The Stables Families of Calverley

Stables families have long been established in Calverley, with the earliest record being a James Stables who was charged a lay subsidy in 1545 because the value of his property exceeded 20 shillings. As to their occupations, the only reference we have is that Samuel Stables who lived at Idle from 1617 to 1685 was a tanner (a leather maker).

By the early part of the 18th century, they appear to have accumulated lands at various places around the county.

Jonas Stables, who was born at Idle in 1663 moved to Wombwell in South Yorkshire and at the time of his death in 1737 left lands at Gildersome, Pudsey and Drighlington to his brother, nephews and nieces. He had relatives living in Bradford, Pudsey, Gildersome, Drighlington and Birstall at this time.

The Earliest Records can be viewed here.

Calverley Lay Subsidies of 1524 & 1545

The tax called "Lay Subsidy" was levied by Henry VIII in 1524 on all persons with property over a certain amount. Only 11 people were rated in Calverley, at a rate of 1 shilling in the pound for land and sixpence in the pound on goods.

A second subsidy was levied in 1545. This was on all who were worth the smaller amount of 20 shilling. James Stable of Idle was one of the householders on whom the second subsidy was levied.

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Calverley Church Proprietors of Pews - 1606 & 1628

In some parish churches, the incumbent and his churchwardens entered upon a system of selling seating in the church, rather like a season ticket. This was illegal practise but despite that, St Wilfrid's successfully 'leased' it's seating, or where the parishioners themselves provided the seating, charged ground rent. Here are the Stables records of seat registration for the 17th century:

James Stable of Idle 1606.
William Stable of Idle 1628 (Paid 3s 4d).

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Pudsey Church Wardens - 1628 and 1674

In 1628 William Stables, Richard Smith and John Elsworth were churchwardens of Pudsey All Saints' Chapel.

In 1674 Samuel Stables and Thomas Waterworth were churchwardens of Pudsey All Saints' Chapel.

In 1691 Thomas Stable was a churchwarden of Idle Chapel.

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Seatholders in the Old Chapel, Idle - 1634

These are extracts from a list of of seatholders at Idle Chapel in 1634. The original parchment is held at Idle Vicarage:

A Platform and perfect List of the Stalls and Pews within the Chapel of Idle in the Parish of Calverley together with Particulars, Allotments and Assignments of the several seats in the same to the several Inhabitants of the said Chapelry of Idle by their unanimous consent and agreement made and condescended unto the last day of June in the year of our Lord God one thousand and six hundred thirty and four.

Anno Regni Regis Caroli &c, MDCXXXIV.

On the North Side of the Chapel:

Seat No. 3 - James Stables.

In the Middle Room or Form of Stalls or Pews:

Seat No. 8 - Samuel Stables.

On the South Side of the Quire or Chancell:

Seat No. 3 - William Stable.
Seat No. 4 - Henry Rhoyds, William Rhoyds, George Booth, Samuel Stable.

On the South Side of the Chapell

Seat No. 3 - William Stable

This List or Platform doth agree with the original Paper Draught under the Hands or Marks of Richard Welfett, Edward Welfett, Clerks, William Buck, Robert Craven, William Stable, Anthony Slater, William Pollard, Samuel Stapleton, George Nelson, John Vicars, Nathaniel Wailes, Thomas Atkinson, Richard Midgley, Jeremiah Waterhouse, William Farrow, John Marshall, William Bower, Jonas Craven, Josias Craven, John Waterhouse, Nathaniel Nelson, John Nelson, Ephraim Marshall, Samuel Marshall, Christopher Lieter, George Mallinson, Hugh Smith, Isaac Elliston, Walter Yeadall, Alexander Butler, John Wilkinson, Stephen Wood, John Wilkinson, Ralph Swaine, Michael Pollard, and others.

The complete list of seatholders can be viewed at

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Idle War Assessment - 1668

An assessment made on the inhabitants of Idle issued for his majesty's maintenance of the present war, to be raised in eleven month, was dated 24th August 1668 and signed by Joseph Booth, John Lobley, John Sandall & Samuel Stables.

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Declaration of Indulgences - 1672

In 1672, John Snowdon applied to Charles II for a licence to preach at the following meeting houses:

O.H. in Sherbourne,
Ralph Spencer of Hurlstey,
Samuel Stables of Calverley.
*All of these meeting houses were listed as being protestant.

The full list of many thousands of applicants is held at the PRO in London but those relating to West Yorkshire are available online at:

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