Stables Family Census Returns 1861

We are transcribing here any 1861 Census Records that we come across. The fields provided are (in that order):

  • Name
  • Relationship to Head of Household
  • Marital Status
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Place of Birth

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Hooton Roberts

RG 9/3512 Fol 68 Pg 20
Farm House

Samuel Jenkinson Hd Ma 45 Farmer of 100 acres employing 2 Boys YKS Hexthorp
Ann Jenkinson Wf Ma 55 DBY Dronfield
Richard Stables Ser Un 20 Ploughman & Carter YKS Tickhill
William Dawson Ser Un 14 Cattle Boy &c YKS Armthorp
Elizabeth Harper Ser Un 16 House Servant YKS Tickhill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3513 Fol 13 Pg 19.
Sunderland Street

William Stables Hd Ma 47 Carter YKS Tickhill
Sarah Stables Wf Ma 42 YKS Tickhill
Charles Stables Sn 12 Scholar YKS Tickhill
Susannah Stables Da 10 Scholar YKS Tickhill
Margaret Stables Da 6 Scholar YKS Tickhill
Mary Stables Da 3 Scholar YKS Tickhill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3513 Fol 48 Pg 32.
Lindrick Street

James Stables Hd Ma 51 Ag Lab Hedger YKS Barnbro
Hannah Stables Wf Ma 55 YKS Tickhill
William Stables Sn Un 27 Ag lab YKS Tickhill
Henry Stables Sn 10 Scholar YKS Tickhill
William Smith GSn 4 Scholar YKS Oaklington
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG9 Pc 3480 Fol 26 Pg 14.
Sheffield, 16 Pear Street, St Peter
Edward Stables Hd Ma 42 Moulder YKS Newhill
Elizabeth Stables Wf Ma 43 DBY
William Stables Sn 20 Moulder DBY
Arthur Stables Sn 11 YKS Sheffield
Elizabeth Stables Da 8 Scholar YKS Sheffield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3493 Fol 93 Pg 17
Park Grange

John Stables Hd Ma 42 Coachman Kilbourne DBY
(Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
Elizabeth Stables Wf Ma 44 Coachmans Wife Bakewell DBY (Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
Ann Stables Da Un 16 Machon Bank YKS
(Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3483 Fol 68 Pg 17.
80 St.Phillip's Road

Joseph Stables Hd Wd 63 Silver Smith Hickleton YKS
Daniel Stables Sn Ma 35 Spring Knife Blade Forger Sheffield YKS
Mary Stables DiL Ma 32 Sheffield YKS
Joseph Stables GSn 12 Sheffield YKS
Mary Ann Stables GDa 10 Sheffield YKS
Harriet H Stables GDa 8 Sheffield YKS
Elizabeth A Stables GDa 6 Sheffield YKS
Sarah J.? Stables GDa 4 Sheffield YKS
Daniel Stables GSn 4 Sheffield YKS
Margaret J.? Stables GDa 10m Sheffield YKS
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3510 Fol 4 Pg 2.
Chapel Street

Isaac Firth Hd Ma 31 Labourer at a Pottery YKS Rotherham
Mary Firth Hd Ma 26 YKS Mexbrough
John Thomas Rayner SiL 3 YKS Rotherham
Mary Stables Mth 58 YKS Woodlesford
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3510 Fol 126 Pg 9.
Town Street
James Stables Hd Ma 34 Coal Miner YKS Newhill
Mary Stables Wf Ma 34 YKS Newhill
John Stables Sn 13 Potter's Assistant YKS Newhill
Charles Stables Sn 11 Coal Miner's Linker YKS Newhill
Ann Stables Da 10 YKS Newhill
Sarah Stables Da 8 YKS Newhill
William Stables Sn 6 YKS Newhill
Albert Stables Sn 3 YKS Newhill
Oswald Stables Sn 2 YKS Newhill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3510 Fol 124 Pg 5
Newhill Grange

