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"The Notices of the Stables Family"
Supplementary Material Added by T. B. Dunn


(The following information is taken from a family tree or chart, prepared by
William Stables, the author of "Notices of the Stables Family," about 1858.
It contains later information than that given in the "Notices of the
Stables Family."


  1. Matthew Skilbeck, born Dec. 22, 1704, died March 31, 1780, age 75.
    He married (wife's maiden name unknown). His wife had previously
    been married to _____ Abbey, and by him had issues Margaret, m.
    _____ Acomb, farmer at Kelfield; Mary, m. _____ Robinson, of Healaugh;
    Richard, farmer at Weldrake, near York.
    Matthew Skilbeck had issue:


  1. Elizabeth Skilbeck, born Jan. 25, 1735, died Nov. 12,
    1811. married to 3 husbands, all in the parish of Harewood.
  2. MATTHIAS SKILBECK, born Jan 25, 1735, died Feb. 14, 1820, married
    June 13, 1767 to Jane Tomlinson, who died June 26, 1817, aged


  1. Matthew Skilbeck, born May 7, 1768, died Jan 24, 1790.
  2. Thomas Skilbeck, born Jan 12, 1781, died Apr. 14, 1782,
  3. Robert Skilbeck, born July 27, 1776, died in the workhouse in
    1853. He married June 8, 1802 Hannah Tomlinson (born 1782, died
    Dec. 23, 1804, age 22.) and by her had issues Richard, born Oct.
    181 1804, died Jany 5, 1805, and Matthew, born May 3, 1802, died Feb
    19, 1805.
  4. Jane Skilbeck, born Feb. 2, 1786, died Jan.9, 1811, married
    Apr. 23, 1810 to Thos. Acomb. No Issue.
  5. Mary Skilbeck, born April 19, 1772, died June 4, 1845, married
    April 1, 1793 to William Wilson (died July 3, 1811 aged 51. William
    and Mary (Skilbeck) Wilson had issue:

Jane Wilson, died in youth
Catherine Wilson, M. Rev, John Arsworth, Wesleyan Minister
William, daid age about 26.
John Wilson, m. Aug. 19, 1817 Margaret Skilbeck, of Bilden Field
Mary Wilson, born 1794, in. Dec.30,1818, Isaac Newson
or Newton, of Sheffield. She married 2ndly, Rev. J. P. Haswell.

  1. John Skilbeck, born Aug. 26, 1774, died Jany, 14, 1814,
    married (wife's name unknown} and had issue:

Edward Skilbeck.
Matthias Skilbeck, died age 20.
John Skilbeck
Jane Skilbeck, died age 5
Thomas Skilbeck, died Nov. 1825.

  1. RICHARD SKILBECK, born Feb. 20th, 1770, died July 7th, 1842,
    aged 72. Married Nov. 11, 1797 to Sarah Midgley, (born Dec. 27th,1772
    died Jan. 11, 1821) (for chart of her descent and kin, see numbers_____
    following} Richard Skilbeck and Martha his wife had issue:
  2. Elizabeth skilbeck, born April 9, 1809, died Sept. 16th, 1832,
    age 23, married Jan. 28, 1828 to Richard Dalby Pawson, and had issues Thomas
    Skilbeck Pawson, born June 16, 1829,
  3. Sarah Skilbeck, born Deer. 22, 1789, married Aug. 23, 1823 to
    Thomas Allan, and had issue:

    (Skilbeck Family tree, continued)

Matthew Allan, born Sept. 22, 1828, married Harriett Hill, and
had issue; John Thomas Allan, a second child, an infant who
died young, and thirdly a son Anthony Skilbeck Allan.
Richard Thomas Allan, born Dec. 19, 1825,
Sarah Ann Allan, born June 5, 1831 Eleanor
Allan, born March 9, 1836. Mary Elizabeth
Allan, born Aug. 17, 1840.
Robert Skilbeck Allan, born Sept. 7, 1843, died Apr. 1, 1846.
Robert (1st) Allan, born July 6, 1834, died Dee. 16, 1836.
Robert (2nd) Allan, born March 19, 1838, died Sep. 19, 1839.

