Stables Extracts from The National Probate Calendars - 1858 to 1943

I have included here every relevant-looking Stables entry from the National Probate Calendars for the period 1858 to 1943. These Calendars record most Wills that were proven in the United Kingdom since 1858 and are updated annually by the Probate Registry.

Copies of any of the Wills listed here can be purchased from The Probate Registry by sending them a cheque for £5 sterling, payable to "HM Paymaster General", at the following address:

The Probate Registry,
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Tel : (01904) 666777

If you do send for copies, I'd be very grateful for you to let me publish the full Will on the web-site once you have it. Where we do already have the Will available on the web-site, click on their name below to be taken to the Will.


John Stables 17 July 1876. The Will of John Stables late of Moorhouse in the parish of Hooton Pagnell in the County of York Farmer who died 7 April 1876 at Moorhouse was proved at Wakefield by James Stables of Hooton Pagnell and John Henry Stables of Fenwick in the said County Farmers the Sons the Executors. Effects under £4000. Resworn August 1878 under £3000.


Charles Stables 25 November 1891. The Will of Charles Stables late of Wath-Upon-Dearne in the County of York Innkeeper who died 24 October 1891 at Wath-Upon-Dearne was proved at Wakefield by Arthur Stables of Market Place Wath-Upon-Dearne Cabinet-Maker and Frank Stables of the "Star" Inn Wath-Upon-Dearne Innkeeper the Sons the Executors.


Mary Hannah Stables of Hooton Pagnell Doncaster (wife of James Stables) died 15 July 1901 Probate Wakefield 26 September to the said James Stables gentleman. Effects £2622 17s 11d.


James Stables of 9 Cemetary Road Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire died 11 April 1902 Probate Wakefield 23 May to Oswald Stables innkeeper & Denis Utley limited liability company's secretary. Effects £2998 3s.


James Stables of Ivy House Hooton Pagnell Doncaster gentleman died 27 March 1903 Probate Wakefield 19 May to Annie Farrington (wife of George Farrington) and James Henry Stables engine-driver. Effects £2079 4s 4d.


Charles Stables of the "Bee Hive" in Newhill West Melton Yorkshire Innkeeper died 10 October 1906 Probate Wakefield 12 December to George Stables & Oswald Stables Innkeepers. Effects £289 15s 10d.


Mary Ann Stables of Beech Villas Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire widow died 3 June 1908 Probate Wakefield 17 September to Arthur Stables Gentleman and Ellen Gomersall (wife of Joseph Gomersall). Effects £1010 0s 3d.


Hugh Stables of Newhay Grange Hemingbrough Yorkshire Farmer died 14 February 1910 Probate York 6 April to Frederick Thomas Wetherall Farmer. Effects £100.


William Stables of Barlington Terrace Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire died 13 February 1913 Probate Wakefield 9 August to Wilfred Winstanley Innkeeper and Sam Stables Chauffeur. Effects £2685 9s.


George Stables of 18 High Street Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire died 8 September 1918 Administration (with Will) London 6 February to Charlotte Stables spinster. Effects £321 13s. Further Grant 5 September 1919.

George Stables of 18 High Street Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire died 8 September 1918 Administration (with Will) London 5 September to George Stables Platelayer. Effects £201 6s. Former Grant P.R. February 1919.

Jane Stables of 18 High Street Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire (wife of George Stables) died 30 April 1917 Administration London 17 March to Charlotte Stables spinster. Effects £202. Further Grant P.R. 11 October 1919.

Jane Stables of 18 High Street Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire (wife of George Stables) died 30 April 1917 Administration London 11 October to the said George Stables Platelayer. Effects £202. Former Grant P.R. March 1919.

Sam Stables of Park Road Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire a Private in the R.A.S.C. died 18 September 1918 in Germany Probate Wakefield 24 July to Walter Utley solicitor's clerk. Effects £905 1s 2d.


Frank Stables of 22 Lockwood Road Doncaster died on or since 25 May 1911 at some place unknown Probate London 17 September to Ellen Stables widow. Effects £434 10s.

George Stables of 18 High Street Wath-Upon-Dearne Yorkshire died 8 August 1920 Administration Wakefield 22 October to John Edward Stables Chauffeur. Effects £416 3s 3d.


Ellen Catherine Stables of Belmont Kirk Bramwith near Doncaster widow died 11 June 1924 Adminstration London 10 July to John Stables Motor Engineer. Effects £416 3s 3d.


Benjamin Stables of 5 Barnsley Road Darfield Barnsley Yorkshire died 20 November 1925 Administration Wakefield 9 December to Ida Stables widow. Effects £167.


Sam Stables of 95 St. Sepulchre Gate Doncaster died 23 June 1926 Probate London 13 October to Henrietta Stables widow. Effects £1114 4s 7d.


Joseph Stables of Dove Cote Farm Harlington Doncaster died 20 October 1927 Probate Wakefield 1 May to Alice Ann Stables widow and Edward Lindsay Milk Dealer. Effects £508 19s 9d.


