George Stables of Hickleton (1894-1988)

In 1929, George Stables married Mary Ellis and was presented with a clock to mark the occasion by the officials of Hickleton Main Colliery, where George worked. For some unknown the reason, perhaps after George died, the clock left the family and in 2012 we received an email from Dennis Wilkinson saying his daughter had been gievn the clock and would like to return it to the family. Jump forward five years and Michael McGough, George & Mary's grandson was browsing the internet looking for infomation about his grandparents' village. He came across this website and saw the news item about the clock. In Michael's own words:

"What started with a casual browse on Google looking at my grandparents village, has ended with my grandad's presentation clock back in the family.
This was literally by chance it must have been a sixth sense or something, having clicked onto your website, I was initially looking for the destination of my e-bay win, which turned out to be only a few miles away from where my grandparents lived. My nostalgic journey lead me to your website, the news short of 2012 from Dennis, for me, meant this was a rare moment in time I had to grasp.
Once I contacted Dennis and introduced myself, I couldn't believe that my grandad's clock was on e bay!  After sending emails back and forth, Dennis told me he would gladly remove the clock from auction because of the history behind it.
I made arrangements to meet Dennis at his home which strangely enough was a BD post code, same as me, I met his wife Joanne, It was good to show them a few pictures from my family album, which connected ourselves through this mantle clock, I told them will keep them updated on my onward journey hopefully putting a heart beat back into my grandad's clock."

We are thrilled that the clock has now been reunited with the family. Michael has kindly given permission to have these photographs published on the website:

George Stables (centre) with two army pals

George Stables (centre) with two army pals during the Second World War

Wedding of Terry & Ann Stables at Hickleton

Michael's parents, Terry & Ann Stables at their wedding at Hickleton Church in 1953

Hole-in-one trophy from Hickleton Golf Club.

Hole-in-one trophy presented to George Stables by Hickleton Golf Club

Michael McGough with Kenneth Wilkinson and his wife.

Michael McGough with Kenneth & Joanne Wilkinson & the clock

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