The Stables Families of Bradford - Photo Album

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Charles Stables (b. 1865 Barnsley) and Elizabeth Ann Stables (née Nixon) (b. 1871 Castleford)

Charles Stables.jpg (1025640 bytes) 132 K Charles Stables (b. 1865 Mount Osborne Colliery, Barnsley). This is the only surviving picture of Charles. circa 1930.
Elizabeth with Twins.jpg (584376 bytes) 119 K Elizabeth Ann Stables (née Nixon) (b. 1871 Castleford), wife of Charles, with their twins, Charles and Ernest (b. 1914 Bierley, Bradford). circa 1920.
Elizabeth.jpg (566038 bytes) 99 K Elizabeth Ann Stables (née Nixon), wife of Charles. 1940s.

Matthew Stables (b.1909 Barnsley)

Ernest Wedding.jpg (1239970 bytes) 140 K The wedding of Matthew Stables (b. 1909 Barnsley). Also pictured, standing on the left is his brother, William Stables (b. 1906 Barnsley). 1940s.

Charles and Ernest Stables, "The Twins" (b. 1914 Bradford) and William Stables (b. 1906 Barnsley)

The Twins.jpg (812779 bytes) 126 K Charles and Ernest as babies. circa 1915.
Twins in Dresses.jpg (758527 bytes) 108K The Twins, Charles and Ernest, looking very fetching! circa 1920.
The Twins in Sailor Suits.jpg (759119 bytes) 111 K The Twins, Charles and Ernest, in Sailor Suits. 1920s.

Courtesy of Tricia Harwood (née Stables) of Bradford.

Unknown Wedding.jpg (804624 bytes) 128 K The wedding of Charles Stables (b. 1914 Bradford) and Doris Stead. Elizabeth Ann Stables is on the back row, left. William Stables (b. 1906 Barnsley), her son, is 3rd person from the left on the back row. 1930s.

Harry Stables (b. 1896 Barnsley) and Maud

Harry in Uniform.jpg (714592 bytes) 122 K Harry Stables in his uniform, taken at the beginning of World War I.

Courtesy of Tricia Harwood (née Stables) of Bradford.

Harry and Maud at Seaside.jpg (335434 bytes) 135K Harry & his wife Maud Stables at the sea-side. 1940s or 1950s.

Courtesy of Tricia Harwood (née Stables) of Bradford.

Lily Stables (b. 1901 Barnsley) and Arthur Cowley

Lily and Arthur.jpg (789868 bytes) 147 K Lily Stables and her husband, Arthur Cowley, outside Bradford Register Office. 1950s.

Abraham Stables (b. 1903 Barnsley) and Edith Uphoff (b. 1905 Bradford)

Good Abe and Edith Wedding Group.jpg (854967 bytes) 139 K Abraham and Edith's Wedding. Pictured are (left-to-right): Elizabeth Ann Stables, two unknown bridesmaids, Matthew Stables (b. 1909 Barnsley), Abraham Stables, Edith Stables, Frank Uphoff (Edith's brother) & maid-of-honour, Ernest Stables (b. 1914), Lilian Dewhirst (Edith's adoptive mother). 1930s.
Edith as a child.jpg (850534 bytes) 114 K Edith Uphoff (née Stables) as a child. circa 1910.
Edith and Friend.jpg (719873 bytes) 119 K Edith Uphoff (née Stables) as a young woman (she is seated), with Elsie Baggott (wife of Bert Baggott of Dalcross Street, Bradford). 1920s.
Abe & Edith Married Couple.jpg (924375 bytes) 138 K A studio portrait of Abraham and Edith Stables, taken shortly after their wedding (in the 1930s).
Edith in Kitchen.jpg (498634 bytes) 114 K A candid shot of Edith Stables in her kitchen in Bierley. 1940s.
Abe and Edith at Seaside.jpg (610846 bytes) 128 K Abraham & Edith Stables at the seaside (in the 1950s).

Leonard Stables (b. after 1929 Bradford) and Betty

Leonard and Barbara Wedding.jpg (602751 bytes) 116 K The Wedding of Leonard Stables and Betty. 1940s or 1950s.

Back Row: Unknown Man, Audrey Stables, Unknown Girl, Harry Stables (b. 1896 Barnsley)
Front Row: Maud Stables (Harry's wife), Leonard Stables, Barbara Stables (wife of Kenneth), Unknown Lady.

Courtesy of Tricia Harwood (née Stables) of Bradford.

Charles Ernest Stables (1939-2003 Bradford) and Pat Stables (née Noble)

Edith and Charlie.jpg (704954 bytes) 138 K Charles "Charlie" Stables and his mother Edith. 1950s.
Charlie in Army.jpg (504049 bytes) 128K Charles Stables at the start of his National Service. Late 1950s.
Edith Pat Noble and Paul.jpg (470169 bytes) 123K Pat Stables (née Noble) with her mother-in-law, Edith Stables, and newborn son Paul. 1960.



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