Stables Family Census Returns 1851

We transcribing here any 1851 Census Records that we come across. The fields provided are (in that order):

  • Name
  • Relationship to Head of Household
  • Marital Status
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Place of Birth

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Hoyland Nether

High Melton

HO 107/2346/2 Fol 174 Pg 2
Thomas Blackburn Hd Ma 56 Farmer of 400 Acres Employing 7 labourers YKS Healaugh?
Ellen Blackburn Wf Ma 63 YKS Tadcaster
Thomas Gibson Nph 14 Scholar YKS Tadcaster
Mathew Gibson Nph 11 Scholar YKS Tadcaster
Jane Stables Ser Un 16 House Servant YKS Barmbro
Thomas Weston Ser Un 26 Farm Servant YKS Finningley
John Wood Ser Un 20 Farm Servant YKS Little Emsall
George Kitching Ser Un 16 Farm Servant YKS Long Emsall
George Tomlinson Ser Un 18 Farm Servant YKS Cantley
James Gray Ser Un 17 Farm Servant YKS Barmby Dun
James Hunt Ser Un 16 Farm Servant YKS Everton
Anthoney Maby Un 24 Farm Labourer Ireland
John King Un 18 Farm Labourer Ireland
Thomas Boyl Un 18 Farm Labourer Ireland
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 165 Pg 27.

William Stables Hd Ma 39 Farmer 96 acres YKS Barmbrough
Elizabeth Stables Wf Ma 34 YKS South Kirkby
John Stables Sn 9 Scholar YKS Harlington
Henry Stables Sn 7 Scholar YKS Harlington
George Stables Sn 5 YKS Harlington
Margaret Stables Da 3 YKS Harlington
Mary E. Stables Da 1 YKS Harlington
Robert Preston Ser Un 19 Farm Servant YKS Wombwell
William Stables Ser 14 Farm Servant YKS Barmbrough
Jane Holland Ser Un 17 House Servant YKS Doncaster
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 152 Pg 1.
William Stables, Hd, Ma, 48, Yeoman, YKS Barnborough
Mary Stables, Wf, Ma, 49, NBL Alnwick
Mary Adams, Ser, 15, House Servant, YKS Barnborough
William Stables, Wd, 80, Labourer, YKS Barnborough
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 160 Pg 6.
Joseph Stables Hd Ma 46 Ag Lab YKS Barmburgh
Catherine Stables Wf Ma 47 YKS Hay Wood
Elizabeth Stables Da 13 YKS Barmburgh
Henry Stables Sn 9 YKS Barmburgh
Martha Stables Da 7 YKS Barmburgh
Frances Stables Da 3 YKS Barmburgh
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 152 Pg 1.
Joseph Stables Hd Ma 42 Farmer of 91 acres YKS Barmburgh
Ann Stables Wf Ma 40 LIN Louth
John Stables Sn 11 Scholar LAN Manchester
Henry Stables Sn 8 Scholar LAN Manchester
Joseph Stables Sn 5 YKS Barmburgh
Ann Stables Da 3 YKS Barmburgh
Margarett Matthewman Ser Un 22 YKS Clayton
Thomas Hargreaves Ser Un 24 YKS Barmburgh
William Hargreaves Ser 12 YKS Barmburgh
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 157 Pg 11.
John Stables Hd Ma 46 Farmer of 87 acres, employing 1 lab YKS Barnburgh
Eliza Stables Wf Ma 39 YKS Fishlake
John H. Stables Sn 5 YKS Barmbro
William Stables Sn 3 YKS Barmbro
Richard B. Stables Sn 5m YKS Barmbro
Emma Hargreaves Ser 14 House Servant YKS Barmbro
Hannah Smeaton Ser 12 House Servant YKS Bentley
William Jackson Ser 46 Farm Servant BRK Reading
William Smith Ser 19 Farm Servant YKS Starton?
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 158 Pg 13.
Isaac Stables, Hd, Ma, 75, Ag Lab, YKS Barmborough
Hannah Stables, Wf, Ma, 60, YKS Marr
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 156 Pg 8.
George Stables Hd Ma 53 Ag Lab YKS Barmburgh
Mary Stables Wf Ma 53 YKS Hampole
Mary Stables Da 11 YKS Barnburgh
James Emmerson Ldg Un 20 Ag Lab YKS Stappleton
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 167 Pg 31
Barmbrough Grange
Matthew Thomlinson Hd Un 36 Farmer of 221 Acres emp 3 lab YKS Wighill
James Thomlinson Bro Un 26 YKS Wighill
John Braithwaite Ser Un 20 YKS Bolton
George Stables Ser 16 YKS Barmbro
Ann Johnson Ser Un 28 YKS Bolton
Elizabeth Chambers Ser 13 YKS Pigburn
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/1 Fol 43 Pg 19.

