Index of Stables Wills in the York Registry - 1800 to 1858

Many thanks to Michael Chance for transcribing this index.

1800 November Stables John heretofore of Micklefield but at Leeds A.
1805 August Stables Henry of Knottingley P. Pontefract T. 200.
1805 August Stables William of Horsforth P. Guiseley A. 300.
1805 October Stables John of Horsforth Prog. T & Coil 200.
1806 January Stables John of Kirby Overblows Prog. T. 3,500.
1806 October Stables Mary (wife of Henry) of Knottingley   T. 600.
1806 November Stables Henry of Huddersfield   T. 2000.
1811 June Stables Jonathan of Horsforth P. Guiseley A. & T.
1813 April Stables William of Hemsworth Esqr. Prog.
1814 October Stables Jonathan of Horsforth T. 200.
1815 August 216. Stables James of Leeds T. 1500.
1816 August 361. Stables Samuel of Toston? Prog. T. 5000.
1820 November 362. Stables John of Horsforth P. Guisley T. 20.
1822 April 175. Stables William of the Suburbs of York Prog. T. 100.
1823 May 262. Stables William of Gildersome P. Batley T. 100.
1824 November 257. Stables John of Horsforth P. Guiseley Prog. T. 20.
1825 March 113, Stables Ann of York late Wife of William Stables now also deceased Prog. A & T. 200.
1826 December Stables William of P. St Helen in Stonegate York Esqr. Prog. A. & C.n. 20.
1827 September 178. Stables William of Horsforth P. Guiseley T. 100.
1827 October 211. Stables Mary of Upper Poppleton P. Nether Poppleton Widow Prog. T. 20.
1827 December Stables William of York Prog. A. & C. n. 20.
1830 May Stables Martha of Horsforth P. Guisley Sp. A. 40.
1830 October Stables Ann of Horsforth P. Guiseley A. 450.
1831 February Stables Seth of Pocklington Prog. A. 450.
1833 June 383. Stables Marshall of Horsforth P. Guiseley Prog. A. & T. 450.
1833 June Stables Ann of Eccleshill P. Bradford A. 450.
1833 September 201. Stables William the elder of Horforth P. Guiseley T. 100.
1836 July 71. Stables Samuel of Horsforth P. Guiseley T. 600.
1837 March 199. Stables Hannah of Horsforth P. Guiseley Spr. Prog. T. 300.
1837 December 438. Stables Sarah of York Widow Prog. T. & Coil 800.
1838 July Stables William of Suburbs of York Prog. A. & C. & T. 300.
1838 November 391. Stables Sarah of Barnbro’ Spr. T. 5l.
1839 June 669. Stables John of Barmbro’ T. 5l.
1839 August Stables William of Kippax A. 200.
1840 January Stables Penelope of Aberford Sp. Prog. A. 600.
1840 May Stables John of Eccleshill P. Bradford A. 20.
1846 February Stables Benjamin of Horsforth P. Guiseley T. 20l.
1847 May Stables Ann of Horsforth Spr. A. 200l.
1848 May Stables Walter Williams of Crossland Hall & of Huddersfield Esqre. Prog. T. c 2 Coil 9000l.
1849 October Stables John of Harlington P. Barmbrough Prog. T. 1000l.
1853 January Stables Henry of Huddersfield A. 800l. S..ce? under 600l.
1854 September Stables George of Horsforth P. Guiseley T. 1500l.
1855 January Stables Joseph of Barnbrough Prog. T. 800l.
1855 October Stables William of Horsforth P. Guiseley T. 100l.
1855 December Stables Henry Edward of Copthall Court, London & of Park Hill, Clapham, Co. Surrey Prog. T. 3000l.
1857 March Stables Elizabeth of Foston near Driffield Wd. Prog. T. 100l.

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