Roger Stable of Wombwell (d. 1561)

The Will of Roger Stable of Wombwell - Dated 1561

In the name of god amen the x daye of august in the yeare of or lord god 1560 I Roger Stable of wombwell in the county
of yorke husbandman and in the pishe of darfelld beyng seike in bodye and of pfic remembrance thanks be unto god make
this my last will and testament in manor and forme followinge Fyrst I gyve and bequithe my soull unto almyghtie god
whiche is the maker Savior and redemer of me and all the world and my bodye to be buried in the church yard of all
hallowes in darfeld and to my mortuarie accordyng to the lawes this walme Item I gyve unt alice my doughter
one Read quye beyng now of the aige of one hole yeare Item I gyve unt annes my doughter one blacke quire Beynge
now of the aige of one holle yere Item I give unto Willm Stable my sone my Beste sylvr spune and unto Robert stable
my sone my next sylvr spone and unto Roger Stable my third Silv spone Item I will that Isabell stable my
wyf shall have the said thre spones duryng her lyf and then my sones to have them as is abovesaid Item I
gyve unto dorithei stable my doughter one reade quye calf Item I gyve unto Jenet stable my doughter one
blacke oxs calf Item I gyve unto my landlord Mr willm wombwell one frenche crown desyring him to be gud
unto my poore wyf and children Item I wille that willm stable Robert stable and Roger stable my sones dorit
stable jenet stable annes stable and als stable my doughters shall eny one of them have there childe porcon
as fare as my goods will Extend Item I gyve unto Isabell my wyf all my intrest that I have of my farme
which I now dwell apone and after her decease I will that willm stable my sone shall have the same trusting
that my landlord wilbe good unto theym The rest of all my goods not gyven then Bequest my dews paid my
Bodye honestlye brought furthe and althings fynishd and done I gyve unto Isabell stable my wyf annes stable
and als stable my doughters whom I make Joyntlie together the Executors of this my last will and testament
also I desyre my good landlord mr wombwell to be the supvisor of this my last will and my cusin Hary tosh
Thes Beyng witnes Robert gozell John Mobrey & Thomas more and Robert massy

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