Deeds Relating to Stables Families in Calverley Parish

These are extracts from deeds chiefly belonging to the Bradford Antiquarian Society and published along with Calverley Parish Register [Vol 3, 1681-1720].

June 30th, 1589

James Stable of Idle, yeoman [son and heir of Thomas Stable of Idle, deceased] in consideration, etc., of the marriage between said James Stable and Mary Ledgerd [widow and relict of Tristram Ledgerd, late of Idle deceased] etc., gives to said Mary Ledgard, three-fourth parts of messuage, in occupation of Elizabeth Stable [widow of Thomas Stable], and third part of houses, lands, etc. Witnesses - Thomas Ledgerde, George Wrosse, Richard Waterhouse, John Hollingworth, John Whitley, Thomas Taylor.

Feb 25th, 1607/8

James Stable of Idle, tanner, grants to Thomas Ledgerd of Idle, yeoman, for 40s. Lurkburne [or Lurtburne] in Idle. Witnesses: William Dawson, Moses Hobson, Abraham Lister.

Sept 23rd, 1612

Sir John Saville of Howley, knt., to Thomas Ledgard of Idle, yeoman, a fourth part of messuage, etc., in Idle, in tenure of Thomas Ledgerd, Mary, his mother, and James Stable, with fourth part of closes thereto belonging, etc. Said Sir John Saville covenants for himself, his heirs, etc., and for Sir Gervas Clifton, of Clifton, Notts., knt. and bart., Henry Kerville, esq., and Wenefride, his wife, mother of Sir Gervas Clifton, for the heirs, etc., of late Sir Anthony Thorold, late of Marston, Linc., knt., or heirs, etc., of Dame Anne Thorold, now also deceased, wife of Sir Anthony and grandmother of Sir Gervas Clifton. Witnesses: J. Midgley, Stephen Skirrow, Nathaniel Wales, Robert Illingworth, Matthew Feilde, Nicholas Atkinson, Jo. Midgley. [Clifton, of Clifton, Notts.; and Kervill, of Wigenhall, Norfolk].

April 10th, 1616

Indenture of exchange between James Stable of Idle,and Thomas Ledgard, of the same. Lurtburne and appurtenances for Highfield and Halsteadhill. Witnesses: Samuel Waterhouse, Samuel Stable and Robert Illingworth.

June 23rd, 1616

Richard Booth of Idle, yeoman, to Thomas Ledgard, a sixth part of a moiety of Broading, etc. Witnesses: James Stable, Edward Sandall, Robert Illingworth.

June 28th, 1616

Richard Booth of Idle, yeoman, to Thomas Ledgard of Idle, yeoman. Seizin of 6th part of a moiety of Broad Ing in Idle. Witnesses: James Stable, Edward Sandall, Robert Illingworth.

April 1st, 1617

James Stable of Idle, tanner, to Thomas Ledgard of Idle, yeoman, close of land called Apperley in Idle, abutting on the River of Ayre, on the North, on the land of Thomas Ledgard's on the east, and on the way called Apperley Lane on the south, and a close called Halsteadhill. Witnesses: Nathaniel Wales, Samuell Stabell, Abraham Lister.

May 29th, 1628

George Waterhouse of Idle, yeoman, and Edward, son and heir to Thomas Ledgard of Idle. New house, etc., lately built in field called Narreyng near Highfields Lane in Idle. Mentions George, Edward and Isaac Waterhouse, as brothers. Witnesses: William Stable, William Farrer, John Cotton, Isaac Waterhouse, J. Midgley.

April 16th, 1635

Lease by William Stables of Idle, yeoman, and Jonas Stables of Scholebrough, Tong, yeoman, his brother, of Gooddamroyde in Idle, now in the tenure of Alexander Butler. Rent one Redd Rose in the tyme of Roses (if itt be asked for), forasmuch as a certain competent sum of money was paid aforehand for it in consideration of the same. Witnesses: William Hawmond, Abraham Swift, Jo. Hoyle. [Seal]. Mem. That William Stable, 30 June, 1649, paid to Jonas Stable, 12d, and declared that it was tendered to make void the deed within written, in the presence of Richard Stanhope, Thomas Ledgerd, John Craven, Jo. Stanhope, John Stable.

Feb 4th, 1638-9

William Stable of Idle, tanner, to Thomas Ledgerd of Idle, yeoman. Sale of Idlawe in Idle, bounded on west by lands of Edward and John Sandall, on east by lands of W. Stable, north by land of Thomas Ledgerd. Witnesses: Samuel Stable, John Waterhouse, John Butler, Richard Stanhope, John Berre.

June 9th, 1702

William Stable of Idle, whitesmith, and heir of William Stable, of the same place, dec., as security to Henry Slater of Wrose, yeoman, for £93. Closes of land called Middle Cock Gladdens or summer pasture, Cock-Gladdens, and one layne adjoining, in Idle, in tenure of John Sandall. Witnesses: Samuel Lister, Thomas Rawson, Jas. Hartley, W. Mortimer.

May 4th, 1705

William Stables of Idle, whitesmith, to Thomas Ledgerd of Idle, gent. In consideration of 5s paid by the said Thomas Ledgerd hath granted dwelling-house in occupation of Joshua Horne, adjoining house in possession of Robert Harper, and also dwelling house, wherein Robert Harper doth dwell, and three lower bays of barn, part of croft, a smith's shop, formerly called Ovenhouse, now in the possession of the said William Stables, for one year, to the intent that the said Thomas Ledgerd may be enabled to accept a grant of reversion and inheritance thereof. Said Thomas Ledgerd yielding yearly to William Stables one red rose, in time of roses, if desired. Witnesses: Henry Slater, James Slater, John Hartley.

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