The Stables Families of Wath-Upon-Dearne before 1698

The Stables Family have had a long association with Wath-Upon-Dearne, with the earliest records dating back to 1600.

At the turn of the 17th Century, we know that there were three Stableses living in the Wath-Upon-Dearne area: John (at West Melton), Roger (at Tinglebridge), and Anthony (also at West Melton). Due to the proximity of their likely birth-dates, it is almost certain that they were brothers, although there are no surviving records to prove this.

There is a record of a Robert Stable of West Melton dying intestate, when an application to the court at Doncaster for administration of his estate was made in 1593. He could have been the father of John, Roger and Anthony.

It is possible that John may have held lands in Wentworth (3 miles from West Melton) and at Hetherick (now called Stank) in the parish of Harewood.

The family trees for each of them can be deduced from Wath Parish and other records and are as follows:

Robert Stable of West Melton, d. 1593 (Died intestate)

John Stables of Hetherick & West Melton, b. ? (1570-1580), d. 1636 Hetherick
+ Margaret Smith, b. 1576 Doncaster, m. 1600
├── Un-named Stables, d. 1599
├── Isabell Stables, b. 1601
    + Richard Eelom, b. 1599, m. 1629
    └── {They had nine children between 1631 and 1641, all baptised
│         in Wath.}
└── John Stables, d. 1606

Roger Stables, b. ? (1578-1588), d. 1649 Tinglebridge (Husbandman)
+ Mary Tingle, m. 1608
├── Thomas Stables, b. 1614, d. 1649
├── Elizabeth Stables, b. 1617
   + Thomas Hudson, m. 1647
├── Anne Stables, b. 1619, d. 1619
└── Isabell Stables, b. 1623
    + John Taylor, m. 1649

Anthony Stables, b. ? (1580-1590), d. 1647 West Melton (Tailor)
+ Ann Peate, m. 1610, d.1619
├── Samuel Stables, b. 1612
├── Anthony Stables, b. 1615, d. before 1666
   + Susannah Holdsworth, m. 1649 (re-married to Edward Firth in 1666)
   ├── John Stables, b. 1650
   ├── Anthony Stables, b. 1652
   ├── Ann Stables, b. 1656 (bapt. 1660)
      + Joshua Sharp of Rotherham, m. 1685
   └── Abell Stables, b. 1660
├── John Stables, b. 1618, d. 1619
├── Ann Stables, d. 1619
+ Isabell Vicars, m. 1620 Conisbrough (his 2nd wife)
├── Robert Stables, b. 1622, d. 1661 West Melton (Tailor)
│   + Margaret Lister, b. 1626 Wath, m. 1647 Wath, d. 1671 Wath
│   ├── Elizabeth Stables, b. 1648
│   │   + Thomas Goodall, m. 1672
│   ├── Helen Stables, b. 1651
│   ├── Mary Stables, b. 1654
│   ├── Easter Stables, b. 1658
│   └── Un-Named Stables, d. 1662
└── Ann Stables, b. 1629

Ann Stables, b. ? (1603-1613)
+ Richard Pearson, m. 1633 Wath

John's only surviving child was a daughter, Isabel, and, though Roger did produce an heir, Thomas, he died a batchelor at the age of 35. Thus both of these Stables lines ended abruptly.

Anthony (senior) and his wife, Ann Peate, had three sons, one of whom went on to raise his own family. We know that Anthony senior left a Will, which would indicate that he was relatively prosperous in his profession as a tailor. Ann died in 1619 and Anthony re-married the following year, to Isabell Vicars in Conisbrough. They had another son Robert, who went on to raise his own family.

Anthony junior appears to have had some financial difficulties, as he waited four years after the birth of his daughter Ann, until his son Abell was born, before having them both baptised together in the same service. His wife, Susannah, re-married in 1666, so we know that Anthony must have died some time between 1660 and 1666.

The Wath Parish records also show the existence of  an Ann Stables who, due to her likely birth-date, was almost certainly the daughter of Anthony Senior, although there is no mention of her in his Will.

We know from a Deed that is held at Rotherham Archives that Robert sold some land in Cliff Field & West Field at Wath-Upon-Dearne to George Mallinson of Wath, yeoman in 1653. There is no baptism record for Robert, but we know from his father's Will that he was the son of Anthony senior.

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