover, 15 Dellcott Close, Welwyn Garden City,
Herts., England. The name of the one who typed it is unknown to the writer,
but I believe it was Edward Jonathan Dunn, brother of Mrs. Drover.)
(Pontefract was not far from the localities where lived the members of
the Stables Family concerning whom the "Notices of the Stables Family"
was written. What relation, if any, there was between the Stables below
listed, to the members of the family in the Notices is not shown, but
they were doubtless remotely related. Surnames arose about the thirteenth
century, and four centuries is enough for the relationship to be lost in
the mists of antiquity. Not many English records antedate the year 1500.)

1642, "Mr. Stables, Alderman," "gentleman volunteer" in division
commanded by Col. Grey in defence of Pontefract Castle, in the garrison
and "signalized themselves by their bravery and valour."

Jan. 6, 1616. Wm. Stables of Pontefract made his will (proved May 6, 1617,
giving his soul to God Almighty, his Creator and Redeemer, and his body
to be buried in the parish churchyard of All Hallows, Pontefract.

Dec 29, 1671, Mr. Nicholas Stables, by his will, gave to the poor of
this hospital (St. Nicholas) thirty shillings yearly, to be paid out of the tithes
of Blind Hardwick on every Christmas Eve for ever; and on the 11th
February 1704 Mr. Wm. Stables by his will also gave a further sum of
twenty shillings out of the above tithes.

April 4, 1749. Mr. William Stables, having sold the said tithes to Lord
Calloway free from the above encumbrances, he by deed in lieu of and in
full satisfaction for the said 50/ - granted and conveyed to the mayor,
aldermen and burgesses and their successors a yearly rent of 50/ issuing
and payable out of certain closes called Baghill Closes in Pontefract,
free from all deductions whatsoever, in trust, never-the less for the poor
of St. Nicholas' Hospital, to be paid yearly at Christmas with power to
distrain on non-payment. Also a reserved rent of 15/ per annum, paid by the
vicar out of the rents and profits of a close at Darrington, exchanged with
the Rev. Mr. Drake for a house near St. Giles' Church now pulled down.

Mayors of Pontefract:
William Stable, 1593.
Thomas Stable, 1606.
Nicholas Stable, 1635.
Nicholas Stable, 1660. William
Stable, 1690. William
Stables, 1700.

Notes taken from The History of the ancient Borough of
Pontefract, containing an interesting account of its Castle, by B.

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