The Stables Families of Swillington

The earliest records we have in this parish are the marriages of Christopher Stable in 1552 and, what must be his brother, Matthew in 1562. Two more generations of the family were born there there, in the village of Astlay, before the family moved to Kippax.

Christopher is the earliest confirmed ancestor on the South Yorkshire branch of the Stables Family. You can read biographies and wills for Christopher (here) and his son Thomas (here).

Hearth Tax Records for Swillington

3 Jul 1665 or earlier (E179 210/393)
Willim Stabler 3

24 Apr 1668 or earlier (E179 210/421)
Willm Stables 3

1670 x 1671 (E179 210/411)

6 Dec 1675 or earlier (E179 210/417)

The Will of Joshua Stables (Dated May 20th, 1659).

Joshua was the son of William Stables of Astlay and moved to London around 1658, where he married Grace Parkinson at St. Giles's Church, Cripplegate. The Will was proved at London in 1667 by his wife.

His will was originally written to leave his messuage and lands to his wife, Grace, until her death after which they were to pass to his brother Thomas Stables. However, in 1665, he amended the will in favour of his other brother Francis Stables. Perhaps Thomas had died in the interim or they had fallen out?

In the name of God Amen I Joshua Stable yeoman naturall Sonne of William Stable thelder of Astley in the County of Yorke yeoman being of perfect & sound minde & memory thankes be unto Allmighty God doe make & ordaine this my last Will & testament in manner & forme following (that is to say) Inprimis I give my soule to Allmighty God who gave it me And my body I Committ to the earth to be decently buried And as touching that worldy estate which it hath pleased God to lende me I give & bequeath as followeth. ffirst  as touching the house Messuage & lands conteyned & specified in one Indenture of Bargaine & Sale bearing date the ffowerth day of October in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand Six hundred fifty foure wch my said ffather for the Considerations therein menconed did Convey unto me To have & to hold unto me & my heyres & assignes for ever As by the said recited Indenture more at large may appeare. I doe hereby give & bequeath the said Messuage & lands with thappurtenances thereunto belonging & the rents yssues & proffitts thereof unto my loveing wife Grace Stable for & during the terme of her naturall life for her better maintenance And after her decease I give & bequeath all the said premises unto my naturall & loveing brother [Thomas crossed out] ffrancis Stable if hee bee living & his heyres for ever – Provided always that my said brother [Thomas crossed out] ffrancis Stable his heyres or assignes doe truly pay or cause to bee paid unto Sarah Nicholls [paragraph crossed out but looks like: daughter of my said wife Grace by a former husband the Sume of Twenty pounds of lawfull money of England within two yeares next after my decease if my said wife Grace otherwise the said Sarah Nicholls if shee bee then liveing or her assignes ……& take the rents yssues & proffitts of the aforesaid house messuage & Lands with thappurtenances until her said Twenty pounds shall be fully paid] And as touching my personall estate my debts legacies & funeral Charges being first discharged & paid I give unto my said loveing wife Grace Stable whom I doe make sole Executrix of this my last will & testament hereby revoking & disannulling & makeing voyde all former or other last wills & testaments by mee made & doe hereby publish & declare this to bee my last will & testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale The Twentieth day of May one thousand Six hundred fifty nine.

Joshua Stable (signed)

Wits: Marke Pope, Joane Pope. The word Tho: Stable was altered into ffrancis by the testator a little before his death in presence of mee 26th Augt 1665 Jo: Greene

Proved at the Strand in the County of Middlesex 18th May 1667 by Grace Stables the relict the Executrix.

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