  1. Mary Skilbeck, born Nov. 3, 1807, married April 2, 1828 to
    John Midgley, and had issue:

William Midgley, born 1829
John Midgley, born. March 3, 1830, died 1853.
Sarah Midgley, born Oct. 22, 1831,
Mary (1st) Midgley, born April 18, 1834.
Richard Skilbeck Midgley, born Nov. 28, 1835,
David Midgley, born Nov. 19, 1837,
Eliza Midgley, born April 1839.
Alfred (1st) Midgley, born Mar. 18, 1841, died young.
Martha :Midgley, born June 9, 1844,
Alfred Midgley (2nd) born March 22, 1846,
Mary Midgley (2nd) born July 1847, died Aug. 18, 1847,

  1. Jane (1st) Skilbeck, born Mar. 10, 1801, died Feb. 3. 1809,
  2. Jane (2nd) Skilbeck, born Jan. 11, 1812, died may 15, 1839.
  3. Matthew Skilbeck, born Oct. 25, 1802, died Nov. 30, 1826.
  4. William Skilbeck, born Jan. 11, 1804, died Jan. 21, 1841.
  5. Richard Skilbeck, born Jan. 14, 1806, died Jan. 15, 1840,
    married May 10, 1836 to Ann Harrison, and had issue:
    Mary Ann Skilbeck, born July 15, 1836,
    Fanny Skilbeck, born May 29th, 1839,
    Jane Elizabeth Skilbeck, born July 26, 1840.
    RICHARD SKILBECK, born Sept. 18, 1837.

This is all the information that appears on the chart, but Mrs. A. A. Drover, nee Annie
Maude Dunn, daughter of Jonathan Dunn Jr (1833-1891) and his wife Charlotte
Stables, daughter of William Stables, the author of "Notices of the Stables
Family" writes me, "My mother married again on Sept. 25, 1907 Richard
Skilbeck of Koroit, Victoria, Australia, her cousin. There was somewhat
of a romance here. Richard wanted to marry her when she was a ward of my
grandfather at Kirkby Overblow, but he disapproving of cousins marrying,
sent Richard off to Australia, where he became well to do, having much
land there. She died October 5, 1922, and was buried at Koroit. Richard
Skilbeck died 1924.

  1. MARTHA SKILBECK, born Jan 23, 1800, married August 23, 1823
    to WILLIAM STABLES, of Kirkby Overblow, the author of "Notices of the
    Stables Family". She died _____. William Stables and Martha Skilbeck his
    wife had issue:
  2. Matthew Stables, born May 26, 1822, died _____, married,
    first on May 7, 1846 to Sarah Wheelhouse, who died on Jan. 9, 1852, aged
    31. He married, 2ndly, March 26, 1854 Emily Ann Brown, born June 1829,
    Matthew had issue by 2nd wife:
    Robert Wheelhouse Stables, born Jan. 6, 1855 died April 9, 1858.
    Sarah Stables, Born Sept. 5, 1858.
    Elizabeth Stables, born Aug. 16, 1859.
  3. Mark Stables, born Oct. 26, 1823, died _____ married Oct. 13,
    1849 to Elizabeth Banks, and had issue:
    John Banks Stables, born June 25, 1850.
    William Skilbeck Stables, born Oct. 9, 1851.
    Walter Stables, born Dec. 3, 1852.
    Arthur Stables. born Aug. 10, 1856, died Aug. 13, 1856.
    Hugh Stables, born Oct. 2, 1855.
    Sarah Stables, born Oct. 27, 1856.
    Anne Mariah Stables, born July 10, 1858.
  4. Sarah Stables, born Sept. 25, 1825, died _____ Married
    Dec. 7, 1848 to Richard R. Snow, and had issue:
    Elizabeth Snow, born Dec. 8, 1849. William
    Stables Snow, born Feb. 16, 1851, Charles
    Moseley Snow, born May 16, 1852,
    Francis Hugh Snow, born May 12, 1854, died 1930, Went to Australia when
    about 20 years of age, "made good," Married Flora Langman, and
    had issue three boys, all married, and one daughter unmarried,
    and one granddaughter. Issue:
    John Henry Snow, born April 5, 1850,
    Sarah Jane Snow, born Mar. 31, 1858,
    One added ______________________________
  5. Edwin Stables, born Feb. 26, 1828, died ____, married, first
    wife, Nov. 1, 1854, Elizabeth Cordukes, born June 21, 1831, daughter of
    Jonathan Cordukes and his wife Elizabeth Lawson (first or second wife, I
    don't know which. He married also Ann Elizabeth Dunn, born Nov. 6, 1790,
    daughter of John Dunn 11, (born 1739, died 1811). Jonathan
    Cordukes was son of William Cordukes and his wife _____ Pinder. (See
    Cordukes chart.) Edwin Stables married secondly a Miss Linton, sister of
    _____ Linton, who married his brother Alfred Stables. Edwin Stables and
    Elizabeth Cordukes had issue:

Edwin Cordukes Stables, born June 2, 1855, emigrated to Australia.
Stephen Stables, born ;Mar. 21, 1857, died Aug. 23, 1857. John
Stables, born Sept. 6, 1858, died , emigrated to
Virginia, and married two sisters, Miss Fishers. He settled near
Hebron Virginia and had issue:

Edwin Stables emigrated to Virginia and settled in Lunenburn

  1. Anne Stables, born Dee, 17, 1830, died _____, married Aug.
    23, 1853 Joseph Cordukes, half-brother of Elizabeth Cordukes who married
    Edwin Stables, above. Joseph Cordukes was son of Jonathan Cordukes and his
    wife, Ann Elizabeth Dunn, (see above). Joseph Cordukes and Anne Stables had
  2. Hugh Stables, born Dear. 20, 1833, died Mar. 16, 1852.
  3. Henry Stables, born Sepr. 26, 1827, died Aug. 13, 1841,
  4. Alfred Stables, born Mar. 31, 1835, died ---.
    married Jan Linton March, 28, 1861, (she died _____).
    The emigrated to America between 1865 and 1872 and settled in
    Lunenburg County, Virginia and had issue:
  5. Elizabeth Stables, born May 29, 1837, died ____.
    (Note by T. B. Dunn-- I feel sure that she married Henry Dresser of
    Kelfield. One of these Stables daughters married him, and Elizabeth
    is the only one who could have married him. Henry Dresser was son of
    James Dresser and Jane Peacock. James Dresser was son of James
    Dresser (died at Whenby, Oct. 10, 1855, age 83) and his wife Jane
    Harrison. James Dresser Sr. was son of Christopher Dresser and
    Dorothy Robinson. See chart of the Dresser family in my possession
    for Dresser family from about 1620. Henry Dresser and Ann Maria
    Stables had one son, T.H.Dresser, low (1931) living at the old Dunn
    home, "Kelfield Lodge", and he has one son _____.
  6. An infant, born and died July 10, 1839.
  7. CHARLOTTE STABLES, born Jany. 28th, 1841, died at Koroit,Victoria,
    Australia Oct. 5, 1922, Married June 12, 1861 to Jonathan Dunn, Jr.,
    of Stillingfleet Farm and "Kelfied Lodge". She married secondly,
    Sept. 25th, 1907 her first cousin, Richard Skilbeck (see above). No
    issue by second marriage.

Jonathan Dunn Jr (1833-1891) and Charlotte Stables had issue:

George William Dunn, born 1862, died unmarried in Australia about 1895.
Charlotte Elizabeth Dunn, born 1863, married Samuel Veale
Bracher. Present address (1931) Oriel Cottage, Margaret Manor,
Sittingbourne, Kent, England. No issue.
Annie Maude Dunn, born 1865, married to Albart Arthur Drover.
Present address, 15 Dellcott Close, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.
England. No issue. Mrs, Drover has been very kind in giving me
all the information about the families. It was she who sent me
the manuscript volume of the "Notices of the Stables family."
Edward Jonathan Dunn, born 186?, died 1926, married Ella M.
and had issue; Alfred Edward Dunn, born 1905, and
Eric Harold Dunn, born 1906. A. E. Dunn is in the British
Air Service.
Harold Stables Dunn, born 1869, married Louisa Rossiter, and died
1906. Issue: Harold Reginald Dunn, killed in world war in
1917, born 1897) and Percy Vincent Dunn, born 1903, now a
wireless operator on the S. S. Yarraville, Standard Oil Co.
Emily Blanche Dunn, born 1870, died unmarried 1905:

(Skilbeck Family, continued)

  1. Anne Stables, born Dee. 17, 1830, died, , married Aug. 23,
    1853 Joseph Cordukes, half brother of Elizabeth Cordukes who married
    Edwin Stables, above. Joseph Cordukes was son of Jonathan Cordukes
    and wife Ann Elizabeth Dunn, (see above)

Joseph Cordukes and Anne Stables had issue:

Lucy Cordukes, born July 1854
Henry Cordukes, born Sept. 25, 1855. Mrs. A. A. Drover writes me (1930) "I
have had Nab Cordeaux (as she likes to spell the name Cordukes) staying
with me last week. She married my cousin Henry Cordukes, son of the
Sheriff-Hutton Cordukes who married Ann Stables, my mother's sister.
She is an Australian, but is now living with her brother and his wife at
Lindfield, in Sussex, where they have settled. Her brother was the
Manager of Railways in China, retiring some six or seven years ago. Mab has
had a rather tragic life as her husband seemed to have inherited some of
his father's mental peculiarities and the marriage was a failure. He
died of T.B. some years ago. Most of my mother's sisters and several
of her nieces and nephews died of consumption, inheriting a family
tendency that way. I suppose ignorant of modern methods of
combatting the disease."
Ann Elizabeth Cordukes, born April 10, 1857.
Clara Cordukes, born Aug. 29, 1858.

  1. Emily Stables, born June 9, 1845, died sometime prior to 1864, and
    doubtless after 1860, when the Skilbeck chart ends.
    (Note by T. B. Dunn. My grandmother, nee Mary Jane Franks was married
    to her husband George Dunn (1835-1899) in 1864. She told me that
    she found two pictures in her husbands room, one of herself, and one
    of this Emily Stables, and her husband told her these were the only
    two girls he had ever loved, but his first sweetheart, Emily
    Stables, died.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

THE ANCESTRY OF SARAH MIDGLEY (1772-1821). wife of Richard Skilbeck.

William Midgley (died May 5, 1819) married Martha Walker of Pudsey
(maiden name), who had been previously married to Jonathan Wright, of
Compson or Compton, and had had issue by first husband Elizabeth Wright,
b. Nov, 9, 1766, who married Wm. Margerison. William Midgley and his wife
Martha (Walker) Wright had issue:

  1. SARAH MIDGLEY, born Feb. 20, 1770, died July 1, 1842, married
    Nov. 11, 1797 to Richard Skilbeck, born Feb. 20, 1770, died
    July 1, 1842,
  2. Rebecca Midgley, born Feb. 21, 1776, died Mar. 6, 1835, married to
    Alan Beetham (died May 23, 1841, age 79) and had issue:
       Mary Ann Beetham, m. Braithwaite, of Stokesley
       William Beetham. died 1853.
       John Beetham
  3. Susannah Midgley, born Feb. 25, 1774, married Wm. Cullingworth
    and had a large family and descendants, all in America.


  1. Jonathan Cordukes, a farmer, died Feb. 28, 1792. Married Elizabeth
    Black, died Dec. 19, 1789. Jonathan & Elizabeth had issue:


  1. William Cordukes, a farmer, married Ann Finder and had issue:
    (37) Hannah, (38) Jonathan, (39) Rachel, and (40) Ann.
  2. Jonathan Cordukes.
  3. Matthew Cordukes, married Finder. George Dunn's family tree says that
    she was a wholesale grocer of London. Probably it was her father. No
    issue shown on the Dunn or Stables charts.
  4. Thomas Cordukes, married Preston. Possibly she was of the family that
    later bought, and now owns "Kelfield Lodge." Issue: (41) Thomas, (42)
    Mary Ann Preston, (43) Elizabeth, (44) Upton and (45) Sarah.
  5. Richard Cordukes, married Stubbs and had issue: (46)
    Elizabeth, (47) Jonathan, (48) Hannah, (49) Richard, (50) Ann.
  6. Ann Cordukes, born April 25, 1758, died March 30, 1829. She
    was the second wife of John Dunn, II. (1739-1811) of "Kelfield
    Lodge," who first married Ann Pettinger. For a full account of
    all of those see "Notices of the Stables Family" and the Dunn
    family tree and chart.


  1. Hannah Cordukes. The Dunn family tree does not show that she married.
    The Stables chart of the Cordukes family shows that she married _____ Martin
    and seems to indicate that she left issue, but none is shown.

  2. Jonathan Cordukes. See following no (47)

  3. Rachel Cordukes married Thomas Bentley, and had issue, Thomas,
    William and Ann, who married William Bellwood.

  4. Ann Cordukes, married Cattle and had issues Jane, Mary & Ann.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  1. Thomas Cordukes,

  2. Mary Ann Preston Cordukes, married ______Hesseltine.

  3. Elizabeth Cordukes, married Revd. William Carlton, Wesleyan Minister
    and had two children, of whom a daughter married Rev. Benjamin
    Waddey, Wesleyan Minister, brother of Rev. Sam'l Dousland Waddey.

  4. Hampton Cordukes,

  5. Sarsh Cordukes, Married __________, by trade a currier.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  1. Elizabeth Cordukes,

  2. Jonathan Cordukes, like his first cousin of the same name, also
    married Ann Elizabeth Dunn, born Nov. 6, 1790, daughter of John Dunn
    (1739-1811} Issue, one son Jonathan Cordukes, who married Ann
    Buckle, and had issues George, Ann, and Richard.

Cordukes Family, continued.

  1. Jonathan Cordukes (son of William Cordukes and Ann Finder) married
    twice. (in which order l know not) To Elizabeth Lawson and had issues
    Elizabeth Cordukes, born June 21, 1831, married to Edwin Stables
    Number (23) in the "Skilbeck Family", and had issues Edwin Cordukes
    Stables, born June 2, 1855, emigrated to Australia, Stephen Stables, born
    Mar. 21, 1857, died Aug. 23, 1857, and John Stables, born Sept. 6, 1858,
    died _____ emigrated to Virginia and
    settled near Hebron, va, and married twice, to two sisters,
    M Misses Fisher, and had issue.
    Jonathan and Elizabeth (Lawson) Cordukes had issue, 2ndly, William
    Cordukes, 3rdly, Rachel Cordukes, married Mar. 28, 1861 to Andrew
    Brown, 4thly Septimus Cordukes, 5thly Anne Cordukes, 6thly Jonathan
    Jonathan Cordukes (son of William Cordukes and Ann Finder) married also
    Ann Elizabeth Dunn, born Nov. 6th, 1790, daughter of John Dunn
    (1739-1811) of "Kelfield Lodge", and had issue. 1st, Samuel Cordukes, 2ndly Joseph
    Cordukes married Anne Stables No (24) in "Skilbeck Family", daughter of
    William Stables, the author of "Notices of the Stables Family". Joseph
    Cordukes and Anne Stables had issue; Lucy Cordukes, Henry Cordukes, Ann
    Elizabeth Cordukes, and Clara Cordukes (for a fuller discussion see No (24)
    in the account of the Skilbeck Family), Jonathan Cordukes and Ann
    Elizabeth Dunn had issue, 3rdly, Ann Elizabeth Cordukes, who died an

  1. Hannah Cordukes

  2. Richard Cordukes, married Jane Drake and had issues 1st, Richard Charles
    Cordukes, 2nd, Ann Jane Cordukes, Henry Cordukes, 4th, Lucy
    Cordukes died at York Dec. 4, 1856, 5th Sarah Cordukes, 6th, Elizabeth

  3. Ann Cordukes.

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