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The Marriage Bond of William Stables (b. 1705 Barnburgh)

This is a full transcript of the Marriage Bond from the Marriage of William Stables (b. 1705 Barnburgh) to Sarah Hobson. The original is held at the Borthwick Institute in York.

Marriage bonds and allegations were drawn up when a couple wished to marry by licence rather than by banns. Usually this was because neither party lived in the parish in which the marriage was to take place, but in some cases it might be a mark of social standing. There seems to have been a tendency for people higher up the social scale to marry by licence even if there was no necessity to do so. Both documents were a necessary preliminary to the issue of a licence, but of themselves do not constitute evidence that a marriage took place.

The allegation states that there are no legal impediments to the marriage and that both parties are either of full age (over 21) or have their parents' or guardians' consent to marry. The bond (which follows the same format as the administration bond or probate bond) is designed to ensure that the information given in the allegation is correct, since it imposes a large pecuniary penalty on the parties to the bond if any impediment should be found. The bondsmen were often the groom and a friend or relative of the bride or groom. The bride's name and intended place of marriage are also given.

The marriage licence was issued to the bride and groom after the bond and allegation had been drawn up. The licence would be presented by the couple to the clergyman who was to perform the ceremony; what happened to it afterwards was largely a matter of chance. Sometimes it would find its way into the parish records, but as often as not it would be destroyed or lost. In some dioceses registered copies of licences were kept, on the same principle as registered copies of wills.

The Marriage Bond and its translation were very kindly supplied by Michael Chance.

The Marriage Bond of William Stables & Sarah Hobson. 1732.

Noverne laversai per presences nos Gulielmum Stables de Tickhill in comitat ebor husbandman et Richardum Owen de Sheffield in comitat pradict collier teneri & firmiter obligari reverendissimo in Christ Patri & Domino Domino Lancelotto Providencia Divina Eborum Achiepiscopo Angiiae, Primate & Metropolitano, nection Venerabile viro Johanni Audley Legum Doctori, ejus Vicario in Spiritualibus, generali & Officiali, Principali in Dusentis libris bon & legalis Monet ae Magnx Brit. Solvendis eisdem Reverendissimo in Christo Patri, aut ejus Vicario generaliantedicto, veleorumcertis Attornatis, Executoribus Administratoribus, Successoribus, five Assignatis suis Ad quam quidem solutionem bene & fideliter faciendam, Obligamus Nos & utoum93 nostrum per se pro toto & in solido Heredes, Executores, & Administraor nostros firmiter per praetentes Sigillis nostris Sigillatum Dat. Primo die May ~ ~ Anno Dom. 1732
The condition of this obligation is such, That if the above-bounden William Stables, and Sarah Hobson now Licensed to be Married together be neither of Consanguinity or Affinity the one to the other, within the Degrees prohibited for Marriage. If also there be no precontract of Matrimony betwixt either of the said Parties and any other Person or Persons whatsoever, but that they may be lawfully Married together, both by the Laws of God, and this Land: Moreover, if the Parents of both the said Parties, (if they be living) or otherwise their Tutors and Governours (if they have any) be thereunto agreeing: And lastly, if the said Marriage be done and Solemnized in such manner as in the License to them granted is Limited: Then this Obligation to be void, oe else to remain in full force and virtue.

Sealed and Delivered                                        his
In the presence of                                         William Stables
John Owen                                                         mark
John Dolsie
                                                                      Richard Owen



Know all Men by these Presents, That we William Stables of Tickill in the County of York Husbandman, & Richard Owen of Sheffield in the same County Collier are Bound & firmly Obliged to the most Reverend Father in Christ & of God Lancelot by divine Providence Lord Archbishop of York, Primate of England & Metropolitan….the Right Worshipful John Audley, Doctor of Laws, Vicar General & Official Principal, in Two hundred pounds of good & lawful Money of Great Britain, to be paid to the most Reverend Father in Christ or his aforesaid Vicar General or to his Executors Administrators Successors & Assigns for the Payment whereof well & truly to be made, we oblige our selves & each of us by our selves for the Whole & the Full our Heirs Executors & Administrators, firmly to these Presents, sealed with our Seals. Given the first day of May in the Year of our Lord 1732.

The text was printed with only the names and dates (the bold sections) entered by hand


Primo die mensis May anno Dni 1732 emt Linia concessa ministro Ecclio paoialis de Sheffield ad solemnizanos matrimonium inter Gulielmum Stables de Tickhill ebor Diacet anno etat 25 to Agricolam, et Sarah Hobson de Sheffield pradict anno etat 21mo spr Dumodo be prastit prius per dictum Gulielmum Stables juramento, et cautione requisitis coram.
                                                                                                            John Dolsie
This text was hand-written on a separate sheet, attached to the Bond.



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