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Stables Entries from Yorkshire Parishes - Letter M

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Maltby records were very kindly transcribed by Michael Chance.

Maltby 1597-1812

Hannah ye Daughr of John Stables burd Sepr ye 26th

John Stables, of Stone, Farmer, aged 78 years, bur: 18 Septr

Mary, widow of John Stables, aged 91 years, bur: 12 August

Samuel Partrick of Tankersley & Mary Stables marr: 3 February
Wits: John Stables, Robt. Carr

Jonathan Ouram of Darfield & Mary Stables marr: 26 May
Wits: Richard Matthewmans, George Varah

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Marr - Bishop's Transcripts

No Stables Entries Found.

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Masham records were transcribed by Andy Stables.

Masham - 1599 to 1716

Marriage 1611
Ellingstring May 26 Christopher Brown & Margerett Stable
Marriages 1627
Roomer May 10 Symond Hauxwell & Marye Stable

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Methley records were very kindly transcribed by Michael Chance.

Methley - 1560 to 1812

Clement Stable & Ann More, the first day of October

1610 (baptisms)
July. John, doughter of Clemet Stable, the 22 day

1612 (baptisms)
August. Francis Stable, sonne of Clemt, the 9 day

1614 (burials)
September. [blank] Stable, the sonne of Clemet, the 28 day thereof

1615 (baptisms)
Noueber. Betteriss, daughter of Clement Stable, the 26 daie

Franc. Stable & Margarett Elyatt, the 4th of Octob.

1637 (burials)
Clemt Stable, the 22th day of Decemb.

1638 (baptisms)
Catheran, the daughter of Franc. Stable, the 8th day (Aprill)

Thomas Silverwood & Joane Stable, 12th of June

August. Matthewe Imerson & Bettris Stables, the 14th day thereof

1643 (baptisms)
Ann, the daughter of Fra: Stables, the first day of May

1644 (baptisms)
Francis, the sonne of Fra: Stables, 23 of June

1645 (baptisms)
Henrye, the sonn of Fra. Stables, 2d of March

1646 (burials)
October. Ann, the wife of Clement Stable, the 11 day thereof
November. Henry, the sonn of Francis Stable, the 21th day thereof
March. Ann, the daughter of Francis Stable, the 29 day thereof

1647 (baptisms)
September. Ann, the daughter of Fra: Stables, the 18 thereof

1648 (baptisms)
Marye, the daughter of Fra: Stables, the same day (1st October)

1649 (baptisms)
Dorithie, the daughter of Fra: Stables, the 7 of October

1651 (burials)
September. Dorithie, the daughter of Francis Stables, the 4 day

Francis, son of Fra. Stables, buried the same day (11 June)

Margreat, the wiffe of  Fra: Stables, buried the sam day (20 February)

Francis Stables & Margeat Butterfeild, maried 14 October

Francis Stables was buried the 28 of May

Jeremiah Stabler & Mary Browne, married 2 of July, 1681

Mary, the daughter of Jeremiah Stabler, bapt. the 15 day of Janu.

Mary, daughter of Jeremiah Stabler, buryed the 15 day of Janua’

John, the sonn of Jeremiah Stabler, bapt. the 28 of September

Margerett Stables, wife of Francis Stables, alis Clemitt, buryed the 2 of Febuarie

1705 (burials)
Jeremiah Stables Oct. ye 21st

1708 (burials)
July the 11th. John Stables, the son of Mary Stables

1712 (burials)
April 16. Mary Stables, widow

June 30. Benjamin Ward & Margaret Stables, both of Methley
Wits: Saml. Arrundill, George Watson

August 14. James, son of Benjamin Ward & Margaret Stables. 19 July

April 22. William, son of Benjamin Ward & Margaret his wife. 22 March

July 5. Matilda , daughter of John Stables, & Mary Spence. June 3rd
July 12. Mary, daughter of Thomas Stables & Elizabeth Naylor. May 19th

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Mexborough St. John the Baptist – Marriages (All Taken from Index)  

John Stables & Elizabeth

Feb 1596

Mexborough St. John the Baptist – Baptisms 1562 to 1768 (From Actual Register)

No Stables Entries.

Mexborough St. John the Baptist – Burials (All Taken from Index)

Widow Stables

Nov 1633


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Mirfield records were very kindly searched by Michael Chance.

Mirfield 1559-1776

June Willm' Stable & Agnes Rodes were maried ye first daye

November bur. Sara Stable the fifte day

Ocktober Richard Brook & Sarah Stables married the 25th day

May Obadiah Lang d’Wakefield & Grace Stables mar ye 15th day

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Monk Fryston records were very kindly searched by Michael Chance.

Monk Fryston

No Stables Entries.

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For Morley register, see Topcliffe & Morley.


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