Alice Ann Stables of Harlington Doncaster widow died 8 January 1929 at Dove Cote Farm Harlington Probate Wakefield 10 July to Jessie May Stables spinster. Effects £498 6s 5d.

Samuel Stables of 45 Victoria Road Mexborough near Rotherham Yorkshire died 10 October 1929 Probate London 11 December to Ellen Stables widow and William Steer Wheel Turner. Effects £1700 1s 4d.


Christiana Stables of 54 Princess Street Barnsley Yorkshire widow died 10 February 1931 at Nant-y-Glyn Park Road Barnsley Probate Wakefield 10 March to Milton Gelder bricklayer and Annie Townend widow. Effects £1397 15s 1d.

Eliza Stables of 7 Ferry Boat Lane Mexborough Yorkshire (wife of George Stables) died 1 May 1931 Administration Wakefield 2 September to the said George Stables Railway Linesman. Effects £239 17s 4d.


Frank Oliver Stables of Parkhurst Park Road Chapel-en-le-Frith Derbyshire died August 1932 Probate Manchester 14 October 1932 to William Deacons Bank Limited and Jessie Hammersley Stables widow. Effects £12479 5s 11d. Resworn £12456 3s 11d.


Oswald Stables of 11 College Terrace Darfield near Barnsley Yorkshire died 20 June 1935 Probate London 29 July to Albert Stables Innkeeper and Oswald Stables Rate Collector. Effects £3200 7s 6d. Resworn £3842 4s 11d.


John Henry Stables of 3 Jubilee Cottages Adwick-on-Dearne near Rotherham Yorkshire died 25 April 1936 Probate York 13 June to Lucy Stables widow. Effects £533 8s 2d.


Henrietta Stables of 5 Grove Avenue York Road Doncaster widow died 8 January 1938 Probate Wakefield 24 June to Sam Bartholomew Coal Miner and Nellie Bartholomew (wife of said Sam Bartholomew) and Hilda Hampshire widow. Effects £1131 15s 1d.


Ellen Stables of 79 Main Street Mexborough Yorkshire widow died 19 June 1940 Administration (with Will) Wakefield 5 August to the Yorkshire Penny Bank Limited. Effects £968 16s.

Maurice Stables of 19 Brookfield Avenue Swinton Rotherham Yorkshire died 9 August 1940 Administration Wakefield 10 December to Gertrude Annie Stables widow. Effects £380 8s 1d.


Harry Stables of 32 Queen Street Rotherham Yorkshire died 4 June 1941 Administration Llandudno 15 August to Alice Steer (wife William Steer). Effects £794 12s 6d.


Thomas Henry Stables of 11 East Crescent Rotherham Yorkshire died 23 February 1943 Probate Wakefield 19 March to Harry Gordon Stables Post Office Sorter. Effects £219 2s 2d.

Calendars - 1944 to 1963

Probate records 1944-1963 were kindly supplied by Michael Chance


Charles Richard of 19 Shephard-lane Thurnscoe Rotheram Yorkshire died 21 June 1943 Administration (with Will) Wakefield 5 June to George Stables mining surveyor & Muriel Stable spinster. Effects £676 4s.


Herbert of 14 Ardsley-road Worsborough Dale Barnsley Yorkshire died 5 December 1943 Probate Wakefield 19 February to Anne Stables widow George Stables electrician & Frank Stables sergeant H.M. army. Effects £1019 18s.

John of The Poplars Harlington near Doncaster died 26 April 1933 Administration Llandudno 8 December to Frances Naomi Stables widow. Effects £208 17s. 7d.

Lucy Ellen of 43 Sherwood-street Barnsley Yorkshire (wife of Isaac Stables) died 16 February 1945 Administration Wakefield 9 March to the said Isaac Stables of no occupation. Effects £253 13s. 9d.


Thomas of 113 Channing-street Sheffield died 1 December 1945 Administration Wakefield 22 February to Jane Stables widow. Effects £234 0s. 2d.


George of 7 Ferry Boat-lane Mexborough Yorkshire died 31 December 1946 Administration Wakefield 17 February to George Frederick Stables railway clerk. Effects £240 5s. 3d.

Harry of 108 Doncaster-road Tickhill Doncaster died 30 August 1947 at Doncaster-road Ollerton Nottinghamshire Administration Wakefield 23 September to Dennis Harry Glanville Stables school teacher. Effects £878 4s. 6d.


Alfred Lawrence of 57 Beartree-road Parkgate Rawmarsh Yorkshire died 22 February 1948 at 20 Moorgate Rotherham Yorkshire Administration Wakefield 5 April to Elsie Stables widow. Effects £104 10s.


Anne of 14 Audsley-road Worsborough Dale Barnsley Yorkshire widow died 20 May 1949 at 78 Chesnut-avenue Rainham-road Romford Essex Administration Wakefield 14 June to Frank Stables colliery clerk. Effects £1382 8s. 8d.


Isaac of 36 Sherwood-street Barnsley Yorkshire died 13 February 1950 Probate Wakefield 17 April to Ethel Shepherd (wife of Frederick James Shepherd). Effects £205 17s. 5d.


Gertrude of 44 Barnsley-road Darfield near Barnsley Yorkshire (wife of William Stables) died 14 February 1952 Administration Wakefield 19 March to the said William Stables colliery weigh clerk. Effects £299 3s. 11d.

James Roy of 37 Carnaby-road Sheffield died 11 May 1952 Administration (with Will) Wakefield 21 July to Ellen Stables widow. Effects £2424 12s. 10d.

Winifred Howard of 5 Ryle-road Sheffield (wife of William Henry Stables) died 24 January 1952 at The Royal Hospital Sheffield Probate Wakefield 7 April to The Yorkshire Penny Bank Limited. Effects £755 1s.


Jane of 113 Channing-street Sheffield 6 widow died 29 March 1955 Administration Wakefield 3 May to Doris Stocks (wife of Harold Stocks). Effects £1137 10s. 5d.

Jessie Hammersley of Eton House Broad-walk Buxton widow died 6 September 1955 at Derby House Nursing Home Buxton Probate Manchester 12 November to Williams Deacons Bank Limited. Effects £2247 5s. 11d.

John of 5 Albion-place South Elmsall Yorkshire died 14 June 1955 at Frickley Colliery South Elmsall Administration Wakefield 7 October to Nellie Stables widow. Effects £199 1s.

Levi of 112 High-street Goldthorpe near Rotherham Yorkshire died 6 December 1954 Administration London 10 March to Elsie Stables widow. Effects £1274 16s. 9d.


Ethel of 3 Melton High Street Wath-upon-Dearne near Rotherham Yorkshire spinster died 2 January 1958 Administration (with Will) London 31 March to Ella Stables spinster. Effects £1004 17s. 4d.

George of 34 Mill Lane South Kirkby Yorkshire died 4 April 1958 Probate London 30 May to Maud Stables widow. Effects £657 12s.


Austin of 3 Romwood Avenue Swinton Yorkshire died 6 February 1959 at Royal Infirmary Sheffield 6 Administration Wakefield 13 April to Elsie Stables widow. Effects £ 2576 0s. 10d.


Sam of 5 Wilson Street Wombwell near Barnsley Yorkshire died 10 January 1960 at Beckett Hospital Barnsley Probate Wakefield 24 March to Yorkshire Bank Limited. Effects £493 4s. 4d.


Alfred of 26 Albert Road West Melton Yorkshire died 14 April 1961 Probate Wakefield 23 May to George Arthur Ayrton laundry chargehand. Effects £115 17s. 9d.

Clara Annie of 1 Sidcup Road Cudworth near Barnsley Yorkshire widow died 5 August 1961 at Southmoor Hospital Hemsworth near Barnsley Probate Wakefield 11 October to George Cyril Stables manager. Effects £2927 0s. 6d.

George of Belmont Kirk Bramwith near Doncaster died 7 March 1959 Administration Wakefield 24 January to Victor Kenneth White british railways clerk & Ernest Herbert White fitter. Effects £592 18s. 3d.

John William of 6 Barnburgh Lane Goldthorpe near Rotherham Yorkshire died 7 December 1960 Administration Wakefield 4 January to Myra Stables widow. Effects £683 13s. 6d.

William Henry of 5 Ryle Road Sheffield died 19 December 1960 at The Royal Infirmary Sheffield Probate Wakefield 24 March to Gordon William Stables company director Robert Storey chartered accountant & Eric Robinson solicitor. Effects £13973 1s. 6d.


Agnes of 61 Penrhyn Road Sheffield widow died 7 May 1961 at Fir Vale Infirmary Sheffield Administration (with Will) Wakefield 27 November to John Allison Stables boot repairer & Agnes Margery Heath (wife of Samuel Thomas Heath). Effects £389 13s. 5d.

Frederick of 64 Main Road Ridgeway near Sheffield died 23 December 1961 at Fir Vale Infirmary Sheffield Probate Wakefield 22 March to James Ernest Rippon insurance agent & Derek John Pitman school teacher. Effects £5087 3s. 8d.

Hilda Maria of 24 Queen Street Balby Doncaster (wife of Fred Stables) died 13 June 1962 Administration London 10 July to the said Fred Stables general transport worker. Effects £1087.

James Widdison otherwise James Widdowson of 43 Maori Avenue Bolton-on-Dearne near Rotherham Yorkshire died 17 December 1961 at Railway Cutting Carr Head Lane Bolton-on-Dearne Administration (with Will) Wakefield 21 May to Elsie Alford married woman. Effects £344 14s.


Arthur of 215 Meadow Head Sheffield died 11 August 1962 at The Royal Infirmary Sheffield Probate London 27 September to Norah Stables widow & Kenneth Gordon Stables schoolmaster. Effects £2891.

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