Thomas Stable of Calverley (d. 1588)

The Will of Thomas Stable of Calverley - Dated 1588

In the name of God Amen the twentiethe day of Auguste in the yeare of our lord God 1588. I Thomas Stable of Calverley pishe in the countie of yorke beinge sicke in bodie but of whole mynd and remembrance do ordayne and make this my last will and testament in maner and forme as Followethe. First I gyve and bequiethe my soule to almyghtie god my maker and creator. Trustinge to be saved by the deathe and passion of Jesus Christ my redemer, And my bodie to be buried in the churche yeard of Calverley. And as trustinge my worldlie goodes I disperse & give them as hereunto Followethe, First I give and bequiethe to my wyfe by legacie Read Whye also I will that my dettes be paid of my whole goodes and the Residue of my whole goodes to be devided into thre pts which I gyve one pte to my selfe to bringe me for the, And the Residue wch Remains of this my pte I gyve and bequiethe to my sonne James, The seconnd pte I give to my wife, And the third pte I give to my two sonnes Thomas Stable and John Stable And if the said Remainder of goodes will not extend to eyther of my said yungest sonnes the sume of sixe pounds thirtene shillinges foure pence, Then I will that said two yungest sonnes shall have one Crofte called Halfhead Hill until the sume of poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence be paid as is aforesaid or els that my wyfe and my sonne James shall paye unto my two sonnes Thomas Stable and James this sume abovesaid, And they to receive the said croft to their use Aforesad allwayes provided that the said sume of sixe poundes thirtene shillinges Foure pence to eyther of them my youngest sonnes to be paid in cunsidiracon of their ____ ______ and not any pte of legacie, Also I will that my wyfe have the third pte of my tenement And that she have the third pte of that wch is to paye bothe of the ________ and ____. The Residue of my goodes unbequiethed I give them to Elizabeth my wyfe and to James Stable my sonne whom I make executors of this my last will. These beinge witnesses John Gremeall John Wails the elder And John Wailes yunger

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