George Gawtress Hd Ma 43 Farmer of 215 acres employing 3 men & 1 boy YKS West Melton
Betsey T Gawtress Wf Ma 28 LAN Manchester
Eleanor T Gawtress Da 5 YKS Newhill Grange
Wm. H Gawtress Sn 3 YKS Newhill Grange
Henry Stables Ser Un 20 Carter YKS Barmbrough
Charles Sanderson Ser Un 17 Carter YKS Warmsworth
Sarah Huddlestone Ser Un 24 Kitchenmaid YKS Bawtry
Mary Kemp Ser Un 16 Housemaid YKS Wath
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3511 Fol 22 Pg 8.
Joseph Hague Hd Ma 34 Coal Miner YKS Wentworth
Susannah Hague Wf Ma 43
Mary Ann Stables StDa Un 24 YKS Street
Jane Stables StDa Un 18 YKS Street
Emma Stables StDa Un 15 YKS Street
Hannah Stables StDa Un 11 YKS Street
Henry Stables StSn 5 YKS Street
Joseph Hague Sn 3 YKS Street
Harriot Hague Da 1 YKS Street
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3511 Fol 24 Pg 11
Maria Gascoigne Hd Un 36 YKS Street
John Gascoigne Sn 5 YKS Street
George Stables Ldg Ma 22 Coal Miner YKS Street
Charlotte Stables Wf to Ldg 32 Dressmaker YKS Street
Sarah Ann Salkield Da to Ldg 7 YKS Thiefhole
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Brampton Bierlow

RG 9/3510 Fol 125 Pg 8.
Town Street

Benjamin Stables Hd Ma 37 Coal Miner YKS Newhill
Maria Stables Wf Ma 41 YKS Wombwell
Joseph Stables Sn 15 Coal Miner YKS Wath
Elizabeth Stables Da 11 Works at Pottery YKS Rawmarsh
Emma Stables Da 6 YKS Newhill
Mary A Stables Da 4 YKS Newhill.
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3510 Fol 127 Pg 11.
Town Street

Charles Stables Hd Ma 30 Potter YKS Newhill
Mary A Stables Wf Ma 23 Cornwall County
Daniel Stables Sn 7 YKS Newhill
Arthur Stables Sn 5 YKS Newhill
Samuel Stables Sn 3 YKS Newhill
Agnes Stables Da 2d YKS Newhill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3515 Fol 12 Pg 17.

William Stables Hd Ma 50 Farmer of 33 Acres YKS Barmbrough
Elizabeth Stables Wf Ma 45 YKS South Kirkby
Henry Stables Sn Un 17 YKS Harlington
George Stables Sn 15 Scholar YKS Harlington
Margaret Stables Da 13 Scholar YKS Harlington
William Stables Sn 9 Scholar YKS Harlington
Joseph Stables Sn 7 Scholar YKS Harlington
Martha Stables Da 5 Scholar YKS Harlington
James Stables Sn 3 YKS Harlington
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3515 Fol 7 Pg 8.
Joseph Stables Hd Ma 55 Ag Lab YKS Barmbrough
Cathrine Stables Wf Ma 57 Wife YKS Moss
Frances Stables Da Un 13 YKS Barmbrough
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3515 Fol 7 Pg 8.
Isaac Stables Hd Ma 86 Ag Lab YKS Barmbrough
Hannah Stables Wf Ma 67 Wife YKS Marr
Charlotte Swann Vis Wd 40 YKS Nowish Street
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3515 Fol 8 Pg 10.
Thomas Bywater Hd Ma 26 Ag Lab YKS Brodsworth
Mary Bywater Wf Ma 22 Wife YKS Barmbrough
Anne Bywater Da 2 YKS Barmbrough
George Stables FiL Wd 61 Ag Lab YKS Barmbrough
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3515 Fol 6 Pg 6.
Ann Stables Hd Wd 50 Retired Farmer LIN Louth
Margaret Ann Stables Da Un 13 Scholar YKS Barmbrough
Ann Selina Kitchingman Nce Un 23 Instructress YKS Barmbrough
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3515 Fol 4 Pg 2
William Kitchingman Hd Wd 72 Butcher YKS Barmbrough
Henry Kitchingman ? Un 43 Labourer YKS Barmbrough
Elizabeth Kitchingman GDa Un 15 Servant YKS Barmbrough
Foster Stables GSn Un 14 Scholar YKS Sheffield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3515 Fol 6 Pg 5
George Lidster Hd Ma 64 Ag. Lab YKS Hoyle Mill Parish of Barnsley
Hannah Lidster Wf Ma 60 Wife YKS Ardsley
William Stables SiL Ma 24 Ag Lab YKS Barmbrough
Martha Stables Wf Ma 18 Wife YKS Barmbrough
Hannah Alice Stables Da 6m YKS Barmbrough
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3515 Fol 10 Pg 13

