The Children of Samuel Stables (b.1875)

These are photographs of the children of Samuel William Stables (b.1875) of Parkgate and his wife, Janet Eliza Dent.

The information and photos on this page were very kindly supplied by Peter Veitch.

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Blanche Amelia Stables (1899-1973)

She married Cecil Peter Veitch (1899-1973), a steelworker. They had two children: Peter Leslie Veitch(b.1924) and Reginald Veitch (b. 1929).

The photograph shows Cecil and Blanche in 1937.

Ernest Stables (1903-1991)

He was a miner/steelworker and married Gladys Hawley. They had three children: Ernest Stables , Jean Stables and Christine Stables.

The photograph shows Ernest and his wife Gladys in late 1920.

Catherine Stables (1908-1949)

She married Jack Ramsden (1907-1965), a bricklayer. They had three children: Margaret Ramsden, Roy Ramsden and Brenda Ramsden.

The photograph shows Catherine with her children in the 1940s.
(Left-to-right: Roy Ramsden, Margaret Ramsden, Catherine
Ramsden née Stables and Brenda Ramsden)

Edith Stables (b. 1911)

She firstly married Charles Corker, a miner, and they had two children: Tony Corker and Joyce Corker. They were then divorced and she was re-married to William Foers, a steelworker. She had two further children by her second husband: Alan Foers and June Foers,

The photograph shows Edith in the late 1930s.

George Albert Stables (1913-1970)

He was a miner/steelworker and married Alice Fowler (1905-1987). They had two children: Barrie Stables and Graham Stables. Alice also had a son, Malcolm Copley, from a previous marriage who was brought into the family.

The photographs shows, left-to-right: Janet Parkin née Stables,
George Albert Stables, his wife Alice Fowler, and Jack Parkin in 1941

Janet Stables (1918-2004)

She married Jack Parkin (d.1961), a steelworker. They had a daughter Irene Parkin.

Cecil Stables (1921-1996)

He was a miner/steelworker and married Kathleen Ball (1924-1998). They had five children: Angela Stables, Rita Stables, Peter Stables, Kathleen Stables and Paul Stables.

The wedding of Cecil Stables to Kathleen Ball. 1948.
The bride and groom are flanked by Peter Leslie Veitch
(best man) and Reginald Veitch (groomsman).

Joan Stables (b. 1924)

She married Jack Taylor (b. 1922), a miner and they had three children: Brian Taylor, Patricia Taylor and John Taylor.

The photograph shows Jack and Joan Taylor née Stables in the early 1940s.

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