Matthew Stables of Barnsley (1856-1893)

Correspondence - Dated October 12th, 1891

This letter was kindly supplied by Marianne Sherman.

This amazing letter was discovered by Marianne Sherman amongst the papers of her great aunt, Bertha Black, who lived most of her life in Texas.

The letter refers to his uncle Abraham and his family being in good health. It also refers to burying a 'little girl', which we believe was Mary Elizabeth Stables (1884-1885).

We are not sure who the letter is being addressed to but it is likely that it was a sister of his mother, Mary Medlam.

It is clear that the letter has been torn up at some point and then taped back together.

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The letter reads:

Telegraphic address "Burdin, Knottingley" Knottingley. Yorkshire
Bot of Burdin, Stables, Wood & Co.
of all descriptions of
Glass Bottles & Patent Stoppers.
Packages & crates allowed for when returned in good condition & carriage paid.

October 12 1891
34 Pontefract Road Barnsley Yorkshire

Dear Aunt Just a few lines to
let you know that we are still in the land of
the living there as been a great deal of changes since
last I wrote you will be suprised to hear that we
have had to give up the glass works owing to a
dispute with the landlord of the works who gave
us notice to leave the place in 12 months his son
was a partner with us we found we had made
a mistake in taking him in the landlord turned
very shaby to us we had got a nice trade together
and had to clear out and sell the plant at a
great loss I have gone back to the same firm as
i worked for before i went away we lost about
1000 pound getting the trade together as the
moulds presses and other things was useless to
Any body els. however we must expect to meet
with up and downs in this world an let that
pass I am doing very well and must not complain
Trade has been very good for the
last 4 years in this country [Carfas/Corfes?] has been very good
this year as well My uncle Abraham and family
are all in good health he shapes up very well
to say that he is over 70 years old. My mother
keeps up very well but begins to look older she
is over 70 also. My wife has been very ill this summer
i think the glass works failure put her about. she has
been away previous times this year to the seaport towns
and is a deal better at present we have
buried a little girl since last i wrote we have two
boys Luke 11 years next. Earnest 3 years i expect
Cousin Marys family will be grown up by this
you must excuse me not writing but will send a
Longer letter next time We all send our best love
to Cousin Marys husband and family and accept
the same yourself from your affectionate nephew
Matthew Stables


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