William Stables Hd Ma 38 Farm Labourer YKS Tickhill
Sarah Stables Wf Ma 32 YKS Maltby
Ann Stables Da Un 11 YKS Tickhill
William Stables Sn Un 5 Scholar YKS Tickhill
Charles Stables Sn Un 2 YKS Tickhill
Susannah Stables Da Un 1m Infant YKS Tickhill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

HO 107/2346/1 Fol 79 Pg 40.
Pinfold Lane

James Stables Hd Ma 41 Ag Lab YKS Barmbro'
Ann Stables Wf Ma 38 YKS Tickhill
Hannah Stables Da 12 YKS Tickhill
Richard Stables Sn 10 YKS Tickhill
James Stables Sn 7 Scholar YKS Tickhill
George Stables Sn 3 YKS Tickhill
Henry Stables Sn 3m YKS Tickhill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Newhill, Brampton Bierlow

HO 107/2345 Fol 73 Pg 7.
Benjamin Stables, Hd, Ma, 27, Labourer at Pottery, YKS Newhill
Maria Stables, Wf, Ma, 32, YKS Wombwell
Joseph Stables, Sn, 5, YKS Wath
Elizabeth Stables, Da, 11mths, YKS Rawmarsh.
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2345 Fol 74 Pg 8.
Mary Stables, Hd, Wd, 48, Annuitant, YKS Woodlesford
Isaac Firth, Sn, Un, 21, Labourer at Pottery, YKS Rotherham
Charles Stables, Sn, Un, 20, Potter, YKS Newhill
Mary Anne Stables, Da, Un, 16, Potter assistant, YKS Newhill
John Cooke, Sn, Ma, 24, Potter, YKS Swinton
Rebecca Cooke, Da, Ma, 25, Potters Assistant, YKS Rotherham
Mary Anne Cooke, Da, 1, YKS Newhill.
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2345 Fol 110 Pg 11.
Susannah Stables Hd Wd 33 Farmer of 10 Acres RUT Cottesmore
Henry Broome Bro Un 38 Farm Labourer RUT Cottesmore
Mary Ann Stables Da 13 YKS Street
George Stables Sn 12 Bird Tenter YKS Street
Jane Stables Da 8 Scholer YKS Street
Emma Stables Da 5 Scholer YKS Street
Samuel Stables Sn 3 YKS Street
Hannah Stables Da 9m YKS Street
(Courtesy of Michael Chance and Darren Stables)

Lee Brook

HO 107/2345 Fol 112 Pg 14
Thomas Birks Hd Ma 61 Farm Labourer YKS Mexbro
Esther Birks Wf Ma 56 YKS Lee Brook
Benjamin Birks Sn Un 25 Carter YKS Lee Brook
Charlotte Butcher GDa 4 Scholer YKS Hoober
Ellen Birks GDa 3 YKS ?den
Elizabeth Stables Ser 10 House Servant YKS Street
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2345 Fol 269 Pg 17.
William Stables Hd Ma 49 Ag Lab YKS Hickleton
James Stables Sn 7 Scholar YKS Bramley
Daniel Stables Fth Wd 77 Pauper Ag Lab YKS Barmbro
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2345 Fol 269 Pg 16.
Joseph Roberts Hd Ma 70 Farmer of 100 Acres 2 Labourers & 1 Boy YKS Bramley
Sarah Roberts Wf Ma 70 YKS Wickersley
Matthew W Roberts Sn Un 43 Farmer of 16 Acres YKS Wickersley
Matthew Roberts GSn Un 18 Farmers Son YKS Bramley
Harriett Herring Ser Un 26 House Sevt. YKS Ulley
Martha Eagre Ser Un 30 House Sevt. LIN West Wood ..ate?
Margaret Stables Nurse Ma 45 Nurse YKS Laughton
Thomas Radcliff Ser 15 Farm Servant YKS Bramley
Ann Gold Vis Un 44 YKS Wadsley
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2345 Fol 266 Pg 10
Thomas Stables Hd Ma 20 Ag. Lab. YKS Bramley
Harriett Stables Wf Ma 23 LIN Haxby
Mary Stables Da 1 LIN Haxby
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

HO 107/2345 Fol 268 Pg 15
James Herring Hd Ma 42 Farm Lab YKS Ulley
Ann Herring Wf Ma 43 YKS Laughton
Mary Stables Nce Un 20 YKS Bramley
Sarah Stables Nce 13 YKS Bramley
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2333 Fol 16 Pg 4.
John Stables Hd Ma 67 Ag Lab YKS Barmbro
Ann Stables Wf Ma 75 YKS Bramley
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2333 Fol 16 Pg 5.
Mary Stables Hd Wd 43 Pauper. Stone Mason’s W YKS Dodworth
John Stables Sn 14 Ag Lab YKS Darfield
Harriot Stables Da 11 Scholar YKS Darfield
Fanny Stables Da 9 Scholar YKS Darfield
George Stables Sn 8 Scholar YKS Darfield
Elizabeth Stables Da 5 Scholar YKS Darfield
William Maynard Ldg Ma 28 Rail Lab HAM Blackwater
Matilda Maynard Ldg's Wf Ma 26 YKS Achomb
William Maynard Ldg's Sn 9m YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

HO 107/2333 Fol 26 Pg 25

William Jackson Hd Ma 62 Farmer of 160 A. emp 3 Lab YKS Darfield
Bessy Jackson Wf Ma 55 YKS Darfield
William Jackson Sn Un 20 Farmers Son YKS Darfield
Lydia Jackson Da Un 18 YKS Darfield
Jane Jackson Da 13 Scholar YKS Darfield
Ann Armitage Cos Un 67 Annuitant YKS Hickleton
George Bulmer Ser Un 18 Farm Serv YKS Grimesthorp
Hannah Bulmer Ser Un 14 House Serv YKS Grimesthorp
William Stables Ser Un 14 Farm Serv YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2332/3 Fol 759 Pg 16.
Hoyle Mill

Luke Stables Hd Ma 32 Stone Getter Darfield YKS
Mary Stables Wf Ma 30 Stone Getters Wife YKS Monk Breton
Lavinia Stables Da 10 Nurs Girl YKS Edwardthorp
John Stables Sn 8 YKS Hoyle Mill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2332/2 Fol 452 Pg 28.
George Naylor Hd Ma 44 Manager of Damask Weaving YKS Stainbro'
Elizabeth Naylor Wf Ma 42 YKS Kexbro'
Ann Maria Naylor Da Un 17 Steamloom Weaver YKS Kexbro'
Emelina Naylor Da Un 16 Steamloom Weaver YKS Kexbro'
Mary Ann Naylor 9 Scholar YKS Dodworth
John Drake Ldg Un 34 Ag Lab YKS Halifax
Abraham Stables Ldg Un 34 Steamloom Weaver YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2338 Fol 351 Pg 14.
113 Broad Lane

Mary Birley Hd Wd 58 Shopkeeper Beamish DUR
Isabella Birley Da Un 20 Warehouse Woman Sheffd. YKS
Benjn. Birley Sn Wd 27 Furnace Man Sheffd. YKS
Joseph Stables Ldg Wd 54 Silver Stamper Hickleton YKS
Ebenezer Barnes Ldg Un 32 Spring Knife Cutler Sheffd YKS
Joseph Ebb Ldg Un 33 Policeman Plauges? LEC
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO107/2339 Fol 573 Pg 40
41 Bellfield Street

William Burns Hd Ma 38 File Cutter YKS Sheffield
Jane Burns Wf Ma 31 CUL Whitehaven
Benjamin May App 13 File Cutters (App) YKS Sheffield
Thomas Griffiths Un 21 Tailor CHS Middlewich
John Stables Un 23 Awl Blade Forger YKS Sheffield (This is the same John as the one in Cherry Tree Hill, Eccleshall Bierlow)
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

HO107/2341 Fol 459 Pg 7
Queens Tower

Samuel Roberts Hd Ma 50 Gentleman YKS Sheffield
Sarah A Roberts Wf Ma 33 YKS Sheffield
Jane Roberts Da Un 1 YKS Sheffield
Martha Shields Ser Un 33 YKS Sheffield
Helen Ryalls Ser Un 32 YKS Sheffield
Maria Archer Ser Ma 28 YKS Ecclesfield
James Scott Ser Un 41 SCT Perth
John Stables Ser Ma 32 DBY Belper (Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
Elizabeth Stables Wf Ma 33 DBY Bakewell (Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
Ann Stables Da Un 6 YKS Sheffield (Not on South Yorkshire Tree)
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Brightside Bierlow

HO 107/2342 Fol 24 Pg 41.
Brightside Bierlow, Sheffield, 274 Saville Street
Edward Stables Hd Ma 32 Iron Moulder Newhall YKS
Elizabeth Smith Stables Wf Ma 33 Chesterfield DBY
William Stables Sn 10 Whittington DBY
Hannah Jane Stables Da 5 Whittington DBY
Arthur Stables Sn 1 Sheffield YKS
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2342 Fol 387 Pg 66.

Joshua Stables Hd Ma 46 Tailor YKS Barmbrough
Mary Stables Wf Ma 45 YKS Wadworth
Ann Stables Da Un 19 Dressmaker YKS Wardsworth
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107 Fol 420 Pg 31.
Rawmarsh, Green Lane

John Stables Hd Ma 24 Potter YKS Newhill (sic. This is James Stables (1827-1902))
Mary Stables Wf Ma 23 YKS Newhill
John Stables Sn 3 YKS Newhill
Charles Stables Sn 1 YKS Newhill
Rachel Stenton Vis 10 YKS Newhill
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Brampton en le Morthen, Treeton

HO 107/2343/1 Fol 111 Pg 16
Joseph Streets Hd Ma 45 Blacksmith Master ?man YKS Brampton
Ann Streets Wf Ma 53 DBY Hillam?
John Streets Sn Un 23 Blacksmith Journeyman YKS Brampton
William Streets Sn Un 20 Blacksmith Apprentice YKS Brampton
William Stabels Vis Un 22 Ag Lab YKS Bramley
Amelia Hague Ser 12 House Serv YKS Ulley
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Eccleshall Bierlow

HO107/2337 Fol 707 Pg 34
Cherry Tree Hill

William Shacklock Hd Ma 51 Table Knife Hafter YKS Ecclesall
Hannah Shacklock Wf Ma 55 YKS Ecclesall
Richard Shacklock Sn Un 22 Cabinet Case Maker YKS Ecclesall
Eliza Shacklock Da Un 14 Scholar YKS Ecclesall
John Stables Vis Un 23 Awl Blade Maker YKS Sheffield (This is the same John as the one in Bellfield Street, Sheffield)
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Dalton, Kirkheaton

HO 107/2294 Fol 693 Pg 46.

Jesse Stables Hd Ma 44 Farm Labourer YKS Hickleton
Mary Stables Wf Ma 50 YKS Bridgeworth
Sarah Stables Da Un 17 piecer in a factory YKS Hickleton
John Stables Sn Un 16 piecer in a factory YKS Dalton
Elizth. Stables Da Un 13 piecer in a factory YKS Dalton
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2294 Fol 640 Pg 39.

John Stables Hd Ma 56 Farm Labourer YKS Cowcroft
Hannah Stables Wf Ma 48 Tailor YKS Dalton
Eliza Stables Da Un 11 Scholar YKS Dalton
Isacc Basindale Un 32 Farm Labourer YKS Howden
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2347 Fol 368 Pg 29
Spring Gardens
John Stables Hd Ma 31 Painter &c. NBL Shallden?
Mary Stables Wf Ma 30 YKS Barnbro
Ann E Stables Da 5 YKS Sheffield
W H F Stables Sn 4 YKS Sheffield
M S Stables Da 1 YKS Harlington
John K Stables Sn 6d YKS Doncaster
Mary Thicket Aun Wd 59 Independent YKS Carcroft
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Hooton Pagnell

HO 107/2346 Fol 114 Pg 22
James M Stables Hd Un 28 Farmer Barmbrough
Sarah Moxon Ser Wd 68 House Keeper N.K.
Jane Hargreaves Ser Un 17 House Serv Barmbrough
John Linfet Ser Un 20 Ag Servant Bentley
Joseph Balmforth Ser Un 14 Ag Servant Moorhouse
Henry Jubb Ser 12 Ag Servant Sykhouse YKS
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

Stainton with Hellaby

HO 107/2346 Fol 6 Pg 5
Edwin Ward Hd Un 21 Farmer of 158 acres 5 Labourers YKS Stainton
Jane Ward Mth Wd 45 Farmer’s Widow YKS Stainton
Harriet Hill Ser Un 17 House Servant YKS Marr
Henry Chester Ser Un 20 Farm Labourer YKS Wadworth
William Stables Ser Un 17 Farm Labourer YKS Tickhill
Thomas Carr Ser 14 Farm Labourer YKS Wadworth
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2346/2 Fol 119 Pg 1
Robert Atkinson Hd Ma 45 Farmer of 190 employing 4 lab Adwick YKS
Elizabeth Atkinson Wf Ma 42 Farmers Wife North Elmsal YKS
William Atkinson Sn Un 21 Farmers Son Cantley YKS
James Atkinson Sn Un 20 Farmers Son Cantley YKS
Henery Atkinson Sn 10 Scholar Brodsworth YKS
Mary Atkinson Da 5 Scholar Brodsworth YKS
Susannah Gill Vis Wd 77 Annuities Mesbro Sho….?
Susannah Hyde Nce Un 22 Housekeeper Salford LAN
Ann Carr Nce Un 17 Moss YKS
Ann Stables Ser Un 18 House Servant Barnbro YKS
Eliza Ashmore Ser Un 15 House Servant Warmsworth YKS
George Laycock Ser Un 20 Adwick YKS
Fredrick Hodgson Ser Un 12 Adwick YKS
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2348 Fol 79 Pg 4
John Green Hd Un 63 Farmer of 100 acres employing 2 Laborers YKS Owston
Catherine Taylor Sis Un 70 House Keeper YKS Owston
Fanney Taylor Nce Un 16 House serv YKS Brethwell
Joseph Stables Ser 15 Farm serv YKS Tickell
Elizabeth Eyre Ser 15 Farm serv YKS Wadworth
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2317 Fol 477 Pg 2
23 Stocks Hill
Joe White Hd Un 33 Chemist & Druggist YKS Darfield
Ann Stables Ser Un 20 House serv YKS Darfield
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO 107/2295 Fol 84 Pg 21
8 Quay Street
Wm H Kaye Hd Ma 31 Formerly Merchant YKS Huddd.
Cathrine Haye Wf Ma 26 NFK Norwich
Ann Stables Ser Un 16 House Serv YKS Dalton
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)


HO107/2318 Fol 55 Pg 44
6 Low Roan Place
Isaac Stables Hd Ma 39 Foundry Lab YKS Barmbrough
Ellen Stables Wf Ma 38 YKS Hunslet
Mary Stables Da 8 YKS Barmbrough
Harriet Stables Da 6 YKS Barmbrough
Thomas Stables Sn 4 YKS Barmbrough
Margaret Stables Da 1 YKS Barmbrough
(Courtesy of Michael Chance)

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