George Parkin Hd Ma 33 Ag Lab YKS Marr
Sarah Parkin Wf Ma 32 YKS Barmbrough
John Stables Sn Un 12 YKS Sheffield
Mary Ann Stables Da 6 YKS Sheffield
Lucey Parkin Da 7m YKS Barmbrough
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3450 Fol 14 Pg 21.
Alms Houses, Highfields

John Stables Hd Wd 78 Almsman late Ag Labourer YKS Barmbro
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3450 Fol 5 Pg 4.
Mary Wilson Hd 53 Chairwoman YKS Dodworth
George Stables Sn Un 18 Fire Clay Labourer YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3450 Fol 5 Pg 4
Darfield Village

John Stables Hd Ma 26 Quarryman Stone YKS Darfield
Betsy Stables Wf Ma 24 LIN Carlton
William Stables Sn 3 Scholar YKS Darfield
Maryann Stables Da 1 YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3450 Fol 10 Pg 13
Darfield Bridge

Henry Place Hd Ma 29 General Shopkeeper NTH Bywell
Ann Place Wf Ma 32 YKS Monk Bretton
John H Place Sn 5 YKS Barnsley
Ann E Place Da 3 YKS Barnsley
Sarah Place Da 7m YKS Darfield
Fanny Stables Ser Un 19 General Serv YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3450 Fol 18 Pg 29
Snape Hill

William Garbutt Hd Ma 40 Inland Revenue Officer Excise Branch YKS Pickering
Tabitha Garbutt Wf Ma 27 YKS Ardsley
Annie H Garbutt Da 10m YKS Darfield
Elizabeth Stables Ser Un 15 General Servant YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3443 Fol 5 Pg 2.
Wellington Row

Luke Stables Hd Ma 43 Labourer in Stone Quarry YKS Darfield
Mary Stables Wf Ma 42 YKS Monk Bretton
John W Stables Sn Un 18 YKS Hoyle Mill
Annie Stables Da 9 YKS Hoyle Mill
Matthew Stables Sn 5 YKS Hoyle Mill
Lavinia Stables Da 8m YKS Hoyle Mill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Hooton Pagnell

RG 9/3515 Fol 68 Pg 14.

John Stables Hd Ma 57 Farmer of 250 Acres emp 4 lab & 2 Boys Barmbrough YKS
Elisa Stables Wf Ma 50 Farmers Wife West ?eld House Fulbek? YKS
John H Stables Sn Un 15 Farmers Son Barmbrough YKS
William Stables Sn Un 12 Farmers Son Barmbrough YKS
Richard Stables Sn Un 10 Farmers Son Barmbrough YKS
Mary Stables Da Un 11 Farmers Daugr Visitor Harlington Barmbro YKS
Elisabeth Tye Ser Un 19 Dairy Maid Scafforth NTT
William Beevers Ser Un 19 Farm Serv Hooton Pagnell YKS
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3515 Fol 64 Pg 6
James Stables Hd Ma 28 Farmer of 150 Acres Emp 1 Man & 2 Boys Barmbrough YKS
Margret Stables Wf Ma 23 Farmers Wife Hooton Pagnell YKS
Annice Stables Da Un 2 Scholar Hooton Pagnell YKS
Margret Stables Da Un 1 Hooton Pagnell YKS
Mary Newson Ser Un 18 House Serv Hooton Pagnell YKS
William Rusby Ser Un 18 Farm Serv Hooton Pagnell YKS
Thomas Smith Ser Un 16 Farm Serv Marr YKS
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3446 Fol 52 Pg 40.
17 Racecommon Road

George Naylor Hd Ma 55 Linen Loom Onlooker YKS Stainbro'
Elizabeth Naylor Wf Ma 52 YKS Kexbro'
Hannah M Naylor Da Un 27 Linen Weaver YKS Kexbro'
Jacob Stables Ldg Un 56 Agricultural Labourer YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3443 Fol 88 Pg 15.
Mount Osborne Colliery
Abram Stables Hd Ma 44 Carter YKS Darfield
Caroline Stables Wf Ma 36 YKS Monk Bretton
William Bowring StSn 13 Coal-miner YKS Monk Bretton
Tom Bowring StSn 11 Coal-miner YKS Monk Bretton
Mary Bowring StDa 8 Scholar YKS Monk Bretton
John Bowring StSn 3 Scholar YKS Monk Bretton
Hannah Stables Da 7m YKS Monk Bretton
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3445 Fol 61 Pg 17
45 Shambles Street

John Smith Hd Un 50 Carter YKS Hoylandswaine
Lydia Smith Mth Wd 73 Housekeeper YKS Pilley
Fanny Robinson Nce 10 Scholar YKS Barnsley
Annis Stabler Nce 7 Scholar YKS Barnsley
(Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Nether Hallam

RG 9/3498 Fol 73 Pg 11.
157 Carlisle Street

Joshua Stables Hd Ma 59 Taylor & Grocer YKS Barnsley
Mary Stables Wf Ma 54 YKS Wadworth
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3462 Fol 104 Pg 29
Daniel Hill

Robert Farnces(sic) Drury Hd Ma 28 Engin Tool Manufacture Employing 40 Men 10 Boys Sheffield YKS
Sarah Drury Wf 26 Wife Sheffield YKS
Frank Taylor Drury Sn 4 Sheffield YKS
Sidney Hoole Drury Sn 1 Sheffield YKS
Harysoe? Drury Sn 4m
Sheffield YKS
Elizebth Stables Ser 22 Housemaid Burnly YKS
(Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
Dinah Smith Ser Un 15 Nursemaid Carbrigg DBY
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3463 Fol 42 Pg 33
Queen Street

John Woolhouse Hd Wd 33 File Grinder YKS Ecclesfield
Ellen Woolhouse Da 13 YKS Sheffield
Henry Woolhouse Sn 11 Scholar YKS Sheffield
John Woolhouse Sn 9 Scholar YKS Sheffield
Martha Woolhouse Da 7 YKS Sheffield
Mary Stables Housekeeper Un 30 House Keeper YKS Barnbro
Sarah Stables Da 4 YKS Sheffield
Esther M Stables Da 3 YKS Sheffield
William A Stables Sn 2m YKS Sheffield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Ecclesall Bierlow

RG 9/3472 Fol 108 Pg 12
No 10 Moorhead

Henry Gill Hd Ma 36 Green Grocer YKS Sheffield
Matilee Gill Wf Ma 54 YKS Sheffield
Ann Abott Ser Un 18 Servant YKS Sheffield
George Stables Ser Un 13 Servant YKS Tickhill
William Graham Vis Un 20 Fork Maker DBY Chesterfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3474 Fol 121 Pg 27
66 Pearl Street

Joseph Kenyon Hd Ma 53 Comb Maker DBY
Jane Kenyon Wf Ma 53 YKS Sheffield
Ann Stables Da Wd 31 in a Comb Warehouse YKS Sheffield
(Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
Wilfred Kenyon Sn Un 18 Comb Maker YKS Sheffield
Clara Kenyon Da Un 16 in a Comb Warehouse YKS Sheffield
Ellen Kenyon Da 13 YKS Sheffield
John Elm Stables GSn 6 Scholar YKS Sheffield
(Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3506 Fol 125 Pg 2
15 Clough Road

William Lansbury Hd Ma 46 Teacher of
Reading, Writing & Arithm. BRK Windsor
Ann Lansbury Wf Ma 47 Dressmaker YKS Masbrough
Sarah Lansbury Da 12 Assistant Teacher YKS Rotherham
Edward Lansbury Sn 8 Scholar YKS Rotherham
Joseph Stables Ldg Un 23 Quarryman YKS Barnborough
John Dolphin Ldg Un 19 Iron-Roller STS Wolverhampton
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Dalton, Kirkheaton

RG9/3260 Fol 68 Pg 12.

Jesse Stables Hd Ma 56 Tanners? servant YKS Broadwaith
Mary Stables Wf Ma 60 YKS Icklinton
Elizabeth Stables Da Un 21 woolen weaver YKS Dalton
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3260 Fol 103 Pg 1
Racheal Forest
John Stables Hd Ma 64 Farm Laborer YKS Carcroft
Hannah Stables Wf Ma 58 YKS Kirkheaton
Frederick Wm Booth Vis 1 YKS Almondbury
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Beighton, Derbyshire

RG 9/3502 Fol 12 Pg 17.
Beighton Street

William Stables Hd Ma 59 Farmer 9 acres Ag. Lab. YKS Hickleton
Margaret Stables Wf Ma 55 Farmers wife YKS Laughton
Mary Brunt Vis Wd 55 formerly Farmers wife YKS Hickleton
John Marton Ldg SiL Ma 30 Sickel Grinder DBY Beighton (Hackenthorpe)
Mary Marton Wf Ma 30 Sickel Grinders wife YKS Bramley
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3516 Fol 50 Pg 45
Low Street
George Stables Hd Ma 28 Ag Lab Barmbrough YKS
Martha Stables Wf Ma 22 Mexbrough YKS
John William Stables Sn 3m Mexbrough YKS
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3518 Fol 82 Pg 6
35 Horsefair
John Stables Hd Ma 41 Painter NBL Bambrough
Mary Stables Wf Ma 40 Painter’s wife YKS Barnbrough
Ann E Stables Da Un 15 Scholar YKS Sheffield
William F Stables Sn 14 Scholar YKS Sheffield
Mary S Stables Da 11 Scholar YKS Harlington
John K Stables Sn 10 Scholar YKS Doncaster
Jane Stables Da 7 Scholar YKS Doncaster
Thomas Stables Sn 4 YKS Doncaster
Emma Rickard Ldg Wd 79 Charity YKS Leeds
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3517 Fol 63 Pg 25
69 Frenchgate
George R Wellborne Hd Ma 54 Town Councillor & Gunmaker (employing one man) YKS Doncaster
Mary A Wellborne Wf Ma 39 YKS Wadsworth
George E Wellborne Sn Un 16 Brewers Clerk YKS Doncaster
Mary E Wellborne Da 9 Scholar YKS Doncaster
Annie E Wellborne Da 3 Scholar YKS Doncaster
Anne Stables Ser Un 21 House serv. YKS Tickhill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3517 Fol 33 Pg 11
33 St Sepulchregate
Francis Carbut Fairbank Hd Ma 52 Surgeon & Member of R C S London YKS Sheffield
Frances C Fairbank Da 10 Scholar YKS Doncaster
Mary Beilby Ser Un 20 Governess YKS Leeds
Elizabeth Stables Ser Un 20 Servant YKS Street Nr Wentworth
John Hutchinson Ser 13 Errand Boy YKS Gomersall
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/3518 Fol 41 Pg 9
6 Sunny Bar
Mark Wilburn Hd Ma 25 Grocer YKS Stainforth
Ann Wilburn Wf Ma 22 YKS Stainforth
Robert H Wilburn Sn 2 YKS Doncaster
Silvester Wilburn Sn 1m YKS Doncaster
Joseph Stables App Un 15 Apprentice YKS Barmbro’
Mary Ann Laycock Ser 16 Gen Serv YKS Doncaster
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3264 Fol 60 Pg 49
George Harrison Hd Wd 54 Rope Maker NTT West Stockwith
George Harrison Sn Un 23 Dyer Woollen NTT West Stockwith
Henry Harrison Sn Un 18 Plumber NTT West Stockwith
Ann Stables Ser Un 26 Housekeeper YKS Dalton
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Eckington, Derbyshire

RG 9/2535 Fol 46 Pg 19
George Needham Hd Ma 51 Sickle Maker DBY Dronfield
Elizabeth Needham Wf Ma 47 DBY Staveley
Herbert Fox App Un 18 Sickle Maker apprentice DBY Eckington
James Stables Ser Un 17 Carter YKS Brambley
Ann Harlow Vis Wd 57 Fund Holder DBY Chesterfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

RG 9/2535 Fol 47 Pg 21
Thomas Stables Hd Ma 30 Ag Lab YKS Bramley
Harriet Stables Wf Ma 33 LIN Haxey
Mary Stables Da 11 Scholar LIN Haxey
John Stables Sn 9 Scholar YKS Bramley
William Stables Sn 4 Scholar YKS Bramley
Thomas H Stables Sn 1 DBY Eckington
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3252 Fol 7 Pg 8
Storthes Hall
Sarah Inchbald Hd Wd 64 YKS Womersley
Peter Inchbald Sn Un 45 Schoolmaster YKS Doncaster
Sarah Inchbald Da Un 33 YKS Adrich
Isabel Inchbald Da Un 27 YKS Adrich
Jabez Abbot B A Ass Un 55 Assistant Master LIN Bilsby
Robert S Kerrer Ass Un 19 Assistant Master Mensenthshire Wes…ratt?
Thomas Aznsiad? Ser Ma 30 Gardener Poppleton YKS
Anne Aznsiad? Ser Ma 30 Cook YKS York
Jane Stables Ser Un 25 House Maid YKS Barnbro’
Jane A Heslington Ser Un 25 Laundress YKS Northalerton?
Anne Downend Ser Un 16 Under Housemaid YKS Barnbro’
Hennet? Bedford Ser Un 16 Kitchen Maid YKS Barnbro’
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Farnborough, Kent

RG 9/435 Fol 17 Pg 29
District Foot Guards Detachment, North Camp, Aldershot
John Stables Soldier Un 25 Private YKS Doncaster
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Wortley near Leeds

RG 9/3350 Fol 134 Pg 12
12 Marsden Street
John Pulliene Hd Ma 34 Railway Guard YKS Methley
Mary Pulliene Wf Ma 47 YKS Swillington
William Hy Swaine Brd Un 19 Railway Clerk DBY Alfreton
John Stables Brd Un 19 Railway Clerk YKS Harlington
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Bentley with Arksey

RG 9/3521 Fol 11 Pg 15
Thomas Fisher Hd Ma 52 Farmer of 339 Acres LIN Misson
Ann Fisher Wf Ma 48 YKS Bawtry
Elizabeth Fisher Da Un 23 YKS Bentley
Jane Fisher Da Un 21 YKS Bentley
Tom Fisher Sn Un 19 Farmers Son YKS Bentley
William Fisher Sn 13 Scholar YKS Bentley
Henry Fisher Sn 12 Scholar YKS Bentley
John Hawksworth Vis Un 17 Visiter YKS Cawthorne
John Machin Ser Un 29 Carter YKS Bentley
John Pinder Ser Un 19 Farm Serv LIN Haxey
William Kitchen Ser Un 16 Farm Serv YKS Bawtry
William Capil Ser 13 Farm Serv LIN Misson
Thomas Mullen Ser Un 20 Neatheard Ireland Galway
Ann Bisbey Ser Un 17 Dairymaid YKS Thurnscoe
Martha Stables Ser Un 18 Housemaid YKS Barmbro’
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3411 Fol 93 Pg 23
249 Ellis Square
Isaac Stables Hd Ma 49 Slater’s Labourer LAN(Sic) Barmbrough
Mary Stables Wf Ma 38 YKS Riccall
Harriet Stables Da 16 Wool machine Feeder LAN Barmbrough
Elizabeth Newsham StDa 15 Woolen Yarn Doubler YKS Riccall
Ann Newsham StDa 11 Woolen Winder YKS Riccall
William Stables Sn 9m YKS Dewsbury
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


RG 9/3413 Fol 162 Pg 30
Old Bank
Hannah Mitchell Hd Wd 67 bobbin Winder YKS Alverthorpe
Mary Stables Brd Un 19 Power Loom Weaver YKS Doncaster
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Worksop, Nottinghamshire

RG 9/2419 Fol 100 Pg 15
5 Portland Place
John Shepherd Hd Ma 64 Groom YKS Hardsley
Sarah Shepherd Wf Ma 65 YKS Laughton-en-le-Morthen
Sarah Stables Vis Un 23 Cook YKS Bramley
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

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