Court Sessions of William of Kippax

These are transcripts of court sessions that took place around 1670, involving William Stables Senior of Kippax (1599-1670).

Court Record from Wakefield Quarter Sessions (Dated c.1670)

This is a transcript of a Court Record in which William Stable Senior appeals to the court for non-payment of maintenance by his grand-son William, his son William's son. The original manuscript is held at the WYAS Wakefield [Ref. QS1/9/2/6/22].

To the right worppll his Matie Justices of peace
within the west ride of the countie of yorke.

The humble petition of William Stable of Swillington
That at Easter Sessions 1669 upon your petr   x   x
complaint of his and his wifes great want & povertie.
It was ordered that William Stables the petr grandchild
& William Heaton the grandchilds guardian should
paie your petr & his wife iii x an toward theire reliefe
vizt by 15s quarterlie the first paymt to begin the
second of Februarie then last past. But soe it is
that they the said William Stable & William Heaton
his guardian have paid your petr but onlie
15s wch
was due for one quarter & utterlie refuse to pay any
more, although other three quarters are past.

In Tendr consideracon whereof & in regard
your petr being above 70 yeares of age & his
old laime wife are readie to starve for want
of prsent manteynance he humblie craves
your worpps Order for some reliefe from the
pish of Swillington untill some other course
or meanes be taken or used for the poore   x   x
liveliehood of himselfe & his said old laime wife

And he will ever pray for
yor worpps health & happines

ordered that the petitioner have 4d paid him
p an by his Grandchild and William
Heaton Quarterly and all his arrears.


Order Book - 14 Jan 1668/69, Wakefield

Kindly provided by Michael Chance

Upon Consideracon had of the petticon of Willm Stables of Swillington setting forth that hee & his wife are both very aged poore & Impotent, and that his Grand Child Willm Stables is able to releeve him, haveing an Estate in Lands of thirty Pounds p annm now received by himself and Willm Heaton (Guardyan to the said Grandchild) and sonne in Lawe to the said Willm Stables the Petticoner, All wch beeing made appeare to the Corte ...? ordered that th said Willm Stables his grandchild and Willm Heaton his sonne in Lawe, who are now in the possession of the Lands aforesaid shall pay unto the Petticoner dureing his life, for the releefe of himself & his wife, the some of ffower Pounds p annm to bee paid qrterly, the first payment to begin upon the seacond day of ffebruary next.

Order Book - 20 Apr 1669, Pontefract

Kindly provided by Michael Chance

Wheereas there was an order granted at the Last qrter Sessns of peace held at Wakefeild the xiiith day of January Last on the beehalf of one Willm Stables of Swillington that one Willm Stables his grand child and Willm Heaton his sonne in Lawe should pay unto the said Willm Stables fower Pounds p annm from Candlemas last And was upon a further heareing and full debate of the matter and Cosideracon had of the primsss? both ptyes beeing in open Corte psent, It is ordered by this Corte That the said Willm Stables his grandchild & Willm Heaton his sonne in Lawe shall onely pay unto Willm Stables the grandfather three Pounds p annm to bee paid Quarterly and to take Comencmt. at Candlemas Last And upon Default of paymt. the penalty in the act to bee imposed upon theme. 

Order Book - 13 Jan 1669/1670

Kindly provided by Michael Chance

Upon the petticon of Willm Stable of Swillington setting forth that at the last genall sesss of peace holden at Pontefract the xxth of Aprill last It was ordered that Willm Stables the petticoners grandchilde, and Willm Heaton the Grandchilds guardian, should pay unto the peticoner And his wife three pounds yearly to bee pd quarterly and to take comencemt. at Candlemas Last, and upon default of paymt. the penalty in the act (beeing twenty shillings monthly) to bee imposed upon them, And that they have onely paid xxs for one quarter, and utterly refuse to pay any more although other three quarters are past, And for that it appeareth to the Corte that the said William Stables the peter is above seaventy yeares of age and is wife is now very olde and Lame, and are now in great want and povrtye and ready to starve, It is therefore now ordered by this Corte, that the sayd Wm Stables the peters grandchild, and Willm Heaton the grandchilds guardian as aforesaid doe forthwith pay unto the petticoners all his arreares upon the abovemenconed order, And that for future they pay him fower pounds p annm quarterly and upon their defalt therin and contempt of this order the next Justices of peace upon compts is desyred to bynde them over to the next genall Sesss to be there pceeded ant? as the Lawe hath in such case pvyded.

Order Book - 12 Apr 1670

Kindly provided by Michael Chance

For good reasons showne to this Corte It is ordered That Willm Stables of Swillington allowance of Three pounds p annm from Wm Stables his grandchild & Wm Heaton his sonne in Lawe bee reduced to fforty shillings yearely to bee paid him quarterly. Whereas it was formerly ordered upon the .........
Swillington, that William Stables the pettic.........
Heaton the Grand chyldes guardian should pay unto the ......
his wife three pounds yearly to bee payd quarterly now for good ......
showne to the Corte, It is ordered that the sayd former allowance of three pounds p annm bee reduced to fforty eight shillings yearly to bee payd Quarterly as abovesayd.


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