John Stables of Armethorpe (d. 1558)

The Will of John Stables of Armethorpe - Dated 1558

In the name of God amen the xvxth day of october Ann dmi 1558 I John Stables of
Armethorpe beinge of whole mynd and in good and pfect remembrance laud and prayse
be unto almightie god make and ordaneth this my present testament contayned herein
my last will in maner and forme followinge First and principally I comend my
Soull unto christ Thn my maker and redemer in whome is all my trust
of cleane Remysion and foregyveness of my synnes And to our blessed Ladie
saint marie and to all the saints in heaven and my bodie to be buried in the church
yard of Armethorpe Also I bequeath to the hie alter sore fore unbegotten tithes xijd Also I bequeath to the
aight or to the bodie of the said church xijd Itm I wil that my fower children that is to say John Stables
Robert Stables Alice Stables and mawd Stables shall have there porcons According as to my will
Also I bequeath to my ij Base Begotten children that is to say Edward Emson and Jennet Emson xls
for to be devyded Equally Betwixt them Itm I will that margaret nowe my wyf and John my
Sonne shall joyntlie ocupie my farmehold that I dwell on & both together so long as she the
said magaret doth kepe her widow and in my name And after that to Remayne to my sone
John And also I desyer my frynds that is to say willm wynd and John newsome fore to be supervisors
of them both and fore to se them agre according as my trust is in them to doo The Residew
of all my goods not bequist it honestlie brought furth at the dey of my buriall I gyve to
John Stables my eldest sonne whome I make my Sole executor to Dispose fore the health
of my Soull as he and my frynds shall thinke neat and ____ert Thes Being witnesses
Be Richard forices pson of Armethorpe willm wyn John newsome Robert wombwell and
willy